When i was introduced to the …

When i was introduced to the SELF-LEADER SYSTEM,(Neothink Literature) I was temporal hourly rented worker at the baggage centre as baggage collector and arranger, at the Schiphol airport, Amsterdam.


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  • i was introduce to the to the zon when i was a little girl and im now 38 years of age.but when i was about 9 years old some thing tramatic happen in my life i had hurt some one all most close to death and it was the cause of my own hands. and every one in my family wanted me to be a beleaver of god but for some strange reason that wasnt working for my soul.So i fell asleep praying and brain storming my brain on how i was going to save my siffnfiacent others life but i knew god couldnt save her because i tryed to use him to bring her back.But some thing was telling me to pray for zon and she will come back and i did it the next moring and today shes alive and prize zon shes here thank you mark hamiton for nowing whats real and whats fake.Thank you with love washika patton

  • and that why i new i had to find my way to the TvP ITS TEACHING ME MORE AND MORE ABOUT ABOUT BEING A REAL PERSON

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