Mark Hamilton, the TVP and the Neothink Society Transformed My Life

Mark Hamilton , and the T.V.P. combined with the literature of the Neothink society has completely transformed my life. I’ve rediscovered my dreams and taken steps to accomplish them, which in turn gave me so much energy people asked me what I was taking. I’ve also learned to accept my emotions and express them to family members, which has healed old wounds and opened rivers of love that I never imagined existed. My passion for life has returned and with the light of honest integrated reality as promoted by the TVP , I have hope that all mankind can experience their true purpose to create boundless happiness and joy by living their dreams without government intervention. In conclusion I have only just begun my life at 53 yrs old as it should have been all along, but the enthusiasm and uncontrollable exuberance opens up limitless possibilities for me, and it can be that way for you too. Throughout history society, religion,and lazy nay-Sayer’s have persecuted men who have dared to go against the status-quo (e.g. aristotle, copernicus, lois pasteur, darwin) and now mark hamilton. Yet these men of great courage and, unquestionable integrity ,armed only with honest reality changed the world. Please take some time read the TVP platform, don’t let the talking heads (news commentator’s who’s license to broadcast is issued by the government) or rumor mill bloggers tell you what to think and steal your chance for wealth, health and happiness, it’s a small investment to experience the life you were meant to live beyond your wildest dreams.
With respect and love may all your desires become reality.
Sincerely Michael S. G


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