Technically the Government will not be able to own real estate which includes Parks, How will this be handled in a TVP Government?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …With the Prime Law in place, National and State parks will be sold to private industry. Free market dynamics will determine the proper maintenance, up keep and use of these properties.


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  • Clara Thomas:

    I would like to make you aware that there are several large politcal movements at this time trying desparately to save National Parks, we have one Senator actually trying to pass legislation to prohibit development from harming the natural ecosystems and endangering the wildlife of the National Parks.

    Due to the attention given to the National Parks by PBS, along with several foundations and politically active groups at this time, the Twelve Visions Party Committee may wish to reconsider beginnig the TVP positions with a statement saying the parks will be sold to private buyers; who at that time could very well close them to public access, kill off the wildlife (some with endangered species protection) and develop the area for unenvironmentally friendly industrial purposes.

    People see our National Parks as national treasurers belonging to all Americans and our birthright to enjoy without exclusions. California is now catching hell over their idea to close some of their parks. Petitions, PBS specials, legislation, etc are being broadcast to all political activist and donations are being collected to pay attorneys, etc to fight this occurance.

    Perhaps you should start out with an idea such as, auctioning off the gorgeous marble building that houses the Federal Reserve, or some other government institution ordinary people could relate the dismantling of the bureaucracy in a positive way, no?

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Clara Thomas

  • Stephen Fifer:

    Contracts for the sale of government assets can be provisional and conditional and dictate proper use of the asset in order to preserve the natural heritage of the nations people. The nature of any contract requires an offer and an acceptance. If both parties agree to the contract then no initiatory force is used. As the owners of the property, the US government (run by TVP businessmen and women) would have the final decision as to accept or reject the sale contract. If the proposed land use of the buyer was not acceptable then no contract. This is one idea that might prevent unscrupulous businesses from decimating the land and its natural heritage.

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