What is the Twelve Visions Party?

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  • Jeff_smith:

    What is the Twelve Visions Party?

    The Twelve Visions Party is the answer to America’s problems. Simply open a news paper or turn on the evening news to witness our beloved country sinking in self destruction. From corporate fraud, to growing government control over banks, business and morals, to escalating disease and debt, to political corruption…It’s easy to see that this mighty nation is being systematically dismantled. Not by terrorists, Communists or the boogie man as some would have us believe, but by our own elected officials! And unfortunately for no other reason than their own personal benefit!

    The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is a new grassroots political party consisting of honest, salt of the earth people: concerned citizens- business men and women who have real jobs and no political aspirations or thirst for power. No, the TVP is made up of real people who want real change, rather than an empty promise of change. It’s made up of people who earn an honest living, as opposed to spending other people’s money for a living. It’s made up of people who’ve simply had enough of the ongoing political rhetoric, abuse of power and increasing disregard for the constitution.

    The TVP is conceived out of love for humanity and the rising demand for everyone to live in a rational and free society governed by objective law rather than by a tiny ruling class of politicians and bureaucrats who answer only to lobbyists and special interests. Indeed, the TVP is here to end the typical government employee “free-for-all” mentality of no-accountability and self indulging spending sprees.

    We, the people are getting hit harder than ever with the horrible effects of abusive government. Mismanaging funds and overspending is increasing debt and selling out our children’s futures. As more and more people become aware of how we’ve been taken advantage of and sold out for re-election gimmicks, more and more demand rises for honest and productive people to step in and take charge of the political arena in order to mold the government into only providing one proper purpose: protecting citizens. The TVP will reduce government to protection only by cutting the entitlement programs and the billions of vote-gathering dollars spent each year on politicizing our lives and ruling over us.

    The TVP understands common sense law. The premise that good, honest people harbor at least a small amount of fear of their own government is fundamentally wrong. The government should simply be a servant of the people and not their ruler. The government should have only one purpose and that is to protect citizens from initiatory force.

    Existing government uses force on citizens every day…Pay your taxes or go to prison. Follow the rules that a tiny group of law makers feel are moral…or go to prison. Even if you’re minding your own business and not hurting a soul, you can be forced to go to prison because of some arbitrary law designed not to protect people, but to fill the day of some busy bureaucrat inside some bloated government agency.

    The government’s proper function is to protect individual rights and ensure freedom, not dictate morals or ideology. The government should act through permission and not through force. The government should only use force in retaliation to force. The TVP understands this and therefore introduces “The Prime Law”. This Prime Law protects the individual from force, fraud or coercion from other people, groups and the government itself.

    The TVP’s Prime Law binds government to the understanding that citizens have rights and their government does not. This common sense understanding that individual citizens are more important than government is becoming increasingly accepted as people turn on the evening news only to see our politicians play God with our money and morals more and more every day.

    The original constitution with its checks and balance system was brilliant: it was designed to protect the individual from three main threats: the criminal, the government and the mob. The American system was not originally a democracy, but a republic. Although democratically electing officials is an attribute of a republic, democratically electing laws and regulations is not. Our politicians have been steadily adding their own “two cents” to the constitution and pecking away at our rights.

    The TVP’s one over-arching Prime Law of no initiatory force restricts all government laws and regulation to objective protection. This was the missing piece to the puzzle of the greatest achievement in political history: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

    The Twelve Visions Party understands this and is here to set the record straight by correcting that minor imperfection and permanently establishing the ideal republic that our forefathers risked their lives for. The Prime Law of the Twelve Visions Party will be introduced as an amendment to the constitution. It will ensure that government reduces and sticks to its one and only proper purpose: protection. The Prime Law guarantees that government will never be able to grow another bloated ruling class.

    We, the people, ARE the Twelve Visions Party. We insist on having our individual rights restored and complete freedom for everyone. With this new found freedom, society will finally be able to experience an unprecedented technological revolution led by depoliticized business, science and art. Join TVP today and help create the perfect republic our forefathers originally intended to create.

  • Bill Singer:

    Great, Jeff as usual you have put it in the proper context, which leaves me with a big problem to come up with my own ideas of what is, the Twelve Visions Party. I am working on it now and will come up with my blog soon.

  • Steve Fagan:

    Nice job jeff: Right on! We need to get this powerful, yet eye opening message out to all people. I like what you wrote, people can relate and easily understand.

  • RSL-Coldwater:

    I would like to say that this TVP is the greatest thing since peanut butter.

  • Hey, great post, very well written. You should post more about this.

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    The Twelve Visions Party® is the only way to change our government from a corrupt power based system to an honest integrated, protection only, service based government. The one and only proper purpose of government is to protect the individual from initiatory force being committed against them, and to provide equal justice for all. The Prime Law of no initiatory force is a nondiscriminatory law and is the root of everything the Twelve Visions Party® stands for!

    When our forefathers wrote, the United States Constitution it was nearly perfect. Throughout the years corrupt politicians and lawyers have distorted the original meaning of this nearly perfect document. The Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution will bring back the freedom that this country had immediately following the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution will remove imperfect men and women from distorting our Constitution and making laws that have nothing to do with protecting the citizens of this country.

    By ratifying the Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution, no longer will this country be ruled by corrupt career politicians, instead this country will benefit from the rule of a perfect law, the Prime Law! This will bring prosperity to this country, which will enhance our economy, bringing us back to the wealthiest and healthiest country in the world.

    Ruling class power must be taken out of the hands of misguided men and women, and a rule of flawless law, the Prime Law must be implemented. Then freedom and prosperity will soar in this country, subsequently freedom and prosperity will quickly spread throughout the world.

    We the people must take away the power of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government by removing corrupt career politicians who are draining this country because their only reason for being in politics is for their own political clout and power, we must replace them with fully integrated honest business men & women whose only purpose to be in politics is to bring wealth, health, peace and freedom to this country!

    The Twelve Visions Party® is the only chance this country and this world have at attaining Peace and Freedom for all!

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    The social and regulatory programs like Medicare and Medicaid are actually hurting the people of this country. These social good programs actually give the federal government absolute power to regulate the economy and rule over our money, in other words, the government has its hand in everyone’s wallet.

    The Twelve Visions Party® is going to take the governments hand out of your wallet, and the best way to do this is to remove the government programs, those so called social good programs” to help the people”. Income taxes will be eliminated, the Twelve Visions Party® will do this by means of the protection only budget which will remove the government’s regulatory web throughout our economy and will free technology in every industry, and cause our buying power to increase very rapidly much like what happened with the computer revolution in the 80s, only at an elevated level.

    Once we have a Twelve Visions Party® President there is going to be an auction the biggest auction in the history of mankind generating trillions of dollars. Everything the government owns that has nothing to do with protection will be sold at this auction. Just to name a few, automobiles, computers, buildings, land, everything that has nothing to do with protection. Trillions of dollars, enough to pay off the national debt, and repay every penny paid to Social Security with fair market interest.

    The elderly in this country will become wealthy overnight; WOW talk about a stimulus check what a boost to the economy that will be, people will look back at George Bush’s stimulus check and laugh.

    The Twelve Visions Party® President will be slashing, the Governments Base of Power, by removing the limitations put on businesses by unneeded bureaucratic agencies, and new technologies will emerge from what would seem like nowhere, and yet, from everywhere. Yes from everywhere, garage entrepreneurs will spring up all over the country developing new technologies which will help everyone to live that life we were meant to live.

    Support the Twelve Visions Party® so that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren don’t have to pay the massive Debt that President Obama has just added to the national deficit.

    Support the Twelve Visions Party® so that you, your Children, Grandchildren, and Great grandchildren will have a Chance to thrive in the Twelve Visions World

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    The Twelve Visions Party® is a grassroots political party, filled with HONEST businessmen and women who have been watching this country declining in a downward spiral towards certain death and destruction. Our government has no business bailing out failing banks and businesses. This is a step towards socialism, it is bad enough that our government is taxing and regulating our businesses into the ground, but socialism will put government in complete control and WE THE PEOPLE must not allow this to happen.

    I am sure all of you have heard of Davy Crockett, known as the King of the wild frontier and died at the Alamo fighting for our Country. Davy Crockett had been a United States Congressman, and when his term was just about up he went out through the countryside campaigning for reelection. One day he was riding his horse past a field when he saw a farmer, he stopped and the farmer came over to him. He said I’m Congressman Crockett, I am out campaigning for reelection and I was wondering if you would vote for me in the upcoming election. The farmer replied (and I am paraphrasing here). I know who you are Congressman Crockett, and I will not vote for you! Congressman Crockett was surprised and asked why won’t you vote for me? The farmer replied, because you voted against the Constitution. A town had burned down, and you voted against the Constitution to give $25,000 to rebuild this town. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress can spend hard-earned tax dollars to bail out a town simply because it burned down.

    That was about 200 years ago, a well read farmer who knew the United States Constitution, and he knew that nowhere in the Constitution does it allow our government to bail out failing businesses, banks or towns that have burned down.
    The United States government is spending hard earned tax dollars to bail out big businesses; the United States government is going against the Constitution. Uncle Sam doesn’t care about you, me or the Constitution, our elected government officials only care about making themselves look good by spending our hard-earned tax dollars, simply so they can be re-elected.

    It is time to replace the politicians who are destroying this country and everything it stands for with Twelve Visions Party® Candidates who will rebuild this country into a prosperous healthy and peaceful society.

    The Twelve Visions Party® filled with HONEST businessmen and women will never vote against the United States Constitution! All members of the Twelve Visions Party®, including volunteers will sign a contract binding them to the Prime Law. (Read the Prime Law posted on this website)

  • Bruce D Heth:

    What the Twelve Visions Party® means to me.

    It is the answer I have been searching for, the answer to all that is incorrect with our government and our present society. The TVP® with its Prime Law added to the United States Constitution will make every incorrect law go away. All the dishonest politicians will be voted out of office, to be replaced by honest businessmen and women who only want to do their civic duty then return to running their businesses after their term has ended. Honest business people don’t want to be career politicians. They want to create values for society, unlike corrupt, career politicians who only want to spend other people’s money.

    The TVP® will also make all the bureaucratic government agencies cease to exist and bring our government back to the way our forefathers originally intended it to be. Everything that has nothing to do with protection does not fall under the proper purpose of government. It falls under business where it can create values and be profitable instead of bleeding the American taxpayers dry through excessive taxation.

    This is what the Twelve Visions Party® is about and what it means to me.

  • As a small business owner, the Twelve Visions World that will come about because of the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP) will allow all individuals the same opportunities. Today, we are separated by gender and race. We have laws that give unfair advantages to individuals and businesses. We let flaw-filled man decipher current regulations and law. That allows for improper adherence on a case-by-case basis. For instance, if there is a regulation that doesn’t allow off-premise signs in the business sector of a community, that regulation should apply to all businesses. One can drive an area and see that some businesses are adhering to (or are forced to adhere) to the regulation, while others do not.

    Business is built because of the vision of one individual. It grows and prospers because of the honest integrated efforts of that one individual. If the original entrepreneur doesn’t’ work hard and smart, then the business fails. If the original entrepreneur grows the business, without looking to career politicians for favors, then, the entrepreneur should have a right to prosper and live happily.

    If the purpose of life is not to live happily while prospering, then what is it? Relationships today are damaged because few people succeed while working for a company. There are only so many places at the top, and without hard thinking and integrated honest effort you might not make it. One comes home with a peach pit in their stomach knowing they didn’t make enough money to pay the bills, let alone go on a date. Also, many folks don’t try to climb the never ending staircase, much less reach for a dream of being in business, for their family, based upon something they love to do.

    I believe many Americans would start their own businesses, but they see the amount of knowledge and effort needed to conform to the massive regulations. They determine it is easier to sink in stagnation without realizing their human potential. They instead go to a dead-end job, and go home unhappy day after day, with little to be happy about, and life seems not worth living. Couples divorce and children suffer. Can you see yourself being in a family that celebrates accomplishment, or being a teacher who gets to make a difference? Go see how I feel and write about the life I expect for you and for me. http://tinyurl.com/jillreedlife4u

    Few people know about James J. Hill, a great man who had a plan for America, and the rest of the world. He started with nothing, but a dream, and created the most successful railroad in North America at the time. He was also building a free market global economy overseas, until others became envious of his success and found ways to stop his continued success. The rest of the story needs to be told.

    You will have the opportunity to learn more about greats like James J. Hill, if you choose to see what can still happen for America, by following the TVP. I recommend you go to http://tinyurl.com/life4me to renew your hope in America and politics. A change is on the horizon and you have the opportunity to be part of it

  • Bruce D Heth:

    The 18th of July is near. That day will be a very historic day for mankind. It will be a giant leap for all men, women and children in America.

    On July 20th, 1969 Apollo 11 had reached the moon. After the Lunar Module Eagle landed on the moon and as Neil Armstrong stepped the first step on the moon he spoke these very infamous words “That’s one small step for (a) man: One giant leap for mankind”. This day on July 18, 2009 will also go down in history. As an even bigger leap for mankind, this will be the turning point for the rest of man’s journey.

    The Twelve Visions Party® will be the beginning to a new era. The TVP® will change the way government operates and will also help change the way of thinking about politics in America. Once the government gets back to basics and the Prime Law is an amendment to the constitution the people will be wealthy and the economy will prosper once again.

    The lift off is starting and there is plenty of room for everybody to get on board. The time is now, the place is the Twelve Visions Party®

  • susan:

    What the Twelve Visions Party means to me; To bring the Prime Law into the constitution for people to be able to prosper and live happily. To bring the Prime Law to all the peoples of the world, so we too can prosper and live happily!

  • Thanks for posting about this, I would like to read more about this topic.

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    The words to the Prime Law are the most important words I have ever read. The Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution will change the lawmaking process in this country. No new laws will ever be made that have nothing to do with protecting this country and everyone in it.

    There will be old laws that will be repealed because they do not stand up to the test of the Prime Law. Never again will any person or government be allowed to use force or threat of force against anyone without first having force or threat of force used against them. The use of unlawful violence whether threatened or committed against any person or property will no longer be tolerated. Fraud, persuasive power, the power to convince the force of an argument, the intensity of such an influence will no longer be permitted.

    Force of character, mental or moral strength used to subdue another or to force one’s opinions on others will no longer be acceptable. These few things I have just mentioned are all violations of the Prime Law. If you are not already doing this, you should be using the Prime Law in your daily lives, and in your businesses.

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    Congratulations and thank you to everyone in all the states who have recently stepped up and begun a forward movement towards establishing the Twelve Visions Party.

    I want to live in a world filled with value creation, honesty, and peace; I want to live in a world where everyone is connected and working towards solving societies problems, from the very smallest to the very largest. This world I want to live in starts right here with us helping each other, working together towards this common goal of building the Twelve Visions World.

    We must keep pushing forward in our progress and establish the Twelve Visions Party®, now I realize there will be many bumps in this long road we are traveling which will eventually bring us to the Twelve Visions world. We cannot allow outside influences or authorities to keep us from our path to the Twelve Visions World. I know I have so many wonderful friends, and brothers and sisters right here at my side helping me every inch of the way, and I want you to know I am also there with you. Working together we will accomplish this!

  • Bruce D Heth:

    On the 18th of July the Twelve Visions Party® train left Chicago and is now a national party. The next stop is your town USA. Come listen to what we have to say. We are the only party for the true rights and protection of the individual, the most important and smallest unit of mankind. Once the Prime Law is amended to the constitution the people will truly realize we are the future of mankind.

    The government will become the government it was intended to be in the visions of our forfathers, a government of protection only. The social good will be replaced by honest business men and women that will take over these American money draining programs and make them a profitable business. In doing this it will not be a cost to the American public and will instead give them back much needed money’s for their own well being.

    The government of protection only will become a business like entity that the American consumer will happily and willingly pay for, instead of paying for through forced taxes.

    Watch closely for the Twelve Visions Party® train to stop in your state, because very soon after that it will be in your town USA. When that train stops in your state and then your town listen to what we have to say. You be the judge and decide if what we say and stand for is the right platform to follow.

    We are passionate about what we say and do because we believe the individual and the individual’s right are the bottom line. Once you have heard us I think you will agree.

  • Darren Uretsky:

    Fully integrated honestly agree with everything said so far—
    This is the “political” party all of us who HATE politics, politicians, and most of the current governing bodies and their fellow authorities (and their constant lies, broken promises, and complete disregard for the honest value producers of our world —who merely want to earn a living and provide a comfortable existence for their loved ones by trading values (of their own free will) that they produce and/or create for other values produced/created by others at an agreed upon price— will EMBRACE, PRAISE, and EXALT and will even feel honored as I do to be even helping out in any small capacity this movement that will fix so much of what is wrong in this world and will catapult mankind to unfathomable prosperity! I have never voted in an election and people always tell me that means I have accepted or am forced to accept whatever/whomever the majority chooses (and all of their later decisions). These same people tell me I should vote because of this and that, mainly empty campaign promises by one candidate or another. They go on to say that if I really don’t like the way things are, I should do something about it, i.e. vote for someone or some party that I may agree with a couple of their promises or just pick the best of the worst. Well, my view is that a vote to any of the parties/candidates means I give my sanction to the system as it currently sits. Well, I’m not prepared to do that because any system that allows non-elected officials to pass law infringing on the freedoms of individuals who have not initiated force, threats, fraud, or coercion on individuals or their property or their contracts, not to mention the elected officials playing god with our lives, is not acceptable in my book. Until now, there hasn’t been anyone or any party I’d give my sanction and/or support to (and my main involvement with politics has been finding how best to keep it out of mine and my loved ones’ lives). Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party have changed all that because they are the anti-thesis of a political party, as the term is currently used…in fact The Twelve Visions Party is more of an Anti-Political Party with absolutely no desire to rule over peoples’ lives and a single-minded determination and focus to completely eradicate the non-protection elements of government power and bring government back to its only moral purpose—to provide and protect the conditions that best allow all individuals to fulfill the purpose of their existence: “To achieve long lasting happiness, prosperity, and romantic love”.

  • TVP – Make All The People Rich Including the Poor! We can do it by following the example of the high-tech computer revolution as applied to all areas of our lives. TVP aims to replace career politicians with market business men and women who understand the real meaning of freedom and free enterprise. TVP will introduce a moral and just government of protection only. TVP will replace the rule of flaw filled man with the rule of flawless law – The Prime Law.

  • JoAnn Cooksey Selmont:

    Since about age 5, I have been reaching for something that had not had a name until I found the Twelve Visions Party after being found by the NeoThink Society through Mr Mark Hamilton.

    I agree with all of what is written above by my newly found family, my NeoThink brothers and sisters. My words are not needed–for there is JUST LOVE and now that love can travel throughout everyone via WHAT THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY CAN BRING TO ALL.

  • I cant wait for this to come to fruition, so we can get on with being human again. Now I can have the freedom to become what ever I want to be,and have the money to do it yeah ,Twelve Visions Party.

  • Neo-Think is a new mentality,is by using the mind to add precepts(the five senses)to create a concept and built a piece of the puzzle called common denominators.What a blast,those heirloom package!
    The C of U is the best,since it will lead us all to a much better world.
    Consciousness at it’s purest is total pure LOVE.
    Very hard to remove a virus called mysticism inside our little brains,but with the Neo-Think Society and it’s literature we got it made!
    Freedom indeed.What a feeling!
    I am a change man and thanks to my hero Frank R Wallace and Mark Hamilton my HEROS!
    The child of the past in out and will bring us the GIFTS!
    Thank You ZON!
    Twelve Vision Party here in Canada is on the brink to be a follower,such as the GREATEST Contry on earth,which is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
    Party time!bring out the ballons!
    Breaking the chains of this anticivilization is awsome.
    Unconditional LOVE forever.
    Biological Immortality!
    A hand shake to men and a hug to all the women out there.
    Now this may sound a little strange,but I call most women BABY GIRLS!

  • Patricia C Meek:

    Hi! I wish I could be help but behind the news for me because I am hearing impaired person, I am glad I can read, HA! So, I am reader and read all of your post and it help me to understand it better, Thank you and Thank you!

  • I would love to live in Twelve Vision Party world for ever. Forward ever..Backward neveeer..

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