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In the Neothink Manuscript

In the Neothink Manuscript, the great truth that changes lives becoming the person we were meant to be, the conscious mind free, without the bicameral mind disease, which has allow me to develop a new way of thinking, which many of our present everyday society need this Manuscript and the best way

I have read Mark Hamilton’s literature on Neothink…

I have read Mark Hamilton’s literature on Neothink, and have to say that it has opened my eyes to many things. It helps you to see things as they really are and helps you to realize that there is, unfortunately, a lot of propaganda in the world. So far, I have found nothing dishonest in his teachings that I have read. Hopefully the time has came that the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party can lead us into a better way of thinking and to a more honest and wholesome life for all.

With all do respect. Mr. Hamilton…

This is your apprentice Gregg F. I thank you for coming into my life. You don’t know or can’t even imagine how you’ve changed my way of thinking and the way I look at life!
When I first received your letter; I thought you were someone trying to pull my leg or play with my head. The information you were relating to me sound good until I started absorbing it. Then it felt great! I felt a euphoria I’ve I couldn’t explain. I knew you were the one. All you tried to do was open my eyes to ” what is.” You gave me a choice. Open my mind to reality and the rest will come naturally. I’ll thank you forever on how you’ve helped me come to grips on how the real world operates. Instead of the illusions they feed us in order to continue stagnating the bicameral thoughts we all humans possess. I’m not stating that I’m mentally slow. It’s the fact I had a sheet over my eyes for quite sometimes but my mind was always free of the b.s. they wanted me to believe. I’ll be brief. When acquiring all three installments; I studied and studied your literature. At times my girlfriend thought I was being fooled by your techniques, because of all the negativity the internet spoke of. Your words helped me block out my girlfriend and the anti-civilization I dwell in at the moment. See there are choices I had to make. As you once spoke, the individual sometimes have to believe in his or herself. So I went into that hard firestone-like thinking mode and the rest spoke for itself. I know we haven’t ever met but I think one day we will. You’ve shown me a hardcore gentleman way of handling things. We all need a little motivation sometimes so I’m gonna challenge you. With all do respect. Mr. Hamilton, you better not give up or give in to this weak anti-civilization. Remember, I’m your student, so continue being my teacher. I’m a 6′0 235 lb. ex military soldier who wasn’t satisfied with the death sentence my government tried to issue me. With your leadership; maybe I could be one of your right-hand loyal warriors in the near future. I’m hear if you ever need me. I’m mean I’ll put my life on the line for what I believe. You have shown me part of the cosmos in a mental aspect. Now I want to see what the rest of the universe has to offer. The Twelve Visions Party you are about to introduce to us will prosper. I know it will. That’s also my vision. You’re the man. You’ll be surprised of who’s behind you. I believe in you and there ain’t too many people I’d say that too. You’re one of them. Keep the wheels rolling. Like the Miss Annabelle Story; we are your seeds. Help our planet developed into the beautiful flowers you envisioned. Sometimes; to get through the forest. You have to chop down a few trees. Don’t let anyone stop your goal. If I were in your position. I’d keep it MOVIN!

Much love,

Having the Neothink knowledge has put me on the path of LIFE

Neothink an enhanced way of thinking which creates advantages and profits. Having the Neothink knowledge has put me on the path of LIFE and has provided increased amounts of Happiness and Intellect. This enhanced way of thinking towards LIFE will last forever and will continue to create health, wealth and prosperity once the Twelve Visions Party comes into play.
The TVP is our, as human beings ticket toward Individual/Universal advancement in all aspects of life. The TVP will allow all individuals to be self-leaders, advance into the Neo-Think mentality and live the Life of LOVE, WEALTH and HAPPINESS for an ETERNITY!

The concept of what Mark Hamilton is teaching us,…

Dear Mark Hamilton ,
I would like to thank you with all of my heart for opening me up to a better life for myself and all the others around me in my life .
There are not enough words to describe the way my life has been changing . It has opened me up to so many great and wonderful things and each day I am feeling even more alive each day, then I did the day before. I can never thank you enough for turning my life around. And believing in myself again ,something I haven’t done in a long time and it feels great to have self-confidence back again !!

Hello, to all of you fine people, the many, that have not yet become a part of the Twelve Visions Party already. You have no idea as to how much knowledge you CAN, and WILL learn if you were to join with us, the new Society of NEO-Thinking !
This new way of thinking has opened my eyes quite wide. I was searching for something, I was on a knowledge kick, looking for something that was missing from me and my life ! It is like I could feel a empty space inside of me. I knew for a time that this world of ours was down in the dumps ,with all of the violence and destruction and deviants that are destroying the entire world ,and I could feel, that some where, there was something or somebody that, knew or read something or that had some knowledge and that if it came to light, would help to put ourselves back together again. I feel there is a need for all of us to pick up the pieces and rebuild this entire world.
Not too soon either ,While I was searching I have found out things on line, And now because of that I am learning so much with the Twelve Visions Party, so much more too, I am actually learning a more appreciative and powerful new and smarter way of handling my entire life, My passions and ideals are smoothing out, and there is a profound sense of feeling in myself that wasn’t there for a very long time.
The planet, if you will, needs to find a more proficient way of learning better personal and professional management practices, like right now.
Mark Hamilton is a remarkable man and I am really proud to say that. His teaching has done so much for me and so many others. He has found a new and more efficient system that actually works .That is what thousands of people are now finding out about even as you read this.
The concept of what Mark Hamilton is teaching us, has made me more aware of many new fundamentals of learning. I am definitely becoming much more efficient ,and not only in business ,but in my personal life as well. I am beside myself, with having found that, with this “Neo-thinking” I am actually getting organized in my private life and I never would have thought that was possible. I am sort of new to this way of thinking and the teaching of this information, is absolutely remarkable, and then putting the information to use in this new and professional very efficient system of creating I am accomplishing so much more each and everyday. It is really absolutely fantastic!!
Mark Hamilton only has the people’s best interests at heart, and with this new way of teaching us, these concepts(ideas) will indeed, make all our lives more in tune with our thoughts and actions and the entire nation can and should open up their hearts and minds to this vast and very insightful knowledge . We the people of this “Neo-Think Society” have found that as it is a new conception of ways to apply oneself we can learn to do things more efficiently and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there.
We (Neo-Thinking Society) only want to let the rest of the public attendance, who haven’t heard of this new way yet, know that this new and much better way of managing our lives, is definitely going to make great changes in all of us. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn something new. If we,” the people on earth “(everyone) learned this new and easier but more advanced way of “Neo-thinking” earlier in our lives ,I believe the world would not be so disorganized as it is now, and right now wouldn’t you agree that it is a “real mess.”
The lessons that myself, and the many others in this new society have, or will learn, are very logical, and reliable ways of making all of our (you and me) goals much easier to accomplish, and with all the goals that you set for yourselves, can and will make a huge and much better difference in all of your(our) lives and that is a good thing. The things that you can learn to accomplish, will make your daily personal and business lives much more enhanced and advanced. It is truly quite an amazing feeling, to know in your heart, how much more you can and will learn if you allow yourselves to expand and to really advance your knowledge into the better way of managing our futures, and that of our great nation. It is where the entire population on this planet live. Where I live and where you live…;
So, now this letter is just scratching the bare surface of the information and knowledge that is out there for us to learn, There are infinite tunnels of knowledge just waiting for us to acquire it, absorb it. The positively numerous amounts learning is just waiting to be acknowledged by us . These things are the things that Mr. Mark Hamilton are opening all of our eyes to. In my book there nothing wrong with all of the things he has been, and still is teaching us ,Absolutely nothing . If we were smart enough to look for knowledge we would have found it too.
I did, there is nothing greater then knowledge and as father time must have thought, as it was, just a “”MATTER OF TIME” before it came to light and Mark just happened to figure it out for us. Now he is helping all of us learn to use these same tools that will shed light all around I guess that it is just another part of “evolution” and there is nothing wrong with evolution we live it each and every day, right !!

Mark Hamilton I thank you again for all the knowledge you have given us, enabling me with the advantage to learn as much as I can and I will always be behind you and with you 100% you should be very proud to know ,you have help so many of us learn of all the possibilities that are here for each and everyone to learn and apply them in our everyday lives, both professional and personal !!Yes, Mark we are grateful that you pointed us on the path to this great and powerful source of Knowledge.!!
&n bsp; God Bless,
Tammy Jo

I have been a student of Mark Hamilton for about 4 years now.

To whomever it may concern
I have been a student of Mark Hamilton for about 4 years now. I read his literature on a regular basis as well as listen in on the recordings of all 3 weekly meetings the following day. I am not the best with words though I’m sure all the testimonials already submitted will do. I always knew that the human mind didn’t think correctly. After reading the multigenerational manuscripts now I know why and it can all change for better. Mark Hamilton is more than a mentor. He actually wants to better mankind. The entire human race needs the twelve visions party.
The political establishment for the past 2000 years has only hurt mankind, not improved it. The old way is not working. It is time for the anti-civilization to step out of the way and be gone forever. The Twelve Visions World is the way all individuals were meant to live.
Most people believe the first gossip they hear on a particular issue because they are looking for the easy answer. The mystical one. They want other people thinking for them so the first answer is the easiest one to accept without doing their own research. That way of thinking will soon be gone forever. Our minds are meant for more. Nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come.
Sincerely, Anthony G

The Neothink Society, the TVP …

Mr. Hamilton.
I am disheartened to think that a supposed ‘free’ society such as that the United States portrays to be would do such a thing. The Neothink Society, the TVP and you and your father’s hard work to provide information to people who want to live a better life and to have options other than our own federal government lays down as ‘the only way to go’ has opened my eyes to another way of thinking and it has been very refreshing to know that people can and will stand up to the status quo of this country. We are taught in school that we have the freedom to think what we want, do what we want (within the limits of the law), to believe in whatever religion we want, speak what we want, etc, etc. The Neothink Society is doing just that and we should (and I will) stand up to keep that right alive and well for the society as well as you Mr. Hamilton. I am a disabled Air Force Veteran who served this country with honor and worked to keep those above mentioned freedoms in tact. I will do the same for the society and yourself and best of luck in defeating the dishonesty.
Anissa W

Mark Hamilton has changed my life in more than one way

I would just like to say first off Mark Hamilton has changed my life in more than one way. The new way of thinking has just boggled my mind. I’m realizing there’s so much more to life then I’ve ever known or experienced. At first it seemed like a lot of information that was difficult to understand but I found out if you continually keep up with it it all starts to make sense. The idea of pulling pictures together is amazing it’s kind of like seeing the future and having a real strong memory of the past all at the same. I’m constantly growing and I know my mental capacity is steadily increasing. His words really are more than just words and being able to constantly move forward in all areas of life as well as education is invigorating.
I truly believe that we are here to live and learn and if your not learning, your not living.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the information has helped me greatly at being able to look at life in a different light and would recommend the information to anyone so they too can realize there’s something more to life and be able to be happy and free from our stagnations that we continually face as well as the fact we can accomplish this all on our own while still having friends and family and everyone being able to prosper.
Thank you so much Mark for all the hard work you continually do, my life has changed for the better and it’s all because off you.
Love you with all my heart,
Ben N

I am an apprentice of Mark Hamilton…

My name is Dan C. I am the CEO of Cates Sheet Metal Industries. I am an apprentice of Mark Hamilton and I have read thousands of pages of text, sometimes over and over, but I am now assured that the Twelve Vision Party is the only way that America will survive. The culmination of my decision came from the writings of his father Mark Hamilton. It hit me very hard to think that the Muslims may have already won the “War of Two Worlds” as explained by Mark Hamilton. This book made me research the Muslim Religion and I was amazed at what I found. In Europe 90% of all the immigration is Islamic. By 2025, one out of every five will be a Muslim. In 39 years France will be a Muslim Country with nuclear power. Currently one out of every five people in Russia are Muslim and 40% of the army is Muslim. By 2025 one out of every three children born in Europe will be Muslim. Today there are 52,000,000 Muslims in Europe, that will double in less than ten years. In the USA, there were 900,000 Muslims in 1970 and today there are 9,000,000 and growing. The really scary situation is that our President is probably Muslim, let alone a Socialist. It is clear to me that Conservatism/Liberalism is a thing of the past and the only answer is Neo-think/Neothink. This is the basis of the Twelve Vision Party and it cannot be argued with. It is a new way of thinking and a new way of technology that will propel us ahead of all opposition that wants to destroy us. The Twelve Vision Party is the only path that America can take.
Dan C.

I thank Mark Hamilton for his teachings on Neothink

Mark Hamilton my Mentor,
I thank Mark Hamilton for his teachings on Neothink, a revolutionary way of thinking and for never letting me go. Since 09/18/2009 I am in the process of purchasing a three bedroom ranch style house located in a beautiful tree lined street in a neighborhood that is basically crime free.
Due to my health challenges I have been home bound over 5 years. Approximately six months prior to the above date I was in the process of visiting and applying for residence in nursing homes. During these interviews I was provided the established rates costs and schedules of services.
After one of these visits while walking through the lounge I saw a few residents sitting around which seemed to me an expression their life was over and the only thing they had to look forward to was their next meal. I knew art that moment I did not belong there
Thanks Mark Hamilton

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