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Mark Hamilton is a visionary beyound visionaries

Mark Hamilton is a visionary beyond visionaries.

Mark Hamilton is a visionary beyond visionaries

Mark Hamilton is a visionary beyond visionaries.

Mark Hamilton, his Twelve Visions Party and his Neothink Society have clearly changed my life

Mark Hamilton, his Twelve Visions Party and his Neothink Society have clearly changed my life. Of this, I am totally sure.
I received my first manuscript in 2007. Since then, I gained confidence in myself as never before, and dared to dream big and to start doing things which I have only dreamt about. Before his touch in my life, I was idle and stagnant. Having lived and going to the most difficult years of my entire life, that are these last three and a half years of my life (since my father got sicker and died), I view hindsight and conclude that without the psychological and life changing support of the Neothink mentality that Mark Hamilton have created for the entire planet, I would have suffered a lot more. Neothink eased some of my troubles and for that I am very grateful to him and to his Neothink Society.
Mark Hamilton´s Neothink offered me the possibility of rescuing me of the mysticism I was following and living like a fanatic. He rescued my mind and that is so far the greatest benefit I have received from him. In doing so, he also rescued my destiny. He put me on my way to a better, happier, fulfilled and successful life. I do want more of life. I want to live with passion. I know I have been tested and that I am being tested, but the readings of the three manuscripts that I have received from Mark Hamilton have sowed in me the seeds of happiness, success and physical inmortal life. I do know that some day I will bring results, great results because of my relation with the Neothink Society.
The Twelve Visions Party is our way out as citizens of the planet to live using our value creations and all of our mind´s potentials, to reach the Civilization of the Universe, from where all knowledge is bestowed upon us.
Forerunners, visionaries, and extremely intelligent people are always put under attack. Einstein quoted that great minds have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Mark Hamilton is not the exception. I think he is a genius. He is a very capable man, which has prepared himself to become the next President of his country, the United States of America, probably as no other American citizen has done before. I do respect all former and previous American Presidents. I don´t mean to offend anybody with my previous remark. I only add that talking about these matters sometimes gets me very emotional.
Nobody can´t stop the good the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society will do for mankind. And Mark Hamilton is the well proven sign that we as human beings will be living a different life as soon as Mark Hamilton takes office and starts implementing his plans. Everything will change for the better thereafter. Of that, I can bet.
My thumbs up for you Mark Hamilton for all the good you have done so far to people like me and for all the coming good you will do for more people, whether they are your fellow American citizens or any foreigner as I am.
Arturo Moreno S

Open Your Senses

Neothink Literature gives me unending value. Every time I read, it always is fresh and cuts to the essence of things. Every day I am different in some way and I get flashes of wisdom (integrations) that widen my perspective of knowledge and understanding ever more. Neothink cuts through illusions to reveal one reality.
The clarity I have in my mind now is extraordinary. Compare myself to I of 10 years ago and yes I have matured anyway, but Neothink knowledge has given me something more than I could ever find anywhere else, which I describe as an Olympian-like perspective.
Everywhere people are like-minded about the myth of authority even if they don’t explicitly know the internal machinations. They see mostly through the lies but they feel nothing can be done and say, “oh well, what can you do?” With the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society they now have a voice, an outlet, a cause, a future, as hoax upon lie upon deception is unraveled with mind-liberating awe. They can think freely past that rationalization now. I can hear the cheering already as Neothink men and women reduce politicians to null points in public debates, I can see the politician sweating, knowing that their tricks are no longer invisible with large crowds booing them. I can see the proud faces of visionaries creating values and fixing up the mess left by big government. I can see the joy on the faces of children looking forward to school learning to be integrated thinkers.
Others close their eyes, ears, mouth and mind and take a vow of silence that they will never ask questions, never bring up their rights and never challenge authority, then choose the lazy attitude and worshipfully except that the false authority of government is absolutely necessary. It seems totally crazy to me that some people actually believe themselves and others should be controlled in order to benefit society, but they believe it because they are programmed to once they were born.
People everywhere, those of you that suspect the illusion and deception, now is the time you can do something and no longer feel helpless because the Neothink Movement is growing worldwide and also the Twelve Visions Party that grew from the Neothink Society. If you see or hear negative comments or campaigns against Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, know now from me that it is dishonest lies being spread that are pathetic and immature and intended to rob you, your children and civilization of a better future with abundant health, wealth and peace. With the world going the way it is, it doesn’t look like it is going to get better by itself, what with the endless spiral of wars and catastrophes spearheaded by parasitical elites. The time has come for us all to grow and take responsibility by applying Neothink to society, the visionary innovation with Neothink and the TVP is the answer to the current failing system inbuilt with corruption, people everywhere are seeing through the lies. Like when someone reveals a magician’s secrets to his magic tricks, it becomes plainly obvious and even disappointing at how easily we were tricked, same goes with those in power who feed us lies to keep us tame, naïve and subservient. Once you see how they do their tricks, it becomes so obvious. Don’t close your eyes and ears to what the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party is about, even if now you don’t understand, you should still support it and learn more later because you have my honest word today that this is pure genius innovation and permanent change, not just lip-service, there is no sleight-of-hand, there is no smoke and mirrors. Visionary work is being done in the world, not only by Mark Hamilton, but by increasing numbers of self leader neothinkers worldwide. This is truly a remarkable time in history, that you are learning about once and for all. A completely integrated solution is unfolding for the masses to rise up to better standards of living beyond what the masses have ever known, and this is not naïve talk or wishful thinking from me. When you have the growing wide and integrated perspective I have, you can recognize what does not logically follow or fit in place. There might be a lot of bad publicity by the media to come toward NT and TVP, but it is done by envious and ignorant people who want the “average” person, who strives to make a productive living, to not have a bright future, wealth, health or peace, while the bureaucrat and politician enjoys unearned wealth and privilege.
People stand together, now is the time, embrace and support Mark Hamilton and his heroic efforts in founding the Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party.

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Visionaries tell  us what TVP and Mark Hamilton mean to them.


An Education & Integration Program Presentation:

Someone famous said that.  It was even a book and then a movie about a President. 


Today, we are seeing the results of this adage.  The new/old powers that be are still creating the illusion that all is well.


TVP Visionaries see through the illusion to the common denominator of all the leaders:  greed: either power or money.


We will be having many of our visionaries stepping forward to be candidates in their local, state or national elections in the next 3-4 years.  We must prepare diligently for that occasion.


I have been tossing around what and where I would be best suited in this future venture into the governmental world.  I will not call it politics as we are depoliticizing our country.  I thoroughly believe in the Constitution of the United States as it was written by men who knew they would be killed for treason.


We face that very threat today for standing up and letting ourselves be heard amongst the citizens.  The reality of the election will set in very quickly as the new president takes his throne.  All the rhetoric is over now.  The illusion and deception will begin with a new leader.  As you and I have said to each other, “the same old, same old”.  No change, they say, we pay.


 Mark Hamilton wrote the Twelve Vision Party’s Platform without variation.  No Issues.  No special interest groups.  No axes to grind.




The platform is built on two premises:

  1. Free the existing geniuses and the many more potential geniuses of society by ending most government regulations.
  2. In turn, new technology would soar in all industries as already happened in the mostly unregulated computer industry, sending consumer costs to fractions…making the consumers – the people – wealthy.


We will be talking at the grass roots level of the citizens.  The local governments will be the first to start changing over to the new depolitizing of the cities, counties and states.  We will have candidates in every category up for election.  We will not have to go to a primary as we will have a candidate up to best represent us in the position.  We will have completed all the necessary signatures to be on the ballot as the TVP.


Mark Hamilton wrote as follows;

In my First Vision, I saw all people’s needs taken care of by the geniuses of society, rising by the many millions as I removed most government regulations.  Those freed geniuses rapidly drove technologies into new dimensions that brought undreamed of values to the people


My second Vision showed me that those soaring new technologies, in turn, plunged toward zero costs like the computer revolution.  That Great Technological Revolution made ordinary people more and more wealthy, like millionaires, as costs in all industries kept plunging to fractions.


In my Third Vision, I saw that the new technologies racing ahead in all industries also raced ahead in the medical industry without the destructive FDA regulations holding the geniuses back.  The geniuses eradicated disease after disease, and their soaring new technologies drove down medical costs.  People lived with nearly perfect health well into their hundreds.


In my Fourth Vision, businesses strove to keep up with the rapid progress of the Great Technological Revolution.  So everything changed as businesses, to stay competitive, concentrated on bringing out their greatest asset – the unique creativity of their employees.  Ordinary people experienced extraordinary entrepreneurial-like jobs; they loved going to work and they shared in the profits they created.


In my Fifth Vision showed me that the wonderful failing-in-love feelings in the early weeks of romantic relationships did not fade over time.  Why?  People were no longer sinking in stagnation.  Instead, they were successful and soaring in the livelihoods of their dreams.  With that ongoing source of happiness inside, filling them and overflowing into their romantic relationships, they could forever feel the power of love.


My Sixth Vision showed me ordinary people becoming smarter than today’s richest people.  Heretofore, ordinary people awaited their instructions in life from work, from the media, from the government, the church, the Establishment.  In the new Twelve Visions World, however, instead of being told how to live, ordinary people began integrating knowledge to lead themselves.  They began snapping together knowledge into growing success puzzles at work and life in general.  They could see through the matrix of illusions and no longer needed or wanted to be led by false authorities.  The need and desire for a government ruling class and its regulations became repulsive.  The old structure of government could not exist with that new mentality.


In total, I had Twelve Visions that showed me a new world of wealth, health, and peace.  I am here to take you into that new world – the Twelve Visions World.”


I’m becoming a contender in this political race because my campaign has nothing to do with political ideas.  I’m becoming a contender because I represent the next evolution of man, which has already begun.  Political structures, ironically, are not based on political ideas; they’re fundamentally based on man’s mentality.  Heretofore, our political structure along with the other basic structures of civilization like religion, education, marriage, enterprise were based on mankind’s mentality from the past, back to over 3000 years ago when people’s minds regularly hallucinated the voices of the gods emanating from statues, tombs, pyramids or other awe inspiring objects of worship, telling man what to do and how to live his life.


Today’s mentality still functions in that bicameral fashion.  Instead of voices of the gods, however, people let the voices of the politicians and regulatory bureaucrats tell them what to do and how to live their lives.  In short, the current and past mentalities seek to be told how to live by some outside authority.


But the next evolution of man has begun.  The dawn of a completely new mentality has arrived.  That new mentality seeks no further than one’s own mind for direction on how to live.  Man’s new mentality no longer looks toward external authorities.  He needs no authorization from outside.  The mentality of the future looks inside to one’s own honest, integrating mind for authority.


All those government programs for the so-called “public good” with politicians telling us how to spend our money, and all those regulatory programs with bureaucrats telling us how to run our businesses…none of these programs could survive in the new mentality that no longer accepts being told what to do…perhaps now you can understand that the Twelve Visions Platform of 1) removing al government programs that are on the offense telling people how to live their lives, and 2) reducing government to programs of defense only, protecting individuals from physical aggression…is not a platform based on political ideas per se.  The platform is simply a new political structure based on the new Neothink mentality of no external authorities telling us how to live our lives.  Therefore, as mankind makes its next evolution, the Twelve Visions Party will be the only political survivor.”


That, my friends, is the secret to this campaign.  Our next evolution into the new mentality has begun.  Now you can really understand where the issues of my campaign are coming from: the Solar-Eclipse Budget that eclipses over half of the typical budget in order to eliminate the solar-high spending programs for the “public good” and to eliminate the regulatory bureaucracies, leaving money for national defense and paying off the debt…well, now you can see that such issues are much more than mere political ideas; they represent a new political structure for the new mentality of no external authorities telling us how to live.


The results of eliminating a government of offense and all its burdensome regulations will be spectacular wealth for the people as the freed geniuses of society rise up.  In this day and age of high technology, they’ll drive technologies through the next level to create spectacular new values for us, and the cost of those spectacular new values will plunge toward zero as we’ve already seen with the computers and communications.  Ordinary people will live like millionaires – healthy millionaires who rarely get sick as the geniuses eradicate disease through soaring new medical technologies.


Business men and women who have no interest in political careers are joining my Twelve Visions Party across the country, I call this phenomenon the Great Replacement Program  as we’ll say good-bye forever to the career politician.  There’ll be no such thing as career politicians telling us how to live our lives in the new mentality of no external authorities.


Government programs for the “public good”, including the regulatory bureaucracies, will now go to the private sector, the Federal government will have a huge sale – selling off everything that has nothing to do with defense.  The trillions of dollars generated from the sale of big government will repay every American’s past contributions toward social Security with interest.  Then, when everyone is repaid with interest, the social Security program for the so-called “public good” will be terminated.  Social Security telling us how to save our monies could never survive in the new mentality of no external authorities.


The only government that could survive the rapidly approaching new mentality is a protection service, a government of defense protecting individual and property rights from physical aggression.  A Protection-Only Budget less than half the typical budget is all that is needed to do that.  The other money that goes to government on the offense, telling individuals how to live, will not survive the new mentality of no external authorities.


Of course, the budget today is bound by existing law that needs to be weeded out with new law.  That won’t actually happen until the Great Replacement Program sweeps through the mid-term elections.  Then Congress will appropriate funds for physical protection only.


The new government structure of defense will serve only Prime Law of Protection.  In fact, it’s so short, clear and indivisible, anyone can memorize it as his or her anchor to freedom and even recite it in about two minutes, anytime, anywhere to uphold it and forever protect it.





*The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. 


*The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose


*The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.


Article 1

No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.


Article 2

Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.  


Article 3 (SAY IT SLOWLY)

 No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.”


That is what needs to be said over and over again so people get it that we have nothing more than to free them completely from their prisons so those newly elected politicians get it that we are united on our platform and what we stand for to help ALL citizens.


We are not interested in power or greed.  We do not and will not corrupt the people.  The people will take back their own power and govern themselves far better than any political body will ever be able to do.  


United we will stand.

Why we need the Twelve Visions Party

Visionaries explain in their own words “why we need the Twelve Visions Party.”

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