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I can't begin to express what Neothink has done for me since I received your…

Dear Mark,

I can’t begin to express what Neothink has done for me since I received your letters of invitation and then receiving the 3 Heirloom manuscripts. My life has literally come full circle.

Not landing me back where I was, but landing me smack dab in my parallel future. It was like opening up a veil that was blocking my view, seeing a brighter future in the Civilization of the

Universe, as a fully conscious human being and really understanding what that truly and honestly means. What a wonderful gift that is. Although I have so much more to learn, I now see the brighter side of Heaven on Earth. When I lost 3 members of my family, my dear husband and soul mate being one of them, just a few months before I received your first letter, I felt I would never see the light of day or my soul ever again. I thank the Universe every day for you,

Mark Hamilton; for finding me and helping me realize I still had a real life to live and one to enjoy to the fullest extent of my being. Yes, you Mark, brought into my life the true honesty of what is, and

gave me the chance to regain things I thought I had lost; the opportunity to learn things that I never knew existed; and helped me find things I didn’t know I already had, but were buried so deep they

were hidden and untouchable to me at the time. Now, with Neothink and your help, these things are within my reach, are visible to me in my future, and are the honest reality for my existence.

There is a passion now that runs deep within my very being that can not be stopped now. Your Manuscripts and the knowledge of what the Neothink Inside Secrets has given to me, is a power

within myself to become the person I was meant to be and the actual probability of living that life I was truly meant to live. Not just the ability to live in the illusions of what could be a life that I was led to believe in before. From the bottom of my heart, my Thanks goes out to you Mark Hamilton, and to Neothink.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Orpha M

Mark Hamilton and Family, The Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party has meant the world, and beyond to me and mine. I’ve received psychological freedoms as a direct result of the integrated-honesty, based, literature that whirls throughout my mind, cross-referencing with my existing schema, as everything takes on a new light; I feel as though a veil has been lifted and I’m finally seeing through much of the illusion-based information in yesterday’s and today’s world.
In closing, I’d like to mention that the upcoming Twelve Visions Party will be the Party to end the ruling-class and make everyone rich, including the poor.
Thank You, Mark!!!
Gene K. Wheeler

Since coming to The Neothink Society more than 16 years ago…

Greetings and Salutations,
What is life all about? Why am I here? What am I meant to do? Humankind has searched for meaning and enlightenment for as long as history has been recorded. Individuals in the past have lived their lives in complete ignorance to the reality of existence. You cannot truly experience existence if you are blind to what really is in reality. If you are fooled or if you are deceived then the reality you believe is false. This veil, this illusion, this mystery is ever present in the minds and lives of society today. It happens at all levels and in all ways of society. It instills a felling in one of being lost, confused, or blissfully ignorant. It creates more problems than are readily observable and solutions become hard to find. People begin to follow blindly. Many are blissfully ignorant for they believe what is shown to them without question. Hollywood is not to different then today’s modern news media. For the news tells stories and some seem unbelievable like a Hollywood movie. If I owned a media company then I would easily be able to tell people what to say and what not to say on my networks. Did you know the US had over 150 major media company owners in the 1980’s and today 5 people own that market share. Don’t Believe me, Bing or Google it for yourself. Seems to me like a take over of the mass media in this country. These people in mass media and movies can act like authority figures telling people what to do or think and people will follow through with out so much as a blink of an eye. I encourage you to due your due diligence in any thing you may or may not believe and find out the honest facts. The individual needs no authority figure to discern what is right or wrong. You have to dig into it to find out the truth today because on the surface there are many pleasant sounding lies. Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Nazi Propaganda, said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” To get to the bottom of things and find out the honest truth is a responsibility we owe to ourselves, our country, and future generations.
Since coming to The Neothink Society more than 16 years ago I would have to honestly say that I have found that this veil has vanished from my life having been vaporized by the techniques and skills provided in this society. I know can sense dishonesty from a mile away. It also has exponentially increased my ability to absorb, process, collate, organize, systemize, utilize, and integrate information. My mind is a far vaster place since my joining. The benefits in romance are terrific, but that’s all you get because I don’t kiss and tell. As you can see here my sense of humor and wit have also improved. The business acumen I had before compared to now pales in comparison. My creativity has soared tremendously. As I build, bigger and bigger puzzle pictures seeing the future and predicting possibilities becomes easier and easier as time goes on. I can adapt to, handle, and control situations far more effectively and efficiently. I don’t get flustered, worry or panic anymore. I get to the bottom of things and solve problems with ease now. Making the right moves in business and in life happens far more frequently. I get along with people in all walks of life and in all ways. The camaraderie and friendships in the society keeps me going and lets me know I always have someone to lend a helping hand or ear if needed. I have begun to play at life with a wild childlike wonder and fun again. The happiness and joyous energy I feel is wonderful and makes for a real stimulating life. I have found nothing but honesty and integrity from Mark Hamilton and the other members in The Neothink Society. It has brought tremendous value to my life. There is no force or coercion here in anyway. The stopping of all initiatory force and coercion actually will be one of the prime functions of the Twelve Visions Party founded by Mark Hamilton.
The Twelve Visions Party is a part of a larger picture. It takes depth of vision to see this picture clearly. Having known Mark Hamilton for these last 16 years has been an inspiration for me to do good for other individuals and the world as a whole. The Twelve Visions Party is what will make that happen at a far more rapid pace. The world is the will of the people. If we want to see some change for the better in this world, we need to believe it can happen and make it so. Andrew Jackson the 7th US president said, “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.” This is what we have going on here today in the USA. The Twelve Visions Party is the absolute honest solution to this dangerous problem. Mark has never steered me wrong and has always been honest and straight forward with me. We need a return to government the way it should be, run by the law for the people. All government must be run like a business and when they lie or do not perform well they are fired. Why who do they work for but us, we the people. If you do not perform well we will find a replacement. It is simple as that. What we represent is our collective desire for honest government officials who work for us, we the people, not their special interests and old school cronies. A government ruled by the Constitution and the Prime Law. How many people in politics have lied to us, we the people? Would you put up with so much dishonesty from an employee, a friend, or a coworker? When will we say enough is enough America? What will stop this lying? Seriously, this has to stop or we will no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave. The best way to end this tournament of lies and corruption is The Twelve Visions Party. Fully integrated honesty in politics will end the dishonesty and provide us a better future. The country that we all know and love is experiencing change yes, but not for the better. We must stand up for what is right and that is full honest transparency of what our government is doing on our behalf. This great country has had some great people in it. This country was built on the tremendous value produced by these great people. Some of them were patriots like Paul Revere, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Mark Hamilton is a fine example of one of those type of patriots as am I. We were meant to live free and live the life we desire. It is getting harder and harder to do that now as more and more oppressive laws and lies come down on the people of the United States. Mark will not tolerate dishonesty. All of us here in The Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party are opposed to dishonesty and deception. It is time we stand united in this endeavor to end the dishonesty in our great country today.
What we have here is an idea whose time has come. The following statement is a fact. “The power of a thought can truly penetrate everything” Alan Watt 7/07. It is proven by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and by all the scientists in the movie “What the bleep do we know”. The fact is thoughts become things. Everything in your life has come about because of an idea. All things start with an idea the light bulb, cars, new ways of healing, artwork, countries and the list goes on and on. Neothink is this powerful new way of thinking that has started to change the face of humanity. This all-encompassing philosophy of life provided here in The Neothink Society has been proven to change lives for the better in every way. Now it is time for it to change your life as it did mine and many others. This knowledge was gathered over long periods of time and from many sources. It played integral part in the forming of the Twelve Visions Party. It will help to free the minds of Americans from the tyranny they are under. Thomas Jefferson said “I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Even way back in the day this was a big problem in this country. Why would Jefferson make such a passionate statement if it was not a prevalent issue of his day.
The list of benefits and values bestowed upon me by The Neothink Society could go on and on, but I feel I have shown you enough to get the picture that you are on to something big here that is life transforming. I encourage you to open your heart and mind to this possibility in your life. You can have the life you were meant to live, and deep down we all know this to be the honest truth for ourselves. There is no force or coercion here only total integrated honesty. This is something that I thank my lucky stars for brining into my life and I have found nothing like it since I became a part of it. All it takes is that first step.
I have a deep love in my heart for my fellow brothers and sisters living on this wonderful planet earth. I honestly believe we can all create a better world for all of ourselves. I honestly think that anything is possible and our potential limitless.
So with that said honestly from my heart I ask you to please join me on this journey to a better day for us all.
Tommy A

Thank You Mark Hamilton and Twelve Visions Party


Thank You Mark Hamilton!

Your valuable literature has changed my life permanently! I will never be the same after becoming enlightened and empowered by your wonderful writings. The fog cleared in my mind…the veil was lifted from my eyes. I can see right through to the essence of things now. I see through illusions, dishonesty and deception like never before! This has been invaluable to me! Thank you!

My life is on fire now with passion, exhilaration and abundance. I never knew life could be so fulfilling and wonderful. I keep your books close to me all the time. They are invaluable to me. My family and friends enjoy a better me and I do too. I can never thank you enough!

The Twelve Visions Party you’ve founded just blows me away! It is the perfect solution for the problems in this country. I can’t wait until I can go to the voting booths and cast my vote for a TVP candidate. It is high time that We, the people take back this country and make it exactly what it should be: a wonderful free enterprise filled with safety, wealth, abundance, health, and peace.

Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party!

Letter to Mark Hamilton


Dear mark hamilton,

Thank you!

Before neothink my mind was blind. After reading and integrating the information in your literature, It felt like the veil covering my mind was falling. Neothink showed me how to remove internal and external blocks and limits preventing my body- mind- soul alignment.
I had never before experience happiness in my life like these days. I had never before felt in control of my life and the lifes around me.
Jesus said : my people are suffering because they lack knowledge. I think everyone can practice and acquire that knowledge by reading your literature.

Mark, everytime I read your literature again, my understanding gets deeper and wider.
To me, understanding neothink is like finding multiple gold mines.

Pure love & honesty,
A Neothinker.

It is with great pleasure and appreciation

Dear Mark Hamilton:
It is with great pleasure and appreciationthat I write this testimony of what you, Neothink Society, the literature, and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) has done for me.  In the year 2007, you and the programs literally saved my life.  After years of working diligently on improving my life through education and surviving an abusive marriage, where I left and raised my boys on my own for over 20 years, I was ready to give up.  Then the readings and information from your programs gave me the insight and clarity to continue.
The dishonest U.S. government continues to take my freedom away and control me through unjust taxes and laws that only reward the politicians.  Even with a Master’s Degree, it has been impossible to live a life that I was meant to live.  One only needs to take the illusionary veil off the current criminal system to clearly see what cheating acts it is committing.
I encourage anyone that questions you (Mark Hamilton), the Neothink Society, and TVP to simply read the literature and decide on their own accord  (don’t be swayed by the created crisis junkies) and evaluate what amazing benefits and the truth that exits in Mark Hamilton’s programs.
I owe my life to Mark Hamilton and I am very grateful for his mission, along with our paths connecting.
Your apprentice,

January 2018
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