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Thanks to Mark Hamilton…

It has been quite rewarding and fulfilling being a member of the Neothink Society. Thanks to Mark Hamilton our brilliant leader I can say that I belong to a sincere and honest organization that truly understands the urgency to evolve and grow making each day celebratory. Neothink extends a welcome to members encouraging us to be sober, vigilant, wise and sympathetic with others not putting our hopes and dreams in mortals but becoming value creators especially in this new century where the eyes of the world are upon us and each day there seem to be some new technology. Realizing that even dignitaries

I wish to thank you for opening the door…

Dear Mark,

I wish to thank you for opening the door so I can get my dreams back. I chose to purchase the heirloom series to learn and dream of the way life should be as opposed to the way life has been. I am excited about the future and looking forward to a life of value creation, love and fun in business. I have always been considered “different” from my classmates, colleagues, and family. I knew something was wrong with so much in this world but could not put my finger on it until I read your manuscripts. I have been labeled by many a dreamer and one that does not want to grow up. I believe in the power of the mind and the power of having like-minded people accomplish the “impossible.” I believe in everlasting love and I am working to change my behaviors to find it – maybe it is right in my house but I can not tell right now. I believe in people being about to be value creators and looking forward to creating more of those values for my loved ones. I believe in the power of giving freely to others but it is difficult in this world due to the people that take before it is given. All of these beliefs have come to the forefront due to what you have given. I thank you sincerely and look forward to learning more from you.

To your success!!!

Jay W.

Dear Mark Hamilton,

I have waited three years, enduring “technical difficulties” of epic proportions and other manageable obstacles to add my testimonial. Neothink, as it was introduced to me by Mark Hamilton, which is now called Neothink and was once Neothink has immeasurably my existence in all capacities.

Having been introduced into the Neothink Society when I was 26 yrs. grown, significantly for the quality of person I was on the inside(concerning particular, essential elements) which is a major component as to how Mark Hamilton’s apprentices we’re chosen), now at 29 years of age and well-read in Neothink(NEOTHINK SOCIETY) literature–my Heirloom Packages, I find that my excitement and enthusiasm about life, my life and the future for all Value Creators is growing continuously and exponentially.

Growing up to now, I had always felt an innate orientation within honesty–most specifically honesty to myself. As I observed a, frankly sad, many others in a plethora of situations exercise an internal allegiance toward immediate comfort or gratification no matter if it was immoral or irrational, I always exercised. Sometimes with sordid, envious opposition…an allegiance to nothing else but the truth. The truth–which can be discovered through deep, honest, rational, introspection.

I have an eternally versatile, highly integrated personality developed stemming from my core and have often had to defend myself psychologically and morally in my adult years. It eventually became apparent to me that people who’ve personally experienced me the most viewed me as kind, strong-willed, confident, completely dismissing any consideration as to how that was developed–that it was largely developed through life experiences like: trial and error, enormous battles defending my inclination towards morale and rational mentality and those many large battles increasing the space between me with the Aristotelian-based philosophy I carried and the Platonistic-based philosophy my attackers carried; this increasingly distinguished for me and enhanced who I am in terms of Honesty, Morale and Rationality from others who are inclined towards dishonesty, immoral and irrationality. I was often attacked on those fronts PRIMARILY BECAUSE WE ARE TEMPORARLY LIVING IN A WORLD SUPRESSED BY THE PLOYS OF THE ANTI-CIVILIZTON…INCLUDING THE PLAGUE OF MYSTISM–a world that from the base of their mystism plagued reasoning is often self-persuaded to create problems where none exist! Sadly, I even endure resistance from members of my immediate family. Along with my exhibiting an undeniable and distinct laser focus, upon getting a glimpse of my heirloom packages, significant opposition arose leading to their researching of flamer sites and posts online about Neothink and the literature I owned, referring to them as “those black books!”..telling me things like, “Neothink will lead to your downfall!” These were relatively ugly exclamations with envious undertones that ultimately express a lack of understanding on their part. I am gloriously exited and anticipating the culmination of the Prime Law Amendment to the United States Constitution that the Twelve Visions Party with the entire NEOTHINK SOCIETY is pushing forth to bring about the Twelve Visions World on earth.

Kareem G.

Mark Hamilton and his literature and his NeoThink Society of strong supporters of value creators…

Seventy years of my life gone and all I want now is to learn more about Neothink Society and the Twelve Vision Party and the wonderful manuscripts of Mark Hamilton, and be able to apply these concepts (visions) to the remainder of my life. Also, to be able to pass it down to my children and grandchildren so, they can have the value of Joy, Happiness, Energy, Health and Wealth, as well as Romantic Love Relationships, as a solid reason for living.

All small and large Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Home Based Opportunity Seekers, Work at Home Mom’s/Dads, Multi Level Marketers, Handicap/Special Needs, Etc.
Everyone needs to get behind and support the (TVP) Twelve Vision Party, Mark Hamilton and his literature and his NeoThink Society of strong supporters of value creators, A BUSINESS ORIENTED ORGANIZATION, in their endeavor to bring about CHANGES that offer everyone in life what you were meant to live for and the person you were meant to be.
This country was founded by people from all over the world seeking freedom and a better way of life, and we are in the most deplorable period in our history. No one is even talking about jobs. There seems to be a witch-hunt against the (TVP) Twelve Vision Party and its leaders, when the witch-hunt should begin in Washington, DC.
I believe that the reason why 80% of the Fortune 500 Companies are changing is because of this business oriented organization of value creators, who are using the Division of Essence, a leap beyond the Division of Labor, where we all discover a deep rooted motivational drive. Ordinary people experiencing extraordinary entrepreneurial like jobs, they love going to work, and they share in the profits they help create as value creators. The results of the (TVP) Twelve Vision Party will be a government that will run like a very successful business, and accountable to the results of how well it will protect its citizens. Free enterprise, technology and medicine, all free of politics, will bring about a recovery from this depression, similar to the computer revolution of the last decades. People will be greatly rewarded with prestige, wealth, happiness and love. With the value of life improving their, health, wealth, and romantic love relationships.
Thank you for your literature, Mark Hamilton, the NeoThink Society, and the Twelve Vision Party, it gives me and my family a whole new lookout on life.

Myles C

The Neothink society is no small time organization…

My name is Armando Vega, a proud Neothink member who has learned many valuable concepts that I could never learn in the ruling class society I live in. I have learned how to be an integrated thinker and an everyday value producer. This in addition to one day becoming a value creator which will enable me to finally fulfill my essence and the role of consciousness.
The Neothink society is no small time organization which looks to deceive people, quite the contrary it is the answer to problems in our civilization as we know it. To make business the fountainhead of all solutions and eliminate dishonest political market businessmen who continue to extract values from the value creators of the world. My benefit is in my new found way of integrated thinking to become a problem solver and create values for society as opposed to creating problems where none exist.
The TVP party will change this country and help make everyone including the poor wealthy. The cheaters of society are concerned about the movement because it threatens their way of being. A new world is upon us a place where geniuses can be freed from regulations and restrictions which for example, prevent the medical profession from making major scientific breakthroughs. We are approaching a time where the world needs change and prosperity for all people not just the select few. I know that the TVP will be the only party capable of making this dream of prosperity for all a reality.
As I have mentioned in my previous testimony I am a better person and truly complete with my integrated way of thinking. My ability to see through illusions is a skill I have developed thanks to the Neothink literature and clubhouse meetings I have attended. My desire is to continue learning more and fulfilling my potential as a value creator who can create more values for society. To prosper and teach others the Neothink way and hopefully in time the TVP movement will become the political party of choice. Those who want to take down the TVP and Neothink are fearful of the truth and are desperately trying to stop a train with lots of momentum. Long live Neothink and the TVP!

Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions

Dear Mark Hamilton,
The Neothink Society, indeed, brings out the very best in individuals (my strongly held opinion)…I certainly think it has in me. My wife thinks so, too. We now share all experiences and events in our lives with greater intensity!!
Am also relating to others in a far improved way! Basically, I really like who I am, now, and where I am going in and with my life…at 60+ years of age…this is the new 20 for me…it really is all a state-of-mind. My renewed intensity and vigor for the gusto of life (ie: the Child-of-the-Universe concepts as articulated so well in Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions literature…are definitely a societal value folks). They are nothing short of amazing to me. I have a very strong desire to live & prosper (circa Star Trek) for a long, long time (another 90 years will work—at least given my present mindset) to experience it all—and all is a lot!! Great stuff (Hamilton’s Twelve Vision’s literature)…recommending it highly…please, get it, study it, absorb it and apply it…it is very logical and makes sense. It really does change lives for the better if absorbed in the full intended context with wide scope accounting! However, this is not a quick fix…so, be prepared for a fantastic mind voyage and hoist the sails!!
Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions bring into focus the conceptual idea that society’s business value creators either are OR definitely should be highly prized, valued and exalted for their individual societal contributions (our new “hero” paradigm). When is the last time anyone in this anti-civilization heard very much about something like that? I suggest very little on the 6 o’clock news, very little in the newspapers, none in all of the political pontificating, very little from pulpits, and very, precious little in our anti-civilization…period. Moving back to positive, the Twelve Visions literature stimulates and really does allow creative thought to cleanse the mind via the vanquish of mysticisms that plague us. Contribution to or better yet creation of something entirely new of actual value to and/or for society becomes the new, intoxicating, & individualistic norm, doesn’t it?
I recently joined a Southern California (Twelve Visions) Clubhouse…it has been a fantastic milestone in my continued Neothinking / Twelve Visions journey. To be finally affiliated with like-minded individuals who really do “sincerely” care about each other in a deeply moving and very passionate, affectionate way is great! I have you, Mark Hamilton, to personally thank for that! You, obviously, are a very caring (30 years worth of value creation…or so) person, yourself. I highly value you for having provided that amazing contribution! It simply flows from your Twelve Visions literature—I marvel every single time that I ponder them (the Visions) and what they mean to me and how they encourage me. I feel…pride of who I am now, the power to take back what is deserved (ie, am referring to that which has been taken from me mostly via government’s bogus laws, rules & regulations), control of my future, happiness from the journey, and the desire to share it (the Visions) with others, in-other-words “what used to be boundaries” is now “boundless limitlessness”. They (the Visions) have helped me more than you will ever know in myriads of ways, many that I have lost track of. All have worked to focus me to be a new and improved me…I am without a doubt a work-in-progress…it is the journey (roughly 3 years+) and I am thoroughly enjoying it more than ever! What a journey it is…highly recommended to all comers, especially new comers…the emphasis being on “highly”!!!
Finally, I have been heavily involved with 12 other like-minded budding, business entrepreneurs (via the Neothink Business Alliance) from all over the United States…this is remarkably extraordinary in that two months ago we didn’t even know each other…now, we are forming a very serious business enterprise (corporation) together. Much of the business detail has already been hammered out in weekly telephone calls and Webinar sessions (2 to 3 hours each…very intense Neo-Thinking activity)…it is literally wonderful…so much fun coupled with the intense work…the way it should be for everyone, all the time…I think!! Many from the Team will meet in Las Vegas very soon to finalize the business details, coupled with the immediate & strategic go-forward plans. THIS BUSINESS ALLIANCE AND AFFILIATION WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING WITHOUT MARK HAMILTON’S TWELVE VISIONS…THAT IS FACT. Credit must go to him for encouraging this Team, to hone and focus our ability “to power think (Neothink)”, thus to believe, take action, excuses be gone…get ‘er done! Our objective is to have the business (corporation) up and running before Christmas 2009. We “can do” (borrowed from the US Navy Seabees)…& we definitely shall do! I can’t wait!
If anyone reading this hasn’t yet…please, seek out and join a local NeoThink Clubhouse, get the literature, read it, translate it to an actionable plan, implement the plan…see you “all” on the Beaches of the World!
Paul S S

Thank you Mark Hamilton…

Dear Mark…
Before you introduced me to the Neothink Society, I was looking for something more, something better to live for. Thanks to you, I found that something more, something better. You are a true genius in finding the right words to bring excitement, and above all, love and happiness to my Life. You gave me the answer and the key to a happier, more prosperous lifestyle. What you taught me opened my eyes to a whole new world; a world that can exist on planet Earth through honesty and love, but never has existed because of dishonesty and envy. There is not enough words in the dictionary to explain how valuable you are to our planet. Incompetent Value Destroyers (dishonest, lazy, envious individuals), don’t like competent Value Creators, (honest, hard working, creative individuals). You are a true Value Creator Mark. You showed me the war between Value Creators and Value Destroyers that has existed on our planet since the beginning of civilization. Now you are going to put 40 hard working, Value Creating years on the line to end this battle, and to bring the citizens of our planet the ultimate value of Life, which is HAPPINESS and LOVE. This is something the Value Destroyers are determined to stop you and the Neothink Society from doing, in the name of POWER and GREED. I want those who read my testimonial to know that you, Mark Hamilton are the most honest, loving, happiest family man on Earth, and an exceptional leader as well, who is leading the way by example with the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society. You mentored me to become an honest, Value Creator and a valuable self-leader. And for that, I support all that you do for our beautiful planet. Thank you Mark, for all the knowledge you brought into my Life. Thank you for opening my eyes to a better world. Thank you Mark Hamilton…Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my loving heart. J
Jonathan G

Mark Hamilton helped me to rediscover my child of the past

One year ago, I received your invitation to read the prime literature and I must say it came at the right time of my life. I had just experienced a 9 year nightmare after loosing one of my two sons in a car accident on a Christmas eve. This event led me to a series of bad decisions that ended my marriage of 38 years. My other son had no interest in following my footsteps in the business so I really had no purpose in living. My depression took over my life and other illnesses developed including cancer of the prostate, four by pass heart surgery, diabetes and a ruptured appendix. I though I was going to die soon, but I wanted to live so I got involved in several relationships with younger women but my religious beliefs did not allow me to be happy, I was always feeling guilty of my actions and so I ended them. My last relationship ended just 4 months ago after trying to make some sense of my life. She was a good person but we disagree too much in managing the business that we started together from scratch and also in managing her family matters. I was not happy at all, I was getting sick with every decision made so your letter gave the courage to end this relationship and start a new life. I have regain my sanity and even though I live alone in a small apartment, I feel free of pressures that harm my health and do only those things that I want to do. I have taken steps to improve my health by going regularly to a gym and doing exercises 3 to 5 times a week. Secondly I decided to open a small office and return to my real estate business as my second FNE next to beginning an
A Team and initiating the first TVP in El Paso Texas with your approval . My purpose for living has increased to help make this world a better place to live for my son and my two grandsons and every generation to come. I strongly believe that this world is the only place where we can live our lives, and be happy as value creators not as value destroyers. I am ready to do my part in moving forward the Twelve Visions World . Thank you Mark Hamilton
Mark Hamilton’s Multi-Generational Manuscripts are life changing. Mark Hamilton helped me to rediscover my child of the past and opened the door to the person that I am meant to be. I am passionate about our future in the Neothink Society. The Twelve Visions Party is the beginning of a whole new world. A world without poverty and crime. A world of peace and love.
Jill S

With the endless wisdom of Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts…

Dear Mark
With the endless wisdom of Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts, which took me months to read, it is not possible to say in a simple word or paragraph the enormity and magnitude of knowledge, information, understanding, explanation, insight and vision he has launched to society and to my life personally. Very few people leave such a deep imprint on the lives of the masses as Mark has done. His genius will be witnessed by the world.
Timing is prophetic as the current presidents campaign was in response to the people’s cry for ‘change’. The change we see is not the change we seek! The change we seek is coming with the Twelve Visions Party! It will be the greatest Replacement since the writing of the Constitution and is in many ways accomplishing the same objective, which has been lost through a subtle deception of “Leadership” We need self-governing people!
We need schools that teach children to be self guided value creators. Following the leadership of the government has led to America losing her way. How Americans have lost their way can be summarized simply. By following the path of least resistance, allowing government to rule us as an external authority over our lives and relying on ‘programs’ to take care of us, we have relinquished the creative power of our own lives into the ruling dictates of laws and rules of what we can and cannot do. America has become a ‘handicapped society’. This is due to losing personal power. Does this sound like freedom and pursuit of happiness? We willingly ‘allowed’ government to make the rules and laws thinking we need external guidance, until realizing when we see the damage unfold and restrictions on our every move, that this trust of service to the people for the people and by the people was mistreated and turned into a power play to control us. No embellishments are needed as to just how bad this has become. Everyone is aware of the condition this country is in.
The Constitution states that if government fails to live up to the Constitution that the people have the rightful place to keep its original words and shall take action against such tyranny. This is the WHY of the TVP. Everyone has the right to live free, prosper and pursue happiness. How many Americans are happy and prospering? Our prayers sound like that of slavery.
When I read the vision of the TVP it sounded so simple I was stunned by the fact that it is as profound as it is simple; eliminating flaw filled man from laws that manipulate the truth. With a Protection only Government, we will eliminate the external guidance and control both causing and allowing people to govern themselves. This will fill people with excitement and fear at the same time, because there are no more ‘free rides’. For the cheaters this will be terrifying but for the value creators of society this will be the most liberating experience of our lives. We will change the future for our children and future generations.
Everyone knows things are terribly wrong, but they confess their helplessness in multiple ways, ‘when will someone do something?’ ‘You can’t fight city hall’ ‘Who is going to do something?’ ‘What group is going to stand up and help us?’ These are direct quotes I have heard. The last one struck me the hardest because I knew then and I know now that group is us and the TVP.
“That you may have Life and have it more abundantly” (Bible)
“Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness” (Constitution)

Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party

I am sharp enough to know that this great republic was not made great by the current “powers that be,” but rather by its great people. America’s forefathers began in bondage and later began attaining freedoms for themselves, their progeny, and for naturalized Americans, through honoring “…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence.
I know that as a whole, the current powers that be ever increasingly stymie those great people who are simply endeavoring to pursue their inherent freedoms. Those powers have done so in dishonesty and tyranny born of their own irrational fears of losing their wealth, their power, and the chokehold that they have on the people. They have also taken their dishonesty and tyranny, while in pursuit of ever more ill-acquired wealth and power, outside of this country and into foreign lands. They have misused monies belonging to the people and have thrown America into debt on an unbelievably outrageous scale. They have created a nation of dependents living in fear and despair. They have polarized the people into rich – poor, powerful – powerless, those that feed off the broken backs of others – those that can’t see the way to feed themselves…you get the idea….
I also know that the great people of this great land are waking up to the dishonesty of those in power. They want their freedoms restored and they want a government that will not place a yoke on them, will not deal dishonestly with them, will empower them, and will help them learn how to make-themselves-over into value creators that can hold their heads up high with pride – once again restoring inspiration, creativity, dignity, and glory to America.
Those waking up need someone peaceful and great, bold and intelligent, to take the lead in offering a completely new type of political party with fresh ideas for a unique system of government. I know of only one such person and one such party – Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party. No doubt the powers that be will vehemently and dishonestly lash out at him, his party, and his Neothink Society; but no matter, because those Americans tired of the lies, those who know a good and honest man when they see one, will call out in support of him…they know they must, for their freedoms and livelihoods are stake…freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for all is at stake.
To me, Mr. Hamilton represents hope, knowledge, freedom, and abundance for all. It would be unethical and immoral to attempt to roadblock him, for in doing so they would be blocking honesty from reclaiming its rightful foothold in this country. Each individual has the right to present his or her ideas – unencumbered. No intelligent person needs the current powers that be, government officials, controlled media, slammers, flamers, mudslingers, and the like, to decide for him or her, just whom he or she may give ear to. Each person needs to decide for himself, or herself, whose ideas of government are best suited for the betterment of his or her own life, for the children’s lives, and for the country as a whole. The corruption and the controls employed in silencing honest opposition must and will stop…the people are calling for it. The great people of this land need honest representation, they will claim it, and they will have it. – Liz S., New York

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