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Mark Hamilton/Neothink Inside Secrets

Mark Hamilton/Neothink Inside Secrets:

You will know that, you have found something of value ( a lost treasure ), and similar like the title; “a hidden secret”.

For the first time in my life, I begin to fit in a world where I belong, and be around people who are like-minded as I am.

I am no longer wandering through life (like a lost soul), in a world where they don’t understand.

The Neothink society is the most powerful, dynamic, and…

I would first like to start out and say, thank you. The Neothink society is the most powerful, dynamic, and uplifting individuals ever created out of pure love and honesty for our fellow man! A while back, I was stuck in a rut we all know well as , “The Rat Race.” I had achieved what most people would call a good normal life. I have a wife, a son, a home, a decent paying job, and a car of my own. That’s called the “American Dream”. However, I always wondered if there was something else to achieve or obtain to make life happier and more fulfilling. MY RUT- Go to work, do house chores, sleep, eat, go to work, do house chores, eat, sleep, and so on….. I have what I need to get by, and occasionally go out to eat with the family and vacation once or twice a year, but that is it. My question was, “Is this all there is until we die?” I just couldn’t grasp that this is our existence on our wonderful planet. I was bored, and in that boredom, was stagnation. Depression if you will. “I have achieved all that I will achieve in my life”, I thought. I don’t have a college education, but my wife does and I saw her having the same thoughts as I did. I see friends and family both educated beyond high school and not having that same dilemma. In my boredom, I would drink on the weekends that I had off. Not doing anything more than hurting myself and wasting time. I had no optimism or goals for myself at that time. Got into a little trouble from that time in my life and received a DUI. I said, “That’s it! No More!” and the rest just came into my life as if a gift from above.
I had my license taken from me for a year and felt as though it was the perfect opportunity to learn about something (including myself) that might just save me from this rut and depression. Just after my court date and trial, a letter appeared on my door step, and low and behold it was the first letter from the Neothink Society inviting me to get the first heirloom manuscript. I am so happy that I didn’t disregard the letter as junk mail and toss it. As I read the letter I wondered, “Is this a load of Hooey, or is this really as good as it sounds?” It spoke to me as if the people in the society new exactly how I was feeling at that moment in time! I had to purchase the book!
Since purchasing the first manuscript, I bought the other two and the Pax book as well. My life has been changed dramatically!!! I am on a life’s journey to have be and do whatever my heart desires. I have a new fuel pushing me through puzzle piece after puzzle piece in my journey toward achieving my goals. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of my ambitions, but the path I am on is so wonderful and uplifting, that I can’t come down of my high for anything. I haven’t had a “BAD” day in moths!!!! I owe a debt of gratitude to Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society for helping me to find the person I am truly meant to be. The baby steps and puzzle pieces I have put together to this point are small, but I have seen some positive results from the effort. Extra money to invest and save, happier all the time, better relationships with my family and friends, more mental clarity, and more self esteem (Just to name a few.).
These manuscripts and teaching of the Society, can make anyone more than they are today. In these days and times, everyone could benefit from these books. They will make people more independent and self sufficient and give them control of there lives and not give there control to external authorities. Independence is TRUE freedom……
Which brings me to my final insight. The Twelve Visions Party is not a “Quack” scheme or “Anarchy” plot as the media and government will try to make it seem in the coming months. Instead, it will give the control and freedom back to the people to create both for themselves and for others. I have seen the light in the manuscripts as stated above, but do believe it would be even easier and could accelerate my journey and puzzle building further with less authoritive pressure and blockages. The TVP movement is all about the rights of the individual and the individual only. You would have more rights then you do now to do what you want in your life without external authorities telling us how to do it and when. That freedom would allow people to create new products, ideas, cure diseases, create pleasure, improve health, and anything else the individual desires. Whether or not one agrees doesn’t matter. This movement is to help all man kind and eventually everyone will see the light.
In closing: Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Society for all that you have given me and your efforts to make the TVP movement a success. I owe many of my recent and future achievements to this organization for giving me the secret to a happier more fulfilled life.
Brian Normandin

Mentor Mark Hamilton has the vision

Our founder, friend and mentor Mark Hamilton has the vision that will bring this country and the world a new beginning with peace and prosperity for everyone. We are bringing forth these ideals through the Twelve Visions Party now and for many years to come, with the Prime Law and a protection only style of government, that will return our country to a true Republic as designed by our forefathers.
Please know at this point in time in my life, I have made a great change in the way I think and act, from a few years ago. I attribute these good changes to the writings and mentoring of Mr. Mark Hamilton and of course to the wonderful friendships I have made in the Neo-Think Society with all of the like minded people, that have also been inspired and mentored by Mr. Hamilton.
As a true Neothink person, the primary function is to remove all bonds of external authority and rely on myself to make judgments and actions to guide my progress through this life in accordance with the Prime Law, by the way this is called Self Leadership. We must always be honest with ourselves and others to be free from the need to seek approval from any perceived authority.
Here is an example of what can happen to us when we use the good business information Mr. Hamilton has given us in his mentoring and writings. I have used “self capture” to secure my financial future and that of my family, by getting involved, with my Neothink friends in our LLC, in a large project that will bring prosperity to us and the community, of course this is only the beginning as we will progress through “company capture” and “world capture” to go international as well. Note: the how to is in the literature by Mark Hamilton.
I can only assure you that what Mr. Hamilton has given us, indeed will change our beautiful country and the world to bring peace, wealth and health to all the people everywhere!
Peace and Love to you and yours,
W.T. Singer “Bill”

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Dear Mark Hamilton,
How can I ever thank you for all the wonderful changes that have occurred in my mind, my spirit and my life. Thanks to you, your literature and the Neothink society I am no longer lost or helpless prey in this world of dishonesty built on political and religious greed and illusions. Instead, I now have a clear vision of my future, and that of my family’s. For the first time in my life, and at 60yrs of age that’s saying something, i now know where I’m headed with a dogged calm certainty and resolute in my stance to further this great society. Seek ye the truth and the truth shall set you free, well guess what, I’ve never FELT SO FREE!!! as I look around myself these days at the people and the societies and the world that surround me, my heart aches for all those people still blinded and who, so far, have not had the precious opportunity to experience the liberating feeling of ” Miss Annabelle’s Secrets” and the life changing truths in the Heirloom packages.
I believe with all my heart that the WORLD needs to experience what i and my family and friends have experienced through the dedicated efforts of people like you Mark, a true genius and humanitarian. God speed to the Twelve Visions Party and to the people who work tirelessly to bring a better world to all of us.
Over the past twelve months I lost three members of my family, the last was my own youngest son, just three months ago, but i can tell you as devastating as it was, it simply drove home to me and mine HOW MUCH the world needs people like MARK HAMILTON in it and the beautiful dedicated people in the Neothink Society

I am so thankful for the help Mark Hamilton gave to my life

My encounter with Neothink, was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. The information I have gained has helped me turn my life around, to the life I was meant to live. I am 26 years old now, and most of my life was a misguided, misunderstood failure. I couldn’t stop getting in trouble and using drugs, etc. while I was on house arrest for a year straight I was able to study Neothink. I have never read such valuable information in my life!!! I lost 70 pounds first, then I started cleaning up the rest of my act. Now in July I will be starting school for graphic design. I have gained so much confidence and my mind is so focused. If I knew what I know now when I was 18 I would be a millionaire by now. But its ok, I went through a Terrible time in my life, And now I will appreciate everything I gain so much more. I’m so proud of myself for how far I have come, I can only see the bright future I always deserved now. I’m so happy I saw through the illusions proclaiming that Neothink was a scam. Illusions made by the ones who never wanted me to succeed! I am so thankful for the help Mark Hamilton gave to my life, I am so glad there are people like him and his brother and father in this world. Thank you so much! I hope the best for you. If everyone thought the way I do now, this world would be a much better safer place!!!!
-James R.

To my mentor Mark Hamilton how thankful I’m to you for finding me


Neothink has been a great blessing in my life . For years I couldn’t understand certain things in this world and how some made it and others didn’t . As I started with Neothink my life started to take on a new meaning for living . From how to snap together picture puzzles to choosing the man of my dreams . Presently I found out that I was married to a really mystical , neocheating husband that not only sadden my life , but his on children from previous marriages . Well when the picture puzzle snapped together I now knew what kind of man should be in my life .
To my mentor Mark Hamilton how thankful I’m to you for finding me in the right place and the right time in my life when I thought there was nothing left for  me here in this earthly realm . My journey now with my Neothink family has been such a joy that I now know how to see the true essence of all things and know one is ever going to hurt , steal , lie , cheat , or guilt me into anything any more .
Thank you my mentor for your vision . I’ve been playing and recess is not over for me . Love U Much , Sylvia A

Thank you, Mark Hamilton, Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society.

Dear Mark Hamilton,
I wish to try express to you in words how truly grateful I am, to you and your family for this chance you have given me to change my life for the better. Without your help through your writings and my precious collection of M.G. Manuscripts I would not have ever been able to see through the illusions.
As I recognize my mysticisms and begin to rid myself of them, I feel a comfort inside of me that I have not felt before. Even though many areas of my past have disintegrated, as well as my old relationship, I see a new picture piece that will fit into place in this large puzzle and help to change many lives for the better.
I feel the most wonderful opportunity is right before me, without your writings I never would have seen the common denominators that helped me to see where I wanted to go. An opportunity that is so large, I find myself at times crying tears of joy. I also realize that I can have more than just one piece in the beautiful puzzle that we will integrate together through our efforts and values that we put into society, with the TVP and you Mark Hamilton us safely into a better world, and to the pure honest good of humanity.
I wish to give my thanks to the Neothink Society and to the many members who have put so much of their time and love into building and sharing their many values and integrations with other members. I will always honor this time in my life and look forward to meeting other members in the future.
With the Twelve Visions Party and all of the Neothink Society members I feel so much hope for the future of my family and my grandchildren.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton, Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society.
Brenda H

Mark Hamilton probably saved my life!

To put it straight, Mark Hamilton probably saved my life! Some 15+ years ago I was at a very dangerous time in my life.
I was in a crisis personally and I very seriously considered suicide as my only option for dealing with my problems.
I was as emotionally broken, physically a mess, and there was no one I felt I could turn to who could explain to me what I was going through, let alone help me get through it.
I was confused and felt totally alone in the world.
Family, friends, even the doctors, the psychiatrists and psychologists, the so called experts, provided nothing to help except some drugs and BS “talk therapy” which only served to mask what was really going on with me.
I was truly at a loss in my life and then, almost as if by divine intervention, I received an interesting letter in the mail…it was from Mark Hamilton.
I read the letter and something clicked for me…I suddenly felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time, I felt a glimmer of hope in my life.
Slowly I started to wake up from my confusion and I started seeing my life, and the world, in a completely different way.
I began to feel better and the feeling just kept getting stronger and stronger.
Well, to make a long story short, I was able to safely get through this traumatic time in my life and I can honestly say it was in large part because of Mark Hamilton and his works.
Today I am eternally thankful to Mr. Hamilton and hope to meet him personally someday and shake his hand.
Thank you

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society reached me…

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society reached me at a crucial time in my life. I had gone through some pretty tough times up until then, with failed relationships, financial troubles, and depression. Mark Hamilton’s first letter reached my mailbox at just the right time.
Organized religion was doing nothing for me. Instead of sending me the positive message of love that was meant for us, there were fat cat neocheaters pounding their pulpits telling me just how worthless I was. To top it all off, after making me feel lower than I felt before I walked into their buildings, they begged me for my money at the end of it all! How dishonest is that?!
Our government was doing my family and me no favors, either. That was during the “stimulus check” (so-called tax rebate) time. By the government’s simple calculations, I was a single parent with two dependent children and a good paying job. I should have been handed a fat check for $900. Instead, I was penalized. According the fine print (they always get you with the fine print), I made too much money. So, they deducted percentages for that. Second, my son was 17 years old (and in high school); therefore, he was not considered a dependent child under their guidelines. So, I was “stimulated” to the tune of about $130, while lazy, dishonest government dependent zombies were getting full checks! Since that time, it’s only gotten more dishonest and hypocritical.
Shortly after Mark Hamilton’s first letter, I was reading my first Neothink® Society text. I knew I was stepping out on a limb, but WOW!! It was an eye-opener. It opened my eyes to the farce that is organized religion. I realized I didn’t need someone to scream and yell at me to know what was good and right for me. I knew it all along! I didn’t need some talking head with a “D” or “R” attached to the end of his name to tell me what was right or wrong with our Great Nation. I knew it all along!! I realized how churches and governments have been ruling mankind for centuries through false guilt, contrived fear, and brute force, often hand-in-hand.
My life has improved drastically since my introduction to Neothink®. I no longer believe in the lies set before me by government officials from either of the major political parties. I know that their real job is to keep us divided with hot-button, polarizing issues, while they keep lining their pockets and exercising their dishonest power for personal gain. I no longer submit to the will of false speaking religious leaders. I, instead, listen to my own conscience, with the full knowledge of right and wrong that I was born with.
Neothink® is not atheism, as religious leaders would have you think. It is SEEING through to what is real and claiming responsibility for your own actions. Neothink® is not anarchy, as government leaders would have you think. It is self-governance and doing what is right all of the time, without loopholes and dodges. It is the death knell of petty bureaucracy and political fiefdoms. It is seeing and defying false external authority in your life.
The Twelve Visions Party is coming! Are sick of the status quo? Do you want honesty from your elected officials? Do you want accountability? Do you want your government to stop spending us all into the poor house? Then TVP is for you! TVP candidates will be people who understand and live Neothink®. They will be men and women of honor who do what is right. They will be honest in their words and actions. They will not seek office to “lead” you. They will seek office to work with you and for you to bring us out of this anti-civilization we now live in.
Lloyd W

Because Mr. Mark Hamilton will change

Hello my name is Robert, A time in my life the door closed, another life door open in my life. There standing was Neothinking Society, and the Prime Literature, the Twelve vision. Mr Hamilton is the author of the Multigenerational manuscripts he is a great writer. Because he will change your mind and my mine. We will live in our life dream with Health, Romance and Wealth. We will start a new life and live! Because Mr. Mark Hamilton will change the world now and of our future.
Robert D

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