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A Warrior On A Journey ……


As I continue to walk this Neothinking journey I have grown beyond my wildest hopes in living . Much have I changed , ways have I stopped from controling me as a puppet , dreams can I now live forever without a worry or concern . Mark Hamilton showed me the path to objective reality ; not even my own flesh and blood could clearly know let alone teach me as he has in the honesty way to live .

Thank you Mark for everything I have now in knowledge . Sylvia


Miss Annabelle Stories ……


When I read my heirloom book ” Miss Annabelle Stories . I was blown away . This was a book that I could not put down. I became unhappy in going to work each day for what I now came to know from how mislead . O for the youth of today to have such a teach like in Miss Annabelle Stories what new things they could create values for others to enjoy and pay them for . I know I would have been a better student .

Sylvia F Taylor

My Journey to Life ……


Greetings family , it has been 5years now in being apart of the Neothink . Upon receiving my heirloom books I was a confused person who was being usurped by many for my kindness and resources . I didn’t know how to stop what was happening nor did I know why it was happening to me .

And then I received my books and that’s when my journey began to in rich my life . Powerful information Mark Hamilton was say in these books that I could not put them down. They were very special to me and strengthening . All things that were never shared , he did say I could have anything I needed , wanted , look forward to . No one could stop me from having . Ever since that first letter I have had nothing but clear vision , a path that has direction , a life that can be happy for ever . Thank you Mark Hamilton

Sylvia F Taylor

February 2018
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