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Mark Hamilton and Neothink have really helped me

Mark Hamilton and Neothink have really helped me and many other people from a life of stagnation. I have found them to be honest and benevolent.

Thank you Mark Hamilton …

Thank you Mark Hamilton for your help on my journey out of stagnation, to life of unlimited Growing. Your Neothink literature has helped me beyond words.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink have really helped me …

Mark Hamilton and Neothink have really helped me and many other people from a life of stagnation.

Self Leader

So many partial truths abound in society, here is a witness to pure truth..

Mark Hamilton has taught us something that was lost, something that was
usurped by those who had learned to be self leaders, those that then became
parasitical by nature…
Mark has shown the light on this subject in a dynamic form named NeoThink. His father is a man of fame, he opened our eyes to a world blocked from us for more then 1700 years, we the mass’s…
All while the Elite Royal and Self Leaders of the day became wealthy and famous upon the backs of us, the creators of things of value.
They did this not in a form of balance, but in a power of deception, by cheating those they ruled as authority.
By taking our love of our creator and using it against us by twisting and perverting the truth.. all the while we believed by faith that they had the
best for us, but then… Marks family woke us back up to the pure truth the
singular lightspeed power of pure truth and the love gift that comes with it.

Imagine how today… we would not be in this world turmoil if it were not for the power of twisting the truth for profit…
We still have time to let the truth shine, we still may have the timing it takes to derail the plans of those who cheat, and decieve.

We are being awakened from our slumber , the mass hypnosis that has held down generations before us is losing its grip, the politicians are getting very concerned that their days are numbered..
I see that one of us will take this NeoThink lead, and move us past this time of stagnation and usurping values. Mark has made this leap available to us! Christ was able to bring man to conscious, this is fact.. it took a few hundred years or so to dismantle conscious man.. by deception by consistently pushing us into what they explained as true.

We fell back into that bi-cameral state we had left behind, that auto pilot self, directed by others… even those of us who love the truth…

Its not the Money that’s the root cause, its the Love of money!

Imagine what good you can do with resources abounding, what gifts we can bring!

I fall in and out of the bi-cameral state, the state that is accompanied by denial, its a debilitative state. But now that I am aware again, I no longer
have to accept or participate, I engage, I do! I am!

Inside our being we have a soul a spirit, an energy of light! If we free it
from deception it abounds and thinks much faster then our organic mind,
It is who we are… Notice when sad, missing someone, frightened, tensions
and depression is represented in our chest areas not in our brain?
That’s the center of the spirit of truth in you, waiting for you to accept it..
waiting to set you free… the truth will set you free!

Recognize that much of the NeoThink writing is designed to put your mind through a process, many things are said in many different ways to get
back to the singular truth, to deprogram our deceptions and instilling the light of truth in its place, our truth! Absolute Genius!

Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live used to parody what Marks Dad found, it was very entertaining.
Thanks Mark! NeoThink Rocks! You have raised the bar for humanity!
Highest regards!

Mark Hamilton’s twelve vision party is the real Free Party!!

As, we live in a world filled with illusions, a miracle has come our way to free us from our shackles of slavery!! Tvp is the mighty sword cutting all illusions that have held humans from advancing in life.

Tvp has given me hope in life again!!

We can live Happy pursuing our essence, Thanks to the prime law.
The twelve vision party’s prime law : “The purpose of human life is to prosper and Live happily.”

Tvp guarantee’s this through the Prime Law : “The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

Thanks to Mark Hamilton’s Tvp we can live happy and free.

Free from corruption, free from stagnation, free from disease, free from guilt, free from altruism, free from initiatory force, and free all technology which will then make us all Rich and Free!!
Tvp is our savior!!

Thanks Mark Hamilton for saving my life !!
Thank you for teaching me how to be a self-leader creator..

Thank you for your gift to Humanity “TVP”!!

Love, Karen Quin

Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which…

My thanks and gratitude to you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society for the Wealth of knowledge I received. By reading the Neothink literature, as taught me to know the value livening.
Over the months and years since started reading the Neothink literature am truly a changed person in my life this enabled me to see my condition their is not enough words to describe my path of livening before reading the, literature , my mental attuned towards understanding may path in my life as taught me much,
Knowing this that integration is the path to honesty regardless of whom the person might be make life for me much hipper in livening ,
Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which I believe will inspire hope in and happiness in the lives of many others as this wonder full writing’s did for me .because in everything I happen to be doing I can
Do with a feeling of happiness from within yet there are many that county to live under the burden and Stagnation why is that? There is a wonder full way to know, I call your action to James J Hill a Genius of Society many years ago who was well on his way to mottling the stander of livening for order people?
Taking care of every need until he got healed down by the Movement regulation his story represent all Genus of society.

and this is Ruth TESTIMONIAL,

best regard thank you.

The Neothink society is the most powerful, dynamic, and…

I would first like to start out and say, thank you. The Neothink society is the most powerful, dynamic, and uplifting individuals ever created out of pure love and honesty for our fellow man! A while back, I was stuck in a rut we all know well as , “The Rat Race.” I had achieved what most people would call a good normal life. I have a wife, a son, a home, a decent paying job, and a car of my own. That’s called the “American Dream”. However, I always wondered if there was something else to achieve or obtain to make life happier and more fulfilling. MY RUT- Go to work, do house chores, sleep, eat, go to work, do house chores, eat, sleep, and so on….. I have what I need to get by, and occasionally go out to eat with the family and vacation once or twice a year, but that is it. My question was, “Is this all there is until we die?” I just couldn’t grasp that this is our existence on our wonderful planet. I was bored, and in that boredom, was stagnation. Depression if you will. “I have achieved all that I will achieve in my life”, I thought. I don’t have a college education, but my wife does and I saw her having the same thoughts as I did. I see friends and family both educated beyond high school and not having that same dilemma. In my boredom, I would drink on the weekends that I had off. Not doing anything more than hurting myself and wasting time. I had no optimism or goals for myself at that time. Got into a little trouble from that time in my life and received a DUI. I said, “That’s it! No More!” and the rest just came into my life as if a gift from above.
I had my license taken from me for a year and felt as though it was the perfect opportunity to learn about something (including myself) that might just save me from this rut and depression. Just after my court date and trial, a letter appeared on my door step, and low and behold it was the first letter from the Neothink Society inviting me to get the first heirloom manuscript. I am so happy that I didn’t disregard the letter as junk mail and toss it. As I read the letter I wondered, “Is this a load of Hooey, or is this really as good as it sounds?” It spoke to me as if the people in the society new exactly how I was feeling at that moment in time! I had to purchase the book!
Since purchasing the first manuscript, I bought the other two and the Pax book as well. My life has been changed dramatically!!! I am on a life’s journey to have be and do whatever my heart desires. I have a new fuel pushing me through puzzle piece after puzzle piece in my journey toward achieving my goals. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of my ambitions, but the path I am on is so wonderful and uplifting, that I can’t come down of my high for anything. I haven’t had a “BAD” day in moths!!!! I owe a debt of gratitude to Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society for helping me to find the person I am truly meant to be. The baby steps and puzzle pieces I have put together to this point are small, but I have seen some positive results from the effort. Extra money to invest and save, happier all the time, better relationships with my family and friends, more mental clarity, and more self esteem (Just to name a few.).
These manuscripts and teaching of the Society, can make anyone more than they are today. In these days and times, everyone could benefit from these books. They will make people more independent and self sufficient and give them control of there lives and not give there control to external authorities. Independence is TRUE freedom……
Which brings me to my final insight. The Twelve Visions Party is not a “Quack” scheme or “Anarchy” plot as the media and government will try to make it seem in the coming months. Instead, it will give the control and freedom back to the people to create both for themselves and for others. I have seen the light in the manuscripts as stated above, but do believe it would be even easier and could accelerate my journey and puzzle building further with less authoritive pressure and blockages. The TVP movement is all about the rights of the individual and the individual only. You would have more rights then you do now to do what you want in your life without external authorities telling us how to do it and when. That freedom would allow people to create new products, ideas, cure diseases, create pleasure, improve health, and anything else the individual desires. Whether or not one agrees doesn’t matter. This movement is to help all man kind and eventually everyone will see the light.
In closing: Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Society for all that you have given me and your efforts to make the TVP movement a success. I owe many of my recent and future achievements to this organization for giving me the secret to a happier more fulfilled life.
Brian Normandin

The process of change is often feared and misunderstood

The process of change is often feared and misunderstood, but it can lead to growth and rejuvenation. Mark Hamilton and the TVP is replacing stagnation and depression with happiness and self reliance. Which brings value to the human existence, and the next step to evolution that this world so greatly needs.
Anthony Powell Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the TVP

Dear Mark,
I know how important this is to you for us to write our testimonial about you, Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party. I am not a writer but I do have allot of feelings about life within me; and I have a hard time putting them down on paper. Here I go with my testimonial about Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the TVP.
Four to five years ago, I was first introduce to Mark Hamilton’s prime literature and the Neothink Society. Before being introduce to his prime literature and Neothink Society; I was suffering in silence stagnation of not being a creator in life. Since I was very small, I was program to be a follower of others, even if I knew it in my heart it was wrong. Mark Hamilton has taught me to be a self leader, to be honest and an integrating thinker. Mark Hamilton’s prime literature exhilarates me and has awaken the inter-child within me. Now, I am member of the 12 Visions Party and I believe in the Prime Law and what it stands for all people. With Mark Hamilton, his prime literature, Neothink Society, and the 12 Visions Party there is hope for a long healthy, weathy and happier society.
We are all looking for a long and happy life.
I am a single woman, mother, retired military and cancer survivor. I have dedicated most my life helping others. Also, Mark Hamilton has dedicated his life to make the world a better place to live thru his writings, Neothink Society and the now the 12 Visions Party. I don’t know what I would do if I had to lose all this in my life.

This is a testimonial to support a great man named Mark Hamilton

Mr. Mark Hamilton
My name is Richard Roque. I want to first say thank you. I’m sure you receive many emails and letters thanking you. I personally feel I must let you know that the literature combined with the essence meetings with you have helped me to break free from stagnation …from a dead end life.
What was my life before is no more. I have become free from external authorities at all levels.
I have been able to use the literature to help me pursue my dreams , guilelessly and effortlessly which I believe is very important, effortlessly. Once I had absorbed the literature and began applying the methods I found that I was able to break free ..not only physically but emotionally and psychologically. As I did this and applied the other methods I was able to bring my dreams into existence…I Identified that which takes up my downstream focus…and began to try and make money from it. As I developed these things I realized I was playing at life. As I went through the ” work ” I didn’t’ notice that I was working …others did. For me it was just fun.
Through all this I have developed my lesson plans for my clubhouse. I also have developed 12 essence meetings modeled after the 12 essence meetings I attended with you, which I thought was a brilliant idea. I believe that I should pass down what was important to me as well as critical info such as the prime literature – the prime law, the Twelve Visions Party.
I am becoming a new person. I must focus on my own mysticism and short comings so that I may advance, but with out the Neothink literature I would not have the opportunity to become the person I was meant to be.
I would like to send you a better dissertation but felt that I must let you know that I look forward to taking part in this historic event.
I will be contacting a clubhouse near me so that I can begin to integrate and take on an active roll in the Neothink Movement and begin my own clubhouse.
Once again,
Thank you,
Richard Roque

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