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You have personally enhanced my life

Mark Hamilton, I have not met you personally however I do know your inner most thoughts and intentions by the communication you have shared through books and literature you have shared to me and others. In many ways I feel you are more open and vulnerable than my closest friends and family members. This is due to the fact that you are direct and straightforward for the sole purpose of enhancing society’s current way of dealing with everyday stressors. You have personally enhanced my life and those I now affect around me, by helping me be more efficient so I can contribute more efficiently to those
in my inner circles. By teaching me to take the chance and use my love without all the twists & illusions that in the past came with it, I can now do more not only with close friends & relatives but I truly believe I can make my dreams come true by helping strangers and distant associates with combining all of our talents & dreams and make our lives far better than our current just getting by approach. You are free to give my E-mail address if anybody wishes me to go into detail on how you have helped me contribute in improve others way of living and my own in the past year. Thanks for caring and daring to change city hall. your friend Steve Frank

What and where would the Prime Law assist you in your local state government’s attempt to become taken over by the Federal government?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Under the Prime Law the sole purpose of government is to protect people from initiatory force. Prime Law will make state vs. federal power obsolete. Government agencies will function in unison to eliminate all initiatory force. Any individuals within government who commit initiatory force will be held accountable.

What levels of law enforcement will be needed after the Prime Law?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …The Prime Law will streamline government for the sole purpose of protecting citizens. On the national level, military and proper intelligence agencies will protect citizens. Police and full context honesty courts will protect citizens from initiatory force on the local level. Jails and prisons will also be needed for those who violate the Prime Law.

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