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The process of change is often feared and misunderstood

The process of change is often feared and misunderstood, but it can lead to growth and rejuvenation. Mark Hamilton and the TVP is replacing stagnation and depression with happiness and self reliance. Which brings value to the human existence, and the next step to evolution that this world so greatly needs.
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Towards Self Reliance and Supercivilization


I can’t thank Mark Hamilton enough for enticing me to open my eyes to a new world, one free of con artist influence, one that relies entirely on higher thinking and creativity. Finding my FNE has indeed allowed me to multiply my income and widen my sphere of friends and business associates, who by the way are also my friends. To go into all the positive attributes to this awesome Neo-Think journey would result in my writing a dissertation. But, the attraction of influential people and opportunities, not to mention the physical and financial rewards that have manifested with this new integrated thinking have made me realize that biological immortality is not only possible, it’s essential for the emergence of a supercivilization of achievers. Becoming self reliant, independently wealthy, and of strong mind and body has allowed me to create value and influence others to do the same.

My best to Mr. Hamilton on this bold journey of his. It is truly the antidote to our toxic Marxist wave of influence over a brainwashed populace, one that will not only save, but propel mankind to new levels of thinking and achievement.

January 2018
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