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The self-improvement books written by Mark Hamilton …

The self-improvement books written by Mark Hamilton including Neothink and Neothink Inside Secrets had a measurable effect on my inner understanding and growth. His books benefited me: more so than any other in my Library.

In event of a disaster where we could save only a handful of books from my library, his books are the ones that we would grab from that shelf. Why?

These books create such balance, beauty, and in context, that they have pointed the way for me to find my inner peace and passion for life, love, business and happiness. My passion that was lost, because Mark Hamilton clearly pointed the way, was found again. That is worth preserving for my children

Disentangle the Matrix of Illusions


My name is Travis Whitaker from Neptune, NJ. I’m 22 years old and I couldn’t be more confident in my true direction in life to make a powerful impact in disentangling my fellow beings from the Matrix of Illusions through Mark Hamilton’s works.

Prior to being contacted by Mark and the Neothink Society, I was “lost on the sauce.” Although I was searching for the honest way of life and the person I was meant to be, I just didn’t find what I was looking for in reading personal development/self-improvement books. A LOT of key components were left out which makes a HUGE difference in your perspective at life and human purpose. I don’t discredit what Ive read through the personal development books 100% because through reading those types of books they helped mold me with an open mindedness that I didn’t possess prior to reading them.

Through this open mindedness I was able to take, what I like to call, “open minded action” to receive what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT LITERATURE OF OUR TIME. This timeless information WILL SAVE humanity and is the driving force to our RIGHTEOUS DESTINY ON HERE EARTH….NOW!!!

I am really so THANKFUL for being apart of such an enlightened group of individuals striving to attain common goals which is for the benefit of all not just within the Neothink Society but for all human life on planet Earth.
That common goal will be accomplished with the Twelve Visions Party. I have no doubt in this movement because of the honesty for human life it reflects. As one who despises politics, I know for a fact that this party is not what were use to seeing in that spectrum of governing which makes all the difference. For the past 200 years, and even more recently, political agendas have gotten out of hand and its time to take back our country and bring the PROSPERITY that our founding fathers fought so hard and died for.

Mark thank you so much for throwing out my lifeline!! Who knows where I would’ve been mentally without reading these life advantages. At age 22 I’m find that my path will indeed make history and I will continue to be a role model for the Neothink Society and your literature.

The Matrix of Illusions leaves one in stagnation, while Mark Hamilton’s literature will free your mind to the life of Value Creation which is our righteous path to reach the Twelve Visions World

Love -> Wealth -> Peace -> Happiness

Travis V. Whitaker

January 2018
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