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I just wanted to say I am not so sure about labeling "The ruling Class" as …

I just wanted to say I am not so sure about labeling “The ruling Class” as “Parasitical Elite”. In essence they have their money the way they have their money, and So I say good for them. That part really doesn’t matter. What matters if those with money and power are improperly using power and oppressing others…that is where it is wrong. But Hey, You have 500 millions in assets, and 10 millions in the bank, good for you, just don’t misuse power and don’t oppress others.

I believe it was around 1987.

A Testimonial

I believe that the ruling-class power must be take out of the hands of our politicians. I believe that freedom and prosperity was for every human being that are born here on this earth. Throughout history humans has suffer when others creates, interprets, and executes laws upon others. But on the other hand, I believe that my apprenticeship have taught me that freedom and prosperity has soared when appointing human beings were removed from political and bureaucratic control. Which America was a prime example of this largely removal of a ruling-class of one man of people and that was the King of a foreign nation. When the American Revolutionists removed this monarch from our United States of the thirteen colonies by a written document, which was the U. S. Constitution. These thirteen colonists and this document completed the colonies

Your Neothink Literature has been both an eye and mind opening experience for me

Dear Mark,
Your Neothink Literature has been both an eye and mind opening experience for me. Until I purchased and read your literature I was upset with the direction this countries moving and feeling helpless to do anything to avoid it. Your literature has given me hope, it has given me direction and it has given me reason to move forward.

If our government were to step aside on regulations and taxation were abolished this country would flourish like never before. We don’t need a political society, a ruling class and government programs that do absolutely no good or serve no purpose for the American people. We just need a government to protect us.

Let’s go back ten (10) years and say there are no government regulations on the medical field, with no government red tape and expenses to incur and cures for natural causes of death were obtainable. Than maybe if you had lost one of your parents, spouses or siblings in that time frame, to natural causes, there would already have been a cure for them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to still have them here with us. My dad has been gone for

I will discuss later the positive effect the Neothink writings have been on my life…

I will discuss later the positive effect the Neothink writings have been on my life but, first I must get this out as to how the attack on Neothink stirs my soul and, inflames my passions. The attacks themselves are products of fear! YES FEAR! It is a very old time honored tradition which the ruling class spreads lies thru the masses via what the popular main stream media of that era. Today

The Neothink® Societies Twelve Visions Party®…
I defend and now claim my future, my families future, and my countries future, by supporting, living by, and helping to implement The Neothink® Societies Twelve Visions Party®. The Neothink® Society, through its Twelve Visions Party® will cause the conscious minds of every person who understands the real and honest objectives of The Neothink® Society, to “nullify religious-and-political dishonesties, irrationalities, and criminalities of the past, present and future while unfolding a business/science/art civilization here on earth.”* Our countries’ and most other political systems, world wide, are approaching chaos. A new, honest, and effective, reality based approach is needed. The Neothink® Societies, Twelve Visions Party® is the only achievable way myself, my family, my country and eventually the entire world can progress out of the present quagmire we are in. Obviously the current system is not working.
It is important to remember what history has already taught us; “freedom and prosperity throughout history suffered when man created, interpreted, and executed the law. On the other hand, freedom and prosperity throughout history soared when man was removed from the political and bureaucratic controls. Our own country soared when we largely removed the rule of man (ie., removed a monarch with our U.S. Constitution).
A new “grassroots political party has begun with the sole objective to remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing law in order to make all people wealthy, including the poor. The name of this new political party that removes man from governing – removes the corrupt ruling class – is the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP®).
Politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats – flaw-filled creatures – controlling our laws have caused the steady erosion of our beloved freedom and prosperity.”* The only way myself and my country as a whole can rise above the current, unsustainable and worsening situation, politically, financially, and socially, is to do something different, based on reality, and not on someone else’s (political or religious leaders) feelings or doctrines. The Neothink® Society has taught me that each individual is solely responsible for his or her own life. No automatic, effortless route to knowledge or guidance exists. The Twelve Visions Party® is our countries last and best chance.
“The Twelve Visions Party® will permanently remove flaw-filled man from subjectively creating, interpreting, and executing agenda-law and ego-justice. Law and justice will now adhere to protection only – the one and only proper purpose of government. No longer will flaw-filled politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats control our laws.
The result of removing flaw-filled man from controlling a government on the offense will be universal wealth, health, and peace.
This scenario is not a hypothesis; prosperity explosions have occurred among civilizations throughout history by removing flaw-filled man from the controls of government, removing agenda-law, ego-justice and political-policy regulations and law enforcement. In fact, our country is one example of such an evolutionary leap from a man controlled monarchy to the nearly flawless law-controlled republic. Of course, a great prosperity-explosion followed the creation of our country.”* • *Copyright Mark Hamilton Therefore to improve my life, my families life, and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party® arm of The Neothink® Society is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change… • Our country and the world, as a whole, are heading in the wrong direction. The human race today is under threat of • (1) a global debt liquidation, • (2) losing the world war against terrorism, and • (3) possible physical extinction… Will today’s Earthlings discover in time their conscious-mind nature to liberate themselves from today’s self-destruct, political/religious anticivilization ? Will they discover their conscious nature as that of competitive value creators who benefit every conscious life, everywhere ? Will they liberate themselves by unleashing the business/science/art dynamics needed to achieve ever-increasing prosperity, non-aging health, and never-ending beauty ? * • The Neothink® Society is attempting to answer these questions and The Twelve Visions Party® is the actual vehicle to implement many imperative societal improvements, necessary for a better world.
• I recognize this and myself and most other Neothink® Society members are now actively working towards achieving such honest, peaceful, positive, reality based change, without any bogus “assistance” from any outside, “external” authority, political, religious, or any other. The logic, and rational of The Neothink® Society is obvious and the concept and techniques have already assisted me in improving my life immensely since before I read the honest, eye opening literature. Don’t let anyone tell you what they “think” or “have been told” the literature says or does not say, read it for yourself and decide. The results, when implemented by society, will be irrefutable. Let’s make the world a better place together now, before it’s too late !

Mark Hamilton and Family, The Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party has meant the world, and beyond to me and mine. I’ve received psychological freedoms as a direct result of the integrated-honesty, based, literature that whirls throughout my mind, cross-referencing with my existing schema, as everything takes on a new light; I feel as though a veil has been lifted and I’m finally seeing through much of the illusion-based information in yesterday’s and today’s world.
In closing, I’d like to mention that the upcoming Twelve Visions Party will be the Party to end the ruling-class and make everyone rich, including the poor.
Thank You, Mark!!!
Gene K. Wheeler

What Mark Hamilton means to me

to Mark Hamilton am happy to talk about multigenerational manuscripts and twelve vision party what mean to my life and my family what MARK HAMILTON learn me love the life. create the value live smart health .safe rich take responsibility for my own life and deeply appreciated life and all this mean self leader.
i discover the illusion of ruling class of lazy ,dishonest ruler and leader. What Mark Hamilton means to me he open my mind i am lucky to meet this man and more glad he became my mentor, he earned my eternal respect.
Y. K

Let this become the GREAT AWAKENING that Mark Hamilton…

It is so important for the American people to build upon the whiff of freedom that Mark Hamilton is releasing into the American awareness. There is a slow awakening shown by the Tea Party and others who love freedom that America is being co-opted by parasites who curry favor by offering goodies to the public with no visible means of payment. The payment the political parasites seek for themselves is POWER. Let this become the GREAT AWAKENING that Mark Hamilton and all of his supporters bring to America’s consciousness – that freedom and prosperity do live and do very well indeed without the political ruling class of studied deceit!
John M

The Neothink society is no small time organization…

My name is Armando Vega, a proud Neothink member who has learned many valuable concepts that I could never learn in the ruling class society I live in. I have learned how to be an integrated thinker and an everyday value producer. This in addition to one day becoming a value creator which will enable me to finally fulfill my essence and the role of consciousness.
The Neothink society is no small time organization which looks to deceive people, quite the contrary it is the answer to problems in our civilization as we know it. To make business the fountainhead of all solutions and eliminate dishonest political market businessmen who continue to extract values from the value creators of the world. My benefit is in my new found way of integrated thinking to become a problem solver and create values for society as opposed to creating problems where none exist.
The TVP party will change this country and help make everyone including the poor wealthy. The cheaters of society are concerned about the movement because it threatens their way of being. A new world is upon us a place where geniuses can be freed from regulations and restrictions which for example, prevent the medical profession from making major scientific breakthroughs. We are approaching a time where the world needs change and prosperity for all people not just the select few. I know that the TVP will be the only party capable of making this dream of prosperity for all a reality.
As I have mentioned in my previous testimony I am a better person and truly complete with my integrated way of thinking. My ability to see through illusions is a skill I have developed thanks to the Neothink literature and clubhouse meetings I have attended. My desire is to continue learning more and fulfilling my potential as a value creator who can create more values for society. To prosper and teach others the Neothink way and hopefully in time the TVP movement will become the political party of choice. Those who want to take down the TVP and Neothink are fearful of the truth and are desperately trying to stop a train with lots of momentum. Long live Neothink and the TVP!

With the Twelve Visions Party there is an opportunity…

My livelihood had just been destroyed by a politically driven businessman when I received the multi-generational manuscripts from Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society. I had a thriving business for over 5 years, until my landlord chose not to renew my property lease. I was forced to relocate the business just a few blocks away, and the numbers have never been as successful. When flaw-filled man gets out of the way, all of us can prosper and live happily. I have wanted to run for a public office, but, chose not to because of the corruption. With the Twelve Visions Party there is an opportunity for a protective government to do their job, as opposed to hurting the people of the country. Today when citizens speak up for the “rightness” they can be silenced. Mark Hamilton and his family deserve the right to be honestly heard, and to gather more citizens who want to bring wealth, health, and peace to all. The Twelve Visions Party is a way of life that is solid with no ruling class living off of the citizens. I might still be crying over my lost business, instead, I am working to bring about a better country, and re-build my business. I thank Mark Hamilton for the Self-Leader System, that has helped me realize, that in spite of what life sends my way, I need to be, and can be 100% responsible. I do not have it all together yet, but, I will, and I want to help others learn about this loving movement.
Jill R

January 2018
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