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Your Neothink Literature has been both an eye and mind opening experience for me

Dear Mark,
Your Neothink Literature has been both an eye and mind opening experience for me. Until I purchased and read your literature I was upset with the direction this countries moving and feeling helpless to do anything to avoid it. Your literature has given me hope, it has given me direction and it has given me reason to move forward.

If our government were to step aside on regulations and taxation were abolished this country would flourish like never before. We don’t need a political society, a ruling class and government programs that do absolutely no good or serve no purpose for the American people. We just need a government to protect us.

Let’s go back ten (10) years and say there are no government regulations on the medical field, with no government red tape and expenses to incur and cures for natural causes of death were obtainable. Than maybe if you had lost one of your parents, spouses or siblings in that time frame, to natural causes, there would already have been a cure for them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to still have them here with us. My dad has been gone for


Mark Hamilton is here at the right time for the issues we are facing today.  People are struggling to make ends meet as never before.  There is so much stress in the world that people cannot see clearly what can be the best thing that comes their way.  Mark Hamilton can de-stress society with the 12 Visions Party.  This 12 Visions Party stresses Health, Wealth, and Security for the American people.   People of America will learn to love and laugh again and enjoy their lives.  They can have the job they’ve always wanted and be able to accomplish what their dreams in life are.  People will value human life more than money.
I see Mark Hamilton as a person who will bring that Hope to America by his patience, persistence, and his well-preparedness.  His desire is to see everyone wealthy, including the poor and homeless.  I am starting to see that hope in my own life as I see a new window of opportunity awaiting me on my path of wealth.  I do not have to be blinded by my limitations.  Mark Hamilton can cut through the red tape of bureaucracy so that others can have the same opportunities.  He is not seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.  He understands that there are obstacles and he can overcome them.
He also focuses on Education and Health by cutting through the symptoms and getting to the causes of the problems.  I am learning new things every day and feel I can get somewhere in life if I apply what I have learned.  Then I can be the person I was meant to be.  Who is the best person to be in office?  Mark Hamilton.
Kathy J.

January 2018
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