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The creation of the Twelve Visions Party will eradicate the rule of…

The creation of the Twelve Visions Party will eradicate the rule of flaw-filled man and replace it with the Prime Law.

My Testimonial

My apprenticeship had taught me that the Twelve Visions Party envision a profoundly free, wealthy, healthy, and safety society that is protected by rules of flawless laws. I strongly believe that the more successful the American people remove the American politicians and law makers from making, interpreting and executing laws the freer, the wealthier, and the healthier that our people and nation will becomes. In 1215 A. D. the Europeans Magna Carta had begun a trend that restricted the rule of man which had made a prosperity climb for the European people which was for better living conditioning. In 1787 A. D. the American colonies crafted up a document, which was the United States Constitution of the thirteen original American colonies that restricted the rule of man from a foreign nation so they can enjoy an Unitarian prosperity in their new world and from a old world of tyranny, which this brought the majority of Americans to join a middle class static of this country. Which to me there was neither an upper nor a lower class group of people only a middle class. I believe that of the success of the Twelve Visions Party and this coming Amendment to our U. S. Constitution of the Prime Law that man will be completely remove from the man rule over others or from rule of man. This would make all of the people back to that one class of people, including the poor. It is an American author that dramatically advances another evolutionary period for the American people from the rule of man with his Prime Literature of the Prime Law, which Mark Hamilton

Without the Prime Law as an added Amendment to our U. S. Constitution…

Without the Prime Law as an added Amendment to our U. S. Constitution I believe that every American man, woman, and child would still end up vulnerable to the resurgence of so called powerful rules of another man or human being. Meaning that our government will steadily keep growing beyond its only one purpose and that is the purpose of protection only of the American people.

As an apprentice of Mark Hamilton I believe instead of governments becoming eventually ruling classes of parasitical elites. They should become a protection service provider only and a very accredited business corporation. But as an apprentice of the author Mark Hamilton, a Neothinker, and a member of the Twelve Visions Party I strongly trust with total honesty that my colleagues and I are focusing our abet on the Prime literatures of Mark Hamilton.

I believe that our government is steadily growing beyond its one and only proper purpose, which is supposed to be protection only. I believe instead it becoming a government of protection. It is becoming and always been a government of eventually of a ruling class of parasitical elites. From my understanding of the U. S. President focus and proper role is that he is the Command-in-Chief of the military and of Homeland Security and not of this country’s economy that suppose to be to me left to conscious individuals that why we appoint member of Congress which to me. They all should be replace with the Prime Law Amendment or with the solar eclipse program.

With The Prime Law and its Premises if applied and used as a microscope…

With The Prime Law and its Premises if applied and used as a microscope in all human relationships and endures outcomes will not only be peaceful and productive in everyway imaginable but also beneficial

The power of Neothink removes psychological endgames between…

The power of Neothink removes psychological endgames between foster families, extended families and the entire household, and it unites all families with the concepts of love.

In today


When I received my invitation letter to join the NEOTHINK Society, I knew I was about to embark in a journey that would change my life. Reading the secret information from Mark Hamilton’s heavily guarded literature really opened my eyes. Now, I am walking through life with thousands of years old of the Society’s Secrets and Visions. I am able to see through daily illusions to what is, see the future, start my own company, diet down to the body I want, focus downstream, create my own life, apply top marketing secrets that every marketers want, build super puzzles, and much more. I fear nothing. Now that I am illuminated, I am grateful for everything Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have done for me.

I am forever grateful for the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) that Mark Hamilton created, to depoliticize America and the rest of the world in order to bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Safety on earth through an indestructible protection law for humanity: The PRIME LAW.

With the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) president in the White House and the PRIME LAW in place; we will be living in the TWELVE VISIONS WORLD, A totally different Civilization. Wow!!!

Then and on, never again will there be War, Poverty, Malady, Hatred, Crime, Aging, Terrorism, Nuclear menaces, illusions, Politics, Inequality, Mysticism, and Silent Frustrations.

Integrated honesty will prevail. And the world will be at peace.

Looking at America among all Nations on Planet earth, it looks clear that it is a Nation where all good things are coming from. It is a blessed piece of land.


Thank you immensely, Mr. Mark Hamilton, to caring for humanity. It is a moral responsibility to opening the NEOTHINK Society and its TWELVE VISIONS PARTY to the world. Now, all human beings: The Highest Values of the Universe will be able to live a creation driven life.


Mark Hamilton’s twelve vision party is the real Free Party!!

As, we live in a world filled with illusions, a miracle has come our way to free us from our shackles of slavery!! Tvp is the mighty sword cutting all illusions that have held humans from advancing in life.

Tvp has given me hope in life again!!

We can live Happy pursuing our essence, Thanks to the prime law.
The twelve vision party’s prime law : “The purpose of human life is to prosper and Live happily.”

Tvp guarantee’s this through the Prime Law : “The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

Thanks to Mark Hamilton’s Tvp we can live happy and free.

Free from corruption, free from stagnation, free from disease, free from guilt, free from altruism, free from initiatory force, and free all technology which will then make us all Rich and Free!!
Tvp is our savior!!

Thanks Mark Hamilton for saving my life !!
Thank you for teaching me how to be a self-leader creator..

Thank you for your gift to Humanity “TVP”!!

Love, Karen Quin

How can the Twelve Visions Party make all the people RICH?
The simple act of protection.
When the Twelve Visions Party President moves into the White House he or she will do exactly that.
By creating a Protection Only Budget, finances will be stabilized and improve rapidly.

By Amending The Prime Law to our U.S. Constitution, forced taxes will no longer exist or be needed.

By Protecting each individual and their value creations, the economy will soar to new heights and prices will drop to new lows.

By deregulating every industry, and eliminating arbitrary and needless laws which restrict progress and have nothing to do with protecting the business or the consumer, business will expand, jobs will once again be plentiful, investment money will be available without excessive interest, and the people will thrive.

By ending the Rule of Man and allowing the Prime Law of no initiatory force to Rule Man, it will naturally bring about Launching the Wealth of Mankind.

Can a simple Law make all the
people Rich?

When you understand it, you will have total certainty, as I do, that, yes, indeed it definitely will.
It will bring
Wealth, exceptional good Health, and Peace into all our lives.
So, What are we waiting for America?
I am sick and tired of being Poor, as I am sure you are also.

Vote in a TVP President in 2012 so we can all be Rich and Happy as we were meant to be.

Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
For the past three and a half years my life has been filled with excitement and purpose.
Up until three and a half years ago I was stuck in my routine rut of lifeless complacency, with no real hope for a fulfilling life of prosperity and happiness.
Mark Hamilton I want to thank you for your life-saving Prime Literature. This literature has given me the tools and the knowledge that has already changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends in wonderful and amazing ways.
I have learned so much from you Mark Hamilton and your priceless Prime Literature. I have become associated with other like-minded individuals with-in the Neothink Society and they have helped me to integrate and glean even more personal benefits in this environment. I have become aware of my true value to society and to the world.
Together we are all supporting the visions of Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party. We look forward, with anticipation the life-enhancing principals of moving mankind to live more abundantly with improved health, peace, freedoms and happiness.
I sometimes wonder what would have happened to me and many others, if we had never heard of Mark Hamilton or had the privilege of reading his Prime literature. This information is so life-changing and powerful that each multigenerational manuscript deserves to be continually read over and over again and again. This priceless material needs to be integrated and learned by everyone who wants life advantages in their lives.
I shudder to think of how my life could have been such a waste of time for a valuable conscious human being like myself. Thankfully, my life now has value, purpose, direction, romance and excitement. My hope of the future is now based on the sound moral and ethical principles of the Prime Law of Protection which the Twelve Visions Party intends to have added to the Constitution. The country will be blessed and prosper like never before. Without the Prime Law, the T.V.P., Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society moving humanity into its’ next logical evolutionary step; mankind will be doomed to certain annihilation and possible extinction.
I would encourage others and plead with them to support Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Prime Law and The Neothink Society by directing them to go to and see for themselves.

With my eternal gratitude, love and respect,
Raymond Desmarais

Thank you Mark Hamilton

Thank you Mark Hamilton
The day I received your book the Neothink Discovery and opened it, I opened my heart and mind to the Neothink Society.
The power of Neothink is so real,I have never had such wonderful feelings like that, It went through my whole body I had to sit down, It was wonderful, fantastic and I loved it. This is what I had been searching for, Thank you. Neothink has changed my life to became a better person and learning more and more every day, I am moving in direction of living the life I was meant live.
When reading the Neothink literature you know it is true because we are reading about ourselves, What the Government is doing to us is not right All Master Neocheaters (GOV) must be stopped they are hurting people all around the world who trying to live a normal life are losing
their jobs. Business people are closing down or moving to other countrys even over seas. With out our business we are lost.
Mark Hamilton and his Twevle Vision Party, the voice of honesty with the Universal Law (The Prime Law) must not be stopped.
Only through depoliticizing America will ordinary people be able to live the life they were ment to live.
TVP is introducing the Prime Law, The Prime Law is to Goven us not the other way round,The Prime Law is what it is: No Initiatory Force.
TVP will stop Goverment telling us what to and how to spend our money and how to live his life.
Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society with his Twelve Vision Party have their way and means to turn U.S. around and once again make their country a World Leader.
David E

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