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Mr. Hamilton's Neothink literature refines one for the realities of life …

Mr. Hamilton’s Neothink literature refines one for the realities of life and trains your habits and skills of what successful people use.

My personal life and business life has changed for the better.

When I first became an apprentice, Mark Hamilton as a mentor and leader …

When I first became an apprentice, Mark Hamilton as a mentor and leader each and every week, was very instrumental in mentoring me in addition to reading the Neothink heirlooms; The Neothink Inside Secrets, but most importantly reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets had made a profound difference not only in my personal life, but at the time I was reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets my daughter now nine years old was just about two years old, at which time I implemented what I was reading at the time into the upbringing of my daughter.

Greeting Mark Hamilton

Greeting Mark Hamilton
I feel gratitude for what Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society Literature has done for my personal life and Business, I Deeply appreciate it.this Literature is very powerful life changes. I discover the power with in. And learn to integrate. Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party Is helping all the people in this word to have the life they mean to live.
Julio G
A Neothink man

By applying the things I learned and gained led to a new world…


First, I would like to thank F.R.W. , Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, (The 12),and the Neothink Society, for building the bridge for all humanity.  This bridge is for all mankind to crossover, to where all of humanity should be, and eventually will be, in the future. This being a psychological bridge, that offers again all of mankind a new way of thinking.

My personal journey started in 2002, with the first letter I received in the mail, like everyone else in the Society I was searching.  Searching for the person I was meant to be, what I gained from the letters, and the multigenerational books led to and is leading to knowledge, that is truly mind blowing.

The most profound aspect I gained from this knowledge was the hoax of the god concept, ( I already had doubts) with that false concept behind me, I started the journey of a lifetime. Gaining control, and becoming the authority in my own life; opened a new world for me, automatically making me, become a better person, and putting me on the path of becoming the
person I was meant to be. This gained knowledge led to my FNE, highlighted the neocheaters, how they operated, and who they are. The things I learned was and is very valuable, with the aid of the multigenerational books, I learned there steps a person can take to assist him or her in every aspect of their life.

When those steps are put into practice, the results are a much better life with focus and purpose for instance in your personal life, your diet, your relationships, personal and social, your job, and work, with the steps and methods your job becomes not only less boring or not boring at all but much more profitable. We know there are myriads of other steps and methods.

By applying the things I learned and gained led to a new world, not only from the outside, but first and foremost from the inside, best of all we create our own road map to take us any where we want to go in that new world. That new world is what all of mankind needs, but is not ready for yet, but eventually they will be there. All love to the Society.

Roy Metcalf

Over the past few months I have used Neothink on my job


Over the past few months I have used Neothink on my  job. I have only worked for this company for a short time and was able to turn a crew that had lost money on the books into a crew that was turning a profit in a short time. I want to thank Neothink for the tools I have been given, I see that this information is priceless. Like any tool if you leave them in the shed and don’t use them, they will rust and be no good to you. I am trying to use the Neothink information in my personal life as well, as I am faced with the challenge of putting my life back together after a divorce. I know now that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to using the Neothink tools I have been given.

Thank You
Bryan Kent Shaak

The Twelve Visions Party is the only party that is really…

I have been a member of Neothink for about two years. Since I have joined Neothink my personal life at home has been taking an upward swing in a positive direction. Through my associations with other people that I have met by being a member, my personal and financial situation outside the home is on an upward direction as well. The literature I have been exposed to has been life changing and the journey so far has been an exciting experience. I have been looking for something for many years and feel I have finally found what I have been looking for. Some people on the outside may not see these things right away. If they were to just open up a little bit they would see what can be obtained from being a part of this.
The Twelve Visions Party is the only party that is really trying to put something in place that will cause this country to get back to what our founding fathers wanted. Other political parties claim they want to do that but none of them will put anything into writing to state how they will go about it. That to me is the first step for a party that is serious about making such changes. The way politics has been run is to tell the people what they want to hear then do whatever you want once elected. With something put in writing a party would have to adhere to what they say, or have a very good reason to change, and then make a strong case for that change.
Keep up the excellent work. The more people that are exposed to this the more they will see the direction this is going and that it is the right direction.
Thank you for the positive trend you and your Neothink Society, and the associations there from, have put into my life.
Kevin T
Neothink Member

Mark Hamilton’s writings, it takes personal responsibility…

I personally don’t Know Mark Hamilton, however, I have read extensively most of his literature, and I have only read wisdom and a deep understanding of humanity in his writings. He is a visionary whose primary focus is the well being of humanity. I wish there were more Mark Hamiltons in the world maybe then planet earth would be a much more peaceful place. I have also learn through Mark Hamilton’s writings that it takes personal responsibility to make the necessary changes in my own personal life which then can be reflected in the world. Sometimes it is easier to find a scapegoat than to face reality. And for those of you who are easily persuaded by the media slogans I will ask you to fist go the source and then make a fair judgment.
Paola A

Looking forward to my 70’s!

Mark Hamilton and his writings have changed my life! I have an amazing hope now for our future! His writings are coming to life, not just within my own personal life, but within our political structure as well, specifically with his creation of The Twelve Visions Party. “Make all the people rich, including the poor!” This is the 3rd party’s platform, soon to be “The” Party! It is an honor to be among those that are helping to make our world a better place. It has always been my quest and I now have the opportunity to become a part of this living story of Mark Hamilton. I am almost 50 and am looking forward to my 70’s! Wealth, Health and Peace is the promise! These are truly exciting times!

Mark Hamilton mentoring

In about seven months, I have learn more about creating values for myself and others through Mark Hamilton mentoring and literature than many, many years of searching. Ask yourself this questions: as a child do you remember those beautiful dreams to be some one who who will be creating values for yourself and society? To be great? To find your essence in life and to find who you were meant to be in this life? That is what I have learned with Mr. Hamilton and I have yet a lot to learn in order to be useful to myself and others and to be happy in my life. He also has sparkle a light in my personal life to be motivated in whatever I do. I have found truth love and honesty, something that is hard to find in today’s world. I tank you Mr. Hamilton for taking your precious time for helping us to be creative, happy and to help us to have compassion and love for humanity like you do. We love you Mr. Hamilton and we love our Neothink organization. Marco R

Mark Hamilton and the Future

This idea keeps coming up in my mind: Honest leadership is really all about inspiring others with a vision of how things could be, and building that vision so that others can FEEL the emotions of that vision and can see how that vision can come true.
Mark Hamilton has done this with his multigenerational manuscripts. Interwoven with the vision and the context that demonstrates how the vision will almost certainly come to pass, there are personal advantages that can be used immediately by any reader.
The more I think about it, the more of a genius Mark Hamilton appears to me. How do you motivate people to educate themselves about wide sweeping political ideologies? You interweave that education with tools to help anyone here and now to create the personal life they dream of living – and show how this personal life connects up with the larger vision.
I have already started using this principle in my own marketing – providing immediate life-lifting values, while at the same time providing a step into the larger vision of a future worth creating. My customers win in three ways – by gaining immediate advantages, by seeing the larger vision they are able to plan their own value creations into the future increasing their long range profitability, and by accelerating the scrubbing action that will clean sweep this world in the next few years – bring life lifting values to everyone.
It is hard to imagine the incredible GOODNESS of what Mark Hamilton has created with the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink® Society. Everyone who gets involved now will be ahead of the game as things continue to unfold. Everyone that gets involved gains immediate advantages that accelerate the expansion.
When I see more and more people picking up and running with the Vision that Mark Hamilton has set before us, I can see the future unfolding before my eyes. It really is unavoidable. Whether or not you step up, your life will be wonderfully benefited by Mark Hamilton, The Neothink® Society, and The Twelve Visions Party.
Yon Cole

January 2018
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