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Greetings and Felicitations Mark

In the past 6 months I have gone through the three manuscripts and the Pax Neothink literature.

Thank You

I would like to thank MARK HAMILTON for giving me the chances to be part of neothink. The more I read the better I feel I have leaned so must that I never would have believe. My hold life I have been looking for something special and thank to Mark Hamilton and neothink I have it. Reading the multigenerational manuscripts and pax I have found what is special life the way we were meant to live. Thank you so very much MARK HAMILTON

Thank You Again!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You again Master Hamilton for haveing confidence in my abilitys and talents and leadership capabilitys.
Thank you for inviting me years ago to the Neothink society, Pax-Neothink the 12 Visions Party and of course the
Neothink Warriors!!! You prove to me that I have talents, Value Creation and no age bias as the Anticivilized world has. I can hardley wait for the Depolitization of America, the world and all peoples even the poor and aged
to be rich, happy and useful to society.

Dail Thanks to Master Hamilton

Since I was approached over 2 years ago from Mark Hamilton to join the Neothink Society I thank Him Daily for his honest truthful helpful Heirloom packages/books such as neothink tech Society, The Neothink Discovery, Neothink Miss Annabelle’s Secrets and of course Pax- Neothink. Also for establishing the A teams, Club houses, Twelve Visions Party National Party and thru this each state in the Union and the territories the Twelve Visions Party state affiliates party.
Real soon we the people shall see the Visions coming true and the depolictizeing of America at all levels, state and Federal and the Prime Law being included in the Constitution. Then with honest, integrated, business’s with value creative creation. Everyone rich even the Poor. I am honored and proud to be part of the puzzle and other opportunities that Master Hamilton has invited me to join.
S.W.(Mike) Cramer 3rd
Neothink Society
12 Visions Party (CA)
Neothink Warriors (Team Delta)
Neothink Business Alliance

Mark Hamilton is not a monster he is a…


I have learned so much form reading the three heirloom book and the Pax book as well. All of it makes more sense then going against my own nature and doing things that did not make me happy. No I did not turn into a millionaire yet but I am working my way there and I do not want to be in a routine rut all of me life I started writing my first book and I am working on getting patterns for my inventions. I realized that a title means nothing and your not able to control someone else’s intake or reaction to a situation. Biological immortality is absolutely possible only if there in more of a drive for it from the public I also learned that the pieces of the puzzles do fit together as long as you work on them. Minnie days are efficient and I use the life chart on the first day of every month. I have a abundance of useful knowledge from reading these book and I highly recommend the lessons in them to everyone Mark Hamilton is not a monster he is a eye opener asking you not to glance at the world around you but to inspect it and find everything that you will ever need from within it especially yourself. He talks about Friday night essences really and truly looking into yourself in order to find what your good at. Then creating something out of it instead of being a producer for the rest of your life reaching the end and wishing you had done something different really grabbed on and followed your dreams.

Mark Hamilton


Mark Hamilton,

I have very much enjoyed reading the Neothink Society literature I have received – the Manuscripts and the latest Pax NT literature. I have found a sense of calm and independence knowing that there are options other than the government status quo to believe in and fight for.  Last I checked this is a free country and we are supposed to be able to believe in and live for what we think is right in our own minds without government oversight provided that the law is not broken.  The simple fact that the government and media is trying to shut this down is a crime in and of itself.  My respect and good wishes in the fight to keep Neothink alive and well.

Anissa W

Last November I received a letter from Neothink society


Last November I received a letter from Neothink society. It was fascinating ! I felt that at last it’s here. I started looking forward to hearing from this wonderful group of people. I’ve saved all of the letters and even the envelopes. I realized that the profound information, (The Heirlooms, the book, Pax NT and Cd’s on the laws of attraction) are all tools to freeing myself from bondage. Mark Hamilton has an exceptional natural capacity for creative original conceptions, a super genius! I have an over flowing feeling of appreciation and gratitude towards being a member of Neothink Society. I’m an apprentice and Mark Hamilton is a person that I truly listen to. He is empowering and I want to learn more. To look through the appearances to the essence of what is, Is very powerful almost magical and this is only one thing that I’ve learned there’s so much more to know and experience. Honesty is something I think about now more than ever. It starts from within myself. I feel that there’s a New World emerging into our very existence and the Twelve Visions Party and what it stands for is the key. Yes! the key! Anew way of thinking. This is something that most all of us truly want. Just imagine, beauty arising everywhere and in all forms, a world full of super conscious beings. A world becoming what it is truly meant to be. (TVP,PN-T)                         Mark Hamilton, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!          Sincerely, Gina C

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