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Since I have read Mark Hamilton’s books…

My name is Andrea, I am from Iowa.
I want to thank to Neothink for opening my eyes to a new knowledge and a new meaning of life.
Since I have read Mark Hamilton’s books and other publications from the society my life have changed remarkably for the good.
I respect myself more, I respect others more, I have more hope for the future of this world.
Changes are feared but sometimes are necessary. Our founding fathers were probably cataloged as crazy or evil… but look what they have accomplished.
We, the Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party members, are going to be labeled as crazy and evil too,… very soon.
But let me tell you, from the bottom of my heart, that the changes that are coming are necessary and they are going to take place. These changes are going to bless humanity…
This final line is for you,… the reader of this testimony:
You will enjoy the results of those changes too and you, just like me, will feel grateful for them.
Receive my love,
Andrea (Iowa)

What is the Twelve Visions Party?

TVP Emblem What is the Twelve Visions Party?

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