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These are trying times in the lives of many people …

Dear Mark,

These are trying times in the lives of many people, not only in the United States but around the world.

Now more than ever humanity needs to embrace the ideas of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society.

As a member myself I have grown to new heights feeling more confident in my own ability to get to the essence of things.

Before Neothink I thought I was alone in not excepting the way God is pushed upon young minds as faith through fear of eternal damnation.

It is only freedom from mysticism that can catapult reality into the future and free man from the disease of religion.

But this is only one aspect in a multifaceted package of Neothinking manuscripts written to unlock the person you were meant to be.

I will always be wondrously great full.

Your friend,

Jonathan O

Mark, My name is Joel D, and I would like to thank you for just believing …

To Mark Hamilton,

Mark, My name is Joel D, and I would like to thank you for just believing in a civilized world where people have individual rights and are not diminished by peer pressures and the usage of the minimizing properties of mysticism.

I still have a lot to learn myself, and at this time, I don’t feel comfortable with being a “teacher” or an expert within Neothink.

I am grateful of the value I received from Mark Hamilton's Neothink literature …

I am grateful of the value I received from Mark Hamilton’s Neothink literature and Neothink Society, as the knowledge gained from them can help the average person like myself with valuable life advantages that most people don’t know about and free their mind of mysticism and irrationality that one is exposed to all their lives.

But what is more exciting and important to me about Neothink is the establishment of the Twelve Visions Party because its success of getting into White House, in as early as 2012, can help provide all the people with true, unconditional freedom, pay no taxes, allow businesses in all industries and geniuses to create new and better technology, enabling all the people to buy goods and services at fractions of their costs today, the two most important of which are each individual’s health and each individual’s protection against initiation or threat of force, or fraud, using new military, police, and medical technology, to only serve one purpose:

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink literature has awakened and enlightened me to…

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink literature has awakened and enlightened me to Mysticism, the disease of the mind-brain and to the ten-second Miracle which cures it. This has changed my life in a very profound way.

John E. F

Mark Hamilton, his Twelve Visions Party and his Neothink Society have clearly changed my life

Mark Hamilton, his Twelve Visions Party and his Neothink Society have clearly changed my life. Of this, I am totally sure.
I received my first manuscript in 2007. Since then, I gained confidence in myself as never before, and dared to dream big and to start doing things which I have only dreamt about. Before his touch in my life, I was idle and stagnant. Having lived and going to the most difficult years of my entire life, that are these last three and a half years of my life (since my father got sicker and died), I view hindsight and conclude that without the psychological and life changing support of the Neothink mentality that Mark Hamilton have created for the entire planet, I would have suffered a lot more. Neothink eased some of my troubles and for that I am very grateful to him and to his Neothink Society.
Mark Hamilton´s Neothink offered me the possibility of rescuing me of the mysticism I was following and living like a fanatic. He rescued my mind and that is so far the greatest benefit I have received from him. In doing so, he also rescued my destiny. He put me on my way to a better, happier, fulfilled and successful life. I do want more of life. I want to live with passion. I know I have been tested and that I am being tested, but the readings of the three manuscripts that I have received from Mark Hamilton have sowed in me the seeds of happiness, success and physical inmortal life. I do know that some day I will bring results, great results because of my relation with the Neothink Society.
The Twelve Visions Party is our way out as citizens of the planet to live using our value creations and all of our mind´s potentials, to reach the Civilization of the Universe, from where all knowledge is bestowed upon us.
Forerunners, visionaries, and extremely intelligent people are always put under attack. Einstein quoted that great minds have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Mark Hamilton is not the exception. I think he is a genius. He is a very capable man, which has prepared himself to become the next President of his country, the United States of America, probably as no other American citizen has done before. I do respect all former and previous American Presidents. I don´t mean to offend anybody with my previous remark. I only add that talking about these matters sometimes gets me very emotional.
Nobody can´t stop the good the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society will do for mankind. And Mark Hamilton is the well proven sign that we as human beings will be living a different life as soon as Mark Hamilton takes office and starts implementing his plans. Everything will change for the better thereafter. Of that, I can bet.
My thumbs up for you Mark Hamilton for all the good you have done so far to people like me and for all the coming good you will do for more people, whether they are your fellow American citizens or any foreigner as I am.
Arturo Moreno S

This is a testimonial to support a great man named Mark Hamilton

Mr. Mark Hamilton
My name is Richard Roque. I want to first say thank you. I’m sure you receive many emails and letters thanking you. I personally feel I must let you know that the literature combined with the essence meetings with you have helped me to break free from stagnation …from a dead end life.
What was my life before is no more. I have become free from external authorities at all levels.
I have been able to use the literature to help me pursue my dreams , guilelessly and effortlessly which I believe is very important, effortlessly. Once I had absorbed the literature and began applying the methods I found that I was able to break free ..not only physically but emotionally and psychologically. As I did this and applied the other methods I was able to bring my dreams into existence…I Identified that which takes up my downstream focus…and began to try and make money from it. As I developed these things I realized I was playing at life. As I went through the ” work ” I didn’t’ notice that I was working …others did. For me it was just fun.
Through all this I have developed my lesson plans for my clubhouse. I also have developed 12 essence meetings modeled after the 12 essence meetings I attended with you, which I thought was a brilliant idea. I believe that I should pass down what was important to me as well as critical info such as the prime literature – the prime law, the Twelve Visions Party.
I am becoming a new person. I must focus on my own mysticism and short comings so that I may advance, but with out the Neothink literature I would not have the opportunity to become the person I was meant to be.
I would like to send you a better dissertation but felt that I must let you know that I look forward to taking part in this historic event.
I will be contacting a clubhouse near me so that I can begin to integrate and take on an active roll in the Neothink Movement and begin my own clubhouse.
Once again,
Thank you,
Richard Roque

Mark Hamilton’s Neothink is the future

Neothink is the future, Neothink beats every obstacle that exists on this earth, Neothink if persevered with sheer discipline and can lead anybody anywhere they want to go , I am Almas Nambabi an African born from the poor of the poor from a country that has a past of colonialism and the most racist system in the world ” Apartheid” until i discovered the life changing works of Mr. Mark Hamilton, and today I am free from initiative force and deceiving mysticism that has ruled the human mind for centuries. Do not buy what the mainstream media is telling you or writing to you, because in the end they don’t care a single bit about you or your affairs. The intentions of the Twelve Visions Party is all for the good and prosperity for humanity.
-Almas Nambabi

If you haven’t read the works authored by Mark Hamilton…

If you haven’t read the works authored by Mark Hamilton, then you are not aware of what is going to be of your future, as a proud reader, I do suggest that you refrain from propagandized hypocrisy and giving into what “everybody knows” the current so called ” masters of the earth” are controlling the global financial systems controlling people’s debt and jeopardizing the future of our future generations, with Neothink you will become an independent being , free from mysticism , free from corruption and deception
Mark , we haven’t met , but I am sure we shall see each other in person in the coming few years.
I am sure there are plenty of alternatives to fight back ,.. like movies , music, more books etc .everybody in the Neothink Society that has talent of the arts can contribute greatly.. WE SHALL ENDURE THIS WAR FOREVER!!!!!!! FOR the sake of sane human beings.. if they blog we blog back, if they post we post back all the way.

TVP and the Prime Law is good…

Hi Mark Hamilton,
I am back in LA. I got back yesterday and slept all day and night from the bus lag. I will get the vid into the YouTube system and also send you a copy as well for your viewing interests.
I have some interesting news for you: I spoke with some affluent Christian circles out here and they told me that God told them that you, Mr. Mark Hamilton, are becoming President. To emphasize that statement, they in their mysticism have said that God has spoken to them at Church Meetings about you after I spoke to them about you, and also said that they have received dreams from “the Lord Jesus” of you becoming President soon. So the plan is the “good, acceptable and perfect Will of God”, as the Christians have testified because your work for the Presidency, TVP and the Prime Law is good, acceptable and prefect…they finally understand.
I’ll get the vid in asap.
Mr. Darrin M. Pegram

What do you believe dictates the outcome of your life?


What do you believe dictates the outcome of your life? Within the heirlooms I have found that the outcome of my life will be dictated by the extent to which I am able to Neothink which is being dictated by the extent to which I am able to remove my mysticism.
It has been an exciting adventure to discover the extent to which I was relying on and turning toward outside authorities for virtually every problem and decision that up until now I was using to run and control my entire life. Now that I have learned that my two chamber brain is exactly the same brain that the greatest geniuses of all time had, I am able, with the information in the heirlooms, to turn within, through deep integrated thinking, and solve my own problems.
When you come up with that answer or solution for the first time, no matter how small or insignificant the task, you will experience an euphoria that will rush through your entire body, igniting all your senses and emotions. The light will be turned on, because any doubt of your ability to experience Neothink will be diminished and most importantly your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds as you start challenging yourself to tackle anything you are confronted with.  Slowly at first and then you go back to the basics, you develop the complete outcome picture in your mind and analyzing the whole picture you zero in on the fuzzy pieces and get down to serious power thinking and bit by bit the piece becomes clearer and clearer and every once in a while, sometimes when you are thinking or doing something completely unrelated you get that AHA! moment and all of a sudden you have it.
When I began this journey, as the weeks and months passed and I wondered if I would ever be able to find Neothink there was something that I would like to share that kept me going. It was belief, I truly believed, it was that belief that I developed because I knew that this wasn’t just another hype and I knew this because my mentor, Mark Hamilton, was not just preaching another hyped philosophy, he has achieved all that he teaches.
This along with the desire to make the necessary changes in my life and the desire to always remain teachable and the attitude that my goal is to grasp new knowledge while realizing that I may never GET IT, I will always be advancing as long as I grasp what is being taught to me, somewhere out there in the future I just may GET IT. Until that time comes I will continue to enjoy all the learning which has added and continues daily to add value and happiness to my life.

Marvin Michaud
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