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Ruth C

I was very, very fortunate to receive an invitation to read one of Mark Hamilton’s books several years ago. It was so drastically different from everything that I had been taught throughout my (adult)life-it shook my foundation!! I had to set it down, put it aside-I knew it couldn’t be, it had to be wrong, I even thought it was perhaps evil. But, I continued to think about it-and then, a second invitation came and I read the second book and the third book. A world that I had dreamed of as a child was unfolding before me. A world where people cared about each other, life, and the world. They took pride in what they did, what they created. A world where people looked for answers and cures to help each other not for money, but because they truly cared about each other. Wow! I started to dream again, have goals beyond go to work, raise a family, retire and die. I came “alive” again and started sharing the information with my family. I knew that I was creating a different, magnificent, legacy for my family. We were breaking out of the mold that my family had been in for generations. We were finding new hope, new possibilities, new life!!! Thank-you, Mark Hamilton for your dedication in writing the truth and allowing us to be part of the new world to come-one of love, kindness, truth, prosperity!

February 2018
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