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I was introduced to the fantastic eye opening works of Mark Hamilton

My early life was spent wandering from job to job. Wondering what it was all about, to be born go to school, then work all your life with nothing to show for it in the end, like my father (who has since passed away). Then to pass away myself, spending my life in constant misery. With barely enough funds to carry me to the end of the month, most times no funds for the end of the month. Does this sound familiar to any one?
Knowing something was not right about the system that we live in today. But could never figure it out what was wrong or how to fix it, let alone escape the trap of life. With two ruined marriages, how many times did I just want to chuck it all? I was never really able or wanting to settle in any one place.
Always dreaming and fantasizing of something better. Keep your nose to the grindstone and follow the rules that are imposed on all of us. Just plod along beaten and frustrated till you die like every body else, just to relieve this misery we call life. The closest I could get to some sort of happiness was to move close to my younger brother in cottage country,
As fate would have it I was introduced to the fantastic eye opening works of Mark Hamilton, My mind and my life was changed forever. My life immediately began to change as I read the beautifully crafted words of Mark Hamilton. I found answers for many questions that had haunted me all my life. Along with many eye opening secrets hidden from the general public.
Through the works of Mark Hamilton, my life is now happy, educated, productive, escalating to ever higher heights. I now feel whole, useful and with purpose. Life is now brighter and more meaningful to me. I am now able to actually believe that I can have a happy prosperous life, full of meaning and value.
I join the many other people who have read your great works. You Mark Hamilton have given them and myself unbounded inspiration. With the dedication and ability to achieve more then they or myself could ever have dreamed of. We are all grateful to you, and we stand by to support you and your great achievements, in any way that we can.
Thank you Mark Hamilton for showing us the way to great achievements and success for all who have read your books. Those that have not read or heard of Mark Hamilton’s works are surely in the dark.
This is where “The Twelve Visions Party” will one day soon shed light on those waiting for this great and needed solution to our freedom, happiness and prosperity.
It is my opinion that the rest of the nation visit.

I think that the neothink has already become apparent here in Cleveland’s counties

I think that the neothink has already become apparent here in Cleveland’s counties with so many corrupt government county officials being hauled into court and convicted by the old establishment in an attemt to hide the even higher up corruption that persists still by this move clouding the citezenry into thinking that “we are doing our job for you “while the real corruption goes on in the state and fed levels which mandated the investigations to cover their own corruption and fleecing of the American people. Example : The speaker of the house wanted to order a bigger jet so she would not have to stop and refuel .so much …….the whole of the senate wanted to order all new fleet of planes when America is down so low as it is and to burden her more
Just some thoughts ,
Rick S


I could not have asked, for a better person to be part of my life. His book has changed my life completely, I was on the urge of giving up on everything, I have ever worked for, I had lost, my kid’s I was living from house to house, trying to stay on top of things, I did not have a job. I just wanted to end it all, I did not have no family nor friends, I had know where to turn. He told me to find your Friday night essence, to be the person that I was meant to be, find what would make you happy in life, which would be your down stream focus in life. Now I wake up every day happy and excited about life, wanting to get out and do good things for people. It’s like I want to live forever. Every day it just get’s better and better. Thank you for every thing you have done for me. With love Michelle A.

Mark Hamilton has help me

Mark Hamilton has help me a 35 year old here in Portland Oregon i am Vicente and for the most part i have had a hard time keeping down a job and what Mark has done is given me tools so i can keep a job down and then move on to my own business if i want the business that Mark Hamilton runs is nothing more than pure and honesty with all members that are part of this club and one more thing look at it like this we have lots of churches the door is open to any one right? well Mark Hamilton is saying the door is open for any one you do not have to that is up to any person like myself Vicente i step in NO one made me or paid me to step in i wanted to step in all on my own. Mark Hamilton has given me hope in m self to start my own business if i want to last thing here Mark Hamilton is NOT a crook in any way he is truthful and upfront and a very honest man let his business run i ask you not to shut him down it is helping people like me in a big way thank you Mark Hamilton for all you have done for me it has been great i love the life i have taken on and by the way my little one that is 6 years old her name is Leann san martin all will be past down to her and she is a smart little one for her age so i am looking to see what happens when she gets older and when i pass down all the tools to her and see what she does with her life but my life has just got going thanks to Mark Hamilton Vicente

Fast Blast

I crack open one of Neothink Founder, Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts, and ZAAAA -> my mind flashes into action! There is the Power and Focus to get the job done! Thank you for the Inspiration!
– Yon

I read Mark Hamilton- American.

I read Mark Hamilton- American.
I will be in this American.
I want my husband and all my friend& family, to be in this American.
In MARK HAMILTON-American, we will all prosper and grow! All people will be rich in all aspects of life, even the poor among us now.
I want MARK HAMILTON – AMERICAN to be the normal for all citizens NOW!
I watch people in American struggle, to pay their bills, make a good living, and they say to each other “BAIL US OUT, NOT THE CAR COMPANIES, OR BANKS.” Then we watch the car companies and banks give themselves big bonus with the bail out money. This bail out money never gets to the people who need it most.
I want MARK HAMILTON – AMERICA NOW, FOR ALL PEOPLE, to grow and create their perfect job, become wealthy in all aspects of their lives.
MARK HAMILTON- AMERICAN is what our founding fathers wanted for American.
I hope we can all survive until the time of MARK HAMILTON- AMERICA is a reality.


Hello Mark Hamilton


Hello Mark

I want to thank you for the amazing twelve visions party literature. I have read the books on the twelve visions and it makes perfect sense. I have increased the value in my personal life and I am looking forward to changing other people’s lives for the better. I really believe in the value driven society and rewarding people for values they produce and for innovative thinking. This is the way life should be lived instead of being a slave to a job.

Sincerely    Pat M

Thank you Mark Hamilton for my Independent ‘piece of mind’


I am a small business owner, Now I know that I have a F N E, ( Friday Night Essence)Twenty years later. After reading your ‘Material’ how important it is to do what you ‘Love’ to do and how to find what you are meant to do, I now understand why it’s so difficult to succeed in any Job, Business, Marriage, etc. because of our Government and Regulations. T V P is a Non-Political party and has Illustrated the way for our Country and anyone to be successful. I have found nothing but ’Honest Facts’ with the Twelve Visions Party and suggest everyone to make ‘their’ own opinion, ‘not the Media’s’. Thank you Mark Hamilton for my Independent ‘piece of mind’. Terry

What Mark helped me to achieve


Hi there! I’m Olga, I live in the beautiful city of Tucson, Az. When I first received Mark’s very first letter telling me “I have it”, I was so curious about it that curiosity was the main reason I kept in touch with him, his books were so amazing to me… they made me realize I am able to do what I want, I quit my job & now I’m beginning a little business with my sister.

Nowhere have I found a more inspiring…


Dear Mark,

Thanks for all your effort in getting the Neothink materials to me and all deserving people.  It has been a great inspiration to me to pursue my bliss and develop my special abilities.   Nowhere have I found a more inspiring batch of material that gets people to look at what they do best and reach for a better life that can be free of fear and the day to day grind of a job they are not happy with.  Also your idea’s about a wrld that could be possible without disease and death are intriguing.  Keep up the good work. If will support you anyway i can in the future.  Your friend,
Sincerely, Allan L. C

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