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Good Morning!! Mark Hamilton,

Good Morning!! Mark Hamilton,

YES, I did read all the Neothink manuals and am so thankful I was chosen to receive these manuals, these are life changing formula for me. These ideas are not to be taken for granted, they are to be used again and again.

I feel in my heart that the “The Prime Law” The fundamental of Protection, and “The Twelve Visions Party” is the only way to go. I only hope this all comes to pass in my lifetime for all of us who truly want freedom the way freedom is meant to be.

I love you Mark,


Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society

After having received a copy of the literature from the Neothink® Society, I was amazed at what I read from it. Then I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I get this book sooner? And why was it only now being offered to me?” At first I was very upset because I felt that I needed to know and to have the information from the Heirloom to help me through the difficult times that I was facing with the economy taking such a downturn. But after having read through the material a few times and after having experienced personal growth, I realized that the reason why I did not have access to this information before was because I simply was not ready for it.
How true it is that even in today’s tumbling economy and the availability of this information, many people are still not aware that it exists. The information in these multigenerational manuscripts is invaluable. This information changed my life for the better. It made me aware of the fact that I had the ability to become a self leader and be in a position to help others. With the present state of the economy, I would advise anyone to acquire this information and obtain the results you want to attain in your life today.
Jacqueline B

January 2018
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