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The self-improvement books written by Mark Hamilton …

The self-improvement books written by Mark Hamilton including Neothink and Neothink Inside Secrets had a measurable effect on my inner understanding and growth. His books benefited me: more so than any other in my Library.

In event of a disaster where we could save only a handful of books from my library, his books are the ones that we would grab from that shelf. Why?

These books create such balance, beauty, and in context, that they have pointed the way for me to find my inner peace and passion for life, love, business and happiness. My passion that was lost, because Mark Hamilton clearly pointed the way, was found again. That is worth preserving for my children

Since I have read all of your Neothink Manuscripts…

To Mark Hamilton,

I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are expanding your readership for the Neothink literature because every human being on Earth could then find real happiness, as I have.

Since I have read all of your Neothink Manuscripts along with many of your other books I have found an “inner peace” that I wouldn’t trade for anything, including any amount of money. I am happy to say I have had this inner peace for several years now and I will always have it – because once a person gets it – no one can ever take it away from them. Thus, I am wealthier than any multi-billionaire in my own right.

What I love about your Neothink information is that it just helped me develop my own mind. Now I can really see things as they are in this world, the real reality. I no longer have to try to accept any confusing or conflicting information because I now know what just doesn’t add up and I can dismiss the bad information immediately and not waste any of my valuable time on it.

I know it is this overwhelming amount of confusing and conflicting information in our world today that bogs a person down and robs them of their happiness. Having one’s brain filled up with all of that garbage keeps one from finding their own inner peace. I have been able to effectively take old and new information, determine it’s real value, and discard the out-dated, conflicting, and bad information. Much like the hard-drive and trash can on my computer.

I also now know that this confusing and conflicting information comes from many sources – some good, some bad.

–The good sources are good-intentioned people including my family, friends, and other community members that just don’t know any better. These are the “innocents” and they only spread bad information and create more confusion because they are suffering from all of the garbage that we are all fed everyday.

–The bad sources are the people who purposely spread the information that doesn’t add up. They want to take advantage of us by taking our hard-earned money and breaking our spirits for their own corrupt motives and they do know exactly what they are doing. They do their best to stir things up and keep us divided on any and every issue because they know that the old “Divide & Conquer” technique works and the vast majority hasn’t figured this out yet.

I am happy to say that since reading your Neothink Inside Secrets, I am now able to separate the good and good-intentioned people from the “bad people” that are purposely trying to hurt me and everyone else for their own ill-gotten gains.

I also know the “bad people” will want to hurt and discredit anyone who gets in their way because they don’t want to be exposed. They portray themselves as the good-guy with our best interests at heart The reality is that they are really trying to hurt us and steal from us for their own gain. When enough of us “good people” figure out who these bad people really are, it will be the end of their corrupt and comfy lifestyles at our expense.

So please feel free to call on me whenever the “bad people” try to discredit you or the Neothink literature because I will tell them that you, Mark Hamilton, are the real hero and that the Neothink information you write and distribute is the real deal to find inner peace and real individual happiness. I will also tell them that Neothink is the first step toward real world peace because when enough good people read your literature we will be able to take our world back from the “bad people” and have the real “Peace on Earth” we all deserve.

Because of Neothink, I currently have 2 of the 3 things that I want for myself – inner peace and real happiness. The third thing is being able to “feel safe” and that can only come when we finally have world peace. So I am hoping that millions of people will be reading your literature in the near future so we can finally live in the peace and harmony of our own true nature. I know that basically people are good and that the goodness in people shall prevail. After all, we all basically want the same things in life to be loved and admired, have a job doing what we love to do, be prosperous with a nice home of our own and still have time to enjoy life with our loved ones, be happy and healthy, and not just feel safe but actually BE SAFE.

I can’t thank you enough for making your literature available to me. It has truly helped me to become one of the richest people on the planet.

My love and best wishes to you and yours,


Diana L H

January 2018
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