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I am grateful of the value I received from Mark Hamilton's Neothink literature …

I am grateful of the value I received from Mark Hamilton’s Neothink literature and Neothink Society, as the knowledge gained from them can help the average person like myself with valuable life advantages that most people don’t know about and free their mind of mysticism and irrationality that one is exposed to all their lives.

But what is more exciting and important to me about Neothink is the establishment of the Twelve Visions Party because its success of getting into White House, in as early as 2012, can help provide all the people with true, unconditional freedom, pay no taxes, allow businesses in all industries and geniuses to create new and better technology, enabling all the people to buy goods and services at fractions of their costs today, the two most important of which are each individual’s health and each individual’s protection against initiation or threat of force, or fraud, using new military, police, and medical technology, to only serve one purpose:

The Greatest


Neothink! I would like to thankyou a million… You see, I don’t claim to be the smartest man in the world and neither do I hold any such claims but I must say that the enlightment that I have experienced with it’s real world confirmations have been mind blowing. But to speak realtalk its scary to see that everything that has been written read,and delivered to me has either been prophetically given or the world itself is just repeating itself while im just “another” young individual that happens to have amade a rare discovery… but to get to the point, I have witnessed the value of Mark Hamilton… I have witnessed the value of the Neothink Society and its initiation to deliver to the world the new technology that will help us as human beings to desire the training of reality and live… and I thank them all with the deepest of all sincerity for their efforts in making it all happen.

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