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The process of change is often feared and misunderstood

The process of change is often feared and misunderstood, but it can lead to growth and rejuvenation. Mark Hamilton and the TVP is replacing stagnation and depression with happiness and self reliance. Which brings value to the human existence, and the next step to evolution that this world so greatly needs.
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Hello Mark Hamilton and the Original TVP

Hello Mark Hamilton and the Original TVP:
Mark Hamilton, all I can say now in my burnt out state is, you and the Original Twelve Visions Party Team, I believe are the only way that I may be able to get my beloved spouse Susan Mary Strain, back in physical presence. And that only through your visions and applications of new technologies, along with your Twelve Visions Party team, may all the earth’s people finely have a way for humanity to exist hear on earth, along with everlasting life, for all of us on planet earth and in the heavens of the universe of conscious life, through the human spirit.
With the very highest educational materials I have received from you, Mark Hamilton, I believe it is possible for me and my beloved Susan, to continue living the love and happiness we shared without being crushed by evil. Not only would we be able to continue in the greatest love and happiness of all, ( “that was the love and life we shared together”), but we would have the opportunity to have children and normalize our life completely as we grow into the future.
My hope is that we Americans may all find a way to work together to utilize Mark Hamilton’s ideas for a bright and beautiful life and future for all of us. Hopefully we Americans can all pull together and use all new and old ideas that help us all as Americans; and that help all human life. That we may live the greatest and most beautiful life, love, peace and happiness of all, ( even as we do now all share, in some ways), right here in America, and share that love and life with the world. America has been know as having the leading edge in bringing peace and humanity to all Americans and also to the world round. My hope is that we can remain in this capacity for the sake of all Americans and all the world round. That all humanity and civilization may continue, and also grow into a more beautiful world and life, for all human existence and humanity the world round.
I hope this message will help you Mark Hamilton and the Original Twelve Visions Party team, and all, in some capacity. If you call upon me again at some time, I will do my best to share my thoughts and feeling at that time.

Through reading Mark Hamilton’s literature…

My involvement in the Neothink Society began with a letter one morning telling me some hugely outlandish and materialistic requirements for my life, which belied a message beneath. The true message is one of a world containing, honor , love and honor for self and ALL beings, (plant, animal, mineral, human) far beyond the day to day reality of mainstream consciousness.
Throughout my life, less honorable personalities have moved to destroy my growth, steal happiness, energy and wealth from me. Though still finding peace and grace in my movements through life, it was only when I read through Mark Hamilton’s literature that I realized how much the light of spirit and childlike passion and awe for the possibilities in LIFE had been dimmed, so slowly, but surely.
The grounding roots of my philosophies had kept me sane in an insane society, for they maintained my honor and truth, and these have grown through meeting so many truly amazing, unique and genius individuals, ( each mentored by Mark Hamilton) into a mighty forest spanning many lands and climates. I have learned more about human existence and Being than any previous education could even hint, expanding the horiZons of consciousness to integrate truth and knowledge, and finally to understand the hidden agendas and mind-sets of those who had previously sought ways of destroying me and my works.
Through reading Mark Hamilton’s literature the previous frustrations in my life have had a light shone in those dark, confusing places, to warm and untangle the strings which are deviously invisible, and so widely spun, that society mutually agrees on them! All aspects of humanity and life are becoming clearer to me daily through direct association with Neothink.
I love learning, creating, sharing and growing with the Neothink Society. The sun can once again bring the dawn of a new life, with peace, prosperity and sovereignty for the magnificent individuals who share our planet, also I love growing healthy wealthy and forever wiser on this journey of freedom and discovery, sparked many years ago before I was born, by Mark Hamilton and his family.
Thank goodness I answered that first letter, for I now dread to think where this world may drag us without a rational antidote to corruption, greed and death, thank goodness for my innate curiosity and thank goodness for Mark Hamilton, creator Extraordinaire!
Your Truly,
Corina T

I want personally thank Mark Hamilton for presenting a genuine

I can recall at the age of eight I was swinging on an old iron gate in front of my grandmother house. The southern mid summer heat was stifling. I found times like these perfect for pondering deep thoughts about who am I and why am I here. I found myself engulfed in my own childhood objectives. Even though it was exciting to explore my since of being, I felt somewhat isolated in my thinking because no one else around me appeared to be interested in the whys, what’s and ifs of life. I continued to seek answers to all the questions in my head.

Being entrenched in a neocheating and bicameral minded environment that flooded my family, school, church and community, there was no place to turn and no one who understood my search. When I attempted to challenged the status quo, I was quickly reprimanded. From those young years to this date, much has materialized.

I have been a member of Neothink Society for two years. Prior to my membership I found myself pushing against anti civilized concepts.  I explored and researched information related to human existence, our relationship to the universe, metaphysics, how God fits into spirituality. I even went so far as to write a children’s book to help children develop a new outlook on how to approach earth’s journey by opening up their minds to their own inner power.   I was in pursuit of further knowledge and wisdom as well the desire to meet more people of like minds.  Since I have become a member and had the chance to read the writings of Mark Hamilton I have had a new enhanced awakening of how man is designed to actually live the life he/ she is meant to live on this earth. I have obtained deepening thought of the earth becoming a sphere of light and life.

I want personally thank Mark Hamilton for presenting a genuine intent to help mankind understand his/her purpose and meaning, to elevate the conscious mind into a Neothink mentality. He has help mankind to understand there is no need to live under external control, no need to be poor, no need to grow old and die no need to not experience happiness and harmonious romantic relationships.

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