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Welcome Neothink Friends to the land of sincere honesty and awareness!

Welcome Neothink Friends to the land of sincere honesty and awareness!

Neothink is awesome and the way most Americans feel, but are afraid to…

Neothink is awesome and the way most Americans feel, but are afraid to say it, or cannot quite put it into words. It’s about total honesty and love for all that want to live a free and happy life and be in control of their future.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink literature

Re: Mark Hamilton and Neothink literature


Mark Hamilton and Family, The Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party has meant the world, and beyond to me and mine. I’ve received psychological freedoms as a direct result of the integrated-honesty, based, literature that whirls throughout my mind, cross-referencing with my existing schema, as everything takes on a new light; I feel as though a veil has been lifted and I’m finally seeing through much of the illusion-based information in yesterday’s and today’s world.
In closing, I’d like to mention that the upcoming Twelve Visions Party will be the Party to end the ruling-class and make everyone rich, including the poor.
Thank You, Mark!!!
Gene K. Wheeler

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party

My name is Chuck M. I am 50 years old and live in beautiful North Idaho. Currently, I work as an insurance agent.
Over the past several months, I have sought out and read everything written and by Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society. Words alone cannot express the life changing value, how important, how influencial his work has been to my family and I. Even though I have never met Mr. Hamilton face-to-face, I consider him to be my “Life Mentor”!
During this period, I’ve also become very familiar with the ”Twelve Visions Party”. I’m sure by now, most of you can see the “dishonesty” in todays politicians/government! Now is the time for ”real honesty”, “real value’s”, etc.
I would drop everything, right here, right now, if Mr. Mark Hamilton called and asked for my help! I would do that whether it was to help him in his business, The Neothink Society or the Twelve Visions Party! I would consider it an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to assist Mr. Hamilton in any way possible. Thank You!!!
Chuck M

Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which…

My thanks and gratitude to you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society for the Wealth of knowledge I received. By reading the Neothink literature, as taught me to know the value livening.
Over the months and years since started reading the Neothink literature am truly a changed person in my life this enabled me to see my condition their is not enough words to describe my path of livening before reading the, literature , my mental attuned towards understanding may path in my life as taught me much,
Knowing this that integration is the path to honesty regardless of whom the person might be make life for me much hipper in livening ,
Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which I believe will inspire hope in and happiness in the lives of many others as this wonder full writing’s did for me .because in everything I happen to be doing I can
Do with a feeling of happiness from within yet there are many that county to live under the burden and Stagnation why is that? There is a wonder full way to know, I call your action to James J Hill a Genius of Society many years ago who was well on his way to mottling the stander of livening for order people?
Taking care of every need until he got healed down by the Movement regulation his story represent all Genus of society.

and this is Ruth TESTIMONIAL,

best regard thank you.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink has opened up my eyes

In the world of illusions nothing is what it seems. Remember we don’t live in a civilization. We live in an anti civilization with it’s controlled media. Don’t believe what they are telling you. It is one big lie. People lie when honesty will do. They just do. Mark Hamilton and Neothink has opened up my eyes. I plan to start the company without a company – a company with out a country. Just a couple of high end computers and a fast internet connection and I can operate from anywhere on earth. I am thinking of moving to the Ukraine. It is no longer safe to live here. Thanks Neothink and the TVP.
Chuck Neothink owner since 1987

Mark Hamilton has showed me…

Dear Mr. Hamilton
Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party has been a great benefit to me I have been able to get the confidence that I need and I have been able to see things in a different way. Mark Hamilton and Neothink have taught me to see things from other peoples point of view. Mark Hamilton has showed me that no matter what you are doing you have to love what you are doing in order to be happy. No matter what it is happiness and love is what neothink as met to me. Before neothink my thinking was all mixed up from a head injury that I got in 1988. Since neothink my think and thoughts have been clearer and more along the line as it should be. Honesty and love has been the real story behind neothink. If the world would just be honest and love each other this world would be a better place and isn’t that what we all want is to live happily and fulfilled lives. Neothink and Mark Hamilton’s literature has been a blessing to me. If Mark Hamilton is silenced then this world would never see happiness and love. We would all be living for nothing. Neothink is the most wonderful thing I have seen and I want to thank Mr. Hamilton for showing me a new prospective on life. Love and Happiness is what we all want and should have.
Thank You
Donnie M

I am very happy to be a Neothink member

Hi Mark, thank you for the wonderful literature I have gotten from you. your writings have changed my life for the better in many ways. I have been energized and found a new zest for life thanks to your literature. I am very happy to be a Neothink member. neothinking is one of the only ways we will be able to survive in the near future and beyond. along with the ten second miracles. Friday night essence, and neothinking we could possibly survive this catastrophic era that we are sinking into! it will be a battle. a battle that either side could win. it pains me to say that but i know that to be the case. we are out numbered and the forces of the anticivilization are abundant on both the far left and the far right. the left and the right are equally as bad. they are going to do things with there usual narrow minded, dishonest ways to try to stop our progress. they live inside that closed in bubble where all the dishonesties and misleading teachings exist. we are on the outside of there bubble living with honesty! we have got to persevere and endure!!! your friend! Jeremy

Mark Hamilton’s literature shows exactly how any individual can…

Honesty, reason, morality, effort, self-esteem, happiness, wealth, health, entrepreneurship and job-creation! The only real problem that anyone has with these concepts and values is that they don’t know how to apply them in their every day lives! Mark Hamilton’s literature shows exactly how any individual can ACTUALLY APPLY these universal principles into their everyday lives and it is WELL WORTH the effort! Morality, Honesty, and self-esteem are all linked and Mark Hamilton’s work allows any person to gain these awesome benefits in their lives. Anyone who fights against morality, honesty and self-esteem may think of themselves are pure evil! The best thing about morality and self-esteem is that any individual with Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts can CHOOSE the path of good and turn away from the evils of altruism and that CHOICE is also WELL WORTH THE EFFORT! I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for Mark Hamilton and his awesome contributions to the field of philosophy and capitalism.
Warmest Regards,

January 2018
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