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Reading Mark Hamilton's Neothink Heirloom's has moved me …

Reading Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Heirloom’s has moved me from being a person who had given up on love, to a person who has deep faith in love’s power to heal the divisiveness that is the human experience existing in today’s world. The journey with the Heirloom’s has taken me to a place of honest self-discovery and has led me through a continual process of illuminating belief’s that create divisive and unbalanced results in my life. The Heirlooms are teaching me to use time and thought to honestly integrate self into my self’s creative experiences. The techniques that Mark Hamilton points out in his writings have given me a viable way to create happiness and success. I am more balanced and aware of my thoughts and effectively use self-control. I actively create thoughts and actions that enhance the loving and harmonious life that I want to live.

A ‘someone has authority over me’ control system was deeply ingrained into my life’s path before I read Mark Hamilton’s informative Heirloom’s.

You have personally changed my life, into a cyclone of joy …

Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

You have personally changed my life, into a cyclone of joy. In the spring of 2005, I received my first heirloom of the

NEOTHINK Inside Secrets.

I'm still a new member, but I've learned so much from the 3 heirloom…

I’m still a new member, but I’ve learned so much from the

I can't begin to express what Neothink has done for me since I received your…

Dear Mark,

I can’t begin to express what Neothink has done for me since I received your letters of invitation and then receiving the 3 Heirloom manuscripts. My life has literally come full circle.

Not landing me back where I was, but landing me smack dab in my parallel future. It was like opening up a veil that was blocking my view, seeing a brighter future in the Civilization of the

Universe, as a fully conscious human being and really understanding what that truly and honestly means. What a wonderful gift that is. Although I have so much more to learn, I now see the brighter side of Heaven on Earth. When I lost 3 members of my family, my dear husband and soul mate being one of them, just a few months before I received your first letter, I felt I would never see the light of day or my soul ever again. I thank the Universe every day for you,

Mark Hamilton; for finding me and helping me realize I still had a real life to live and one to enjoy to the fullest extent of my being. Yes, you Mark, brought into my life the true honesty of what is, and

gave me the chance to regain things I thought I had lost; the opportunity to learn things that I never knew existed; and helped me find things I didn’t know I already had, but were buried so deep they

were hidden and untouchable to me at the time. Now, with Neothink and your help, these things are within my reach, are visible to me in my future, and are the honest reality for my existence.

There is a passion now that runs deep within my very being that can not be stopped now. Your Manuscripts and the knowledge of what the Neothink Inside Secrets has given to me, is a power

within myself to become the person I was meant to be and the actual probability of living that life I was truly meant to live. Not just the ability to live in the illusions of what could be a life that I was led to believe in before. From the bottom of my heart, my Thanks goes out to you Mark Hamilton, and to Neothink.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Orpha M


Hi, my name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Neothink Society, and also belong to Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party. A Visionary, member.
I have read Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature, and I can state that the Literature/Writing’s, create for the reader a limitless amount of Values, and Advantages, that one can use for Personal, as well as for Business, Solutions/advantages/techniques/value/money creations and self-fulfillment. Through the Heirloom’s Prime-Literature, a person generates the power, and wealth, that one may live the life he/she is meant to live, and become the person he/she is meant to be.
The founder of the Twelve Visions Party, Mark Hamilton, invites you, me, members and non-members, the media, and anyone, and everyone of all walks of life, to Join-in the Twelve Visions Party, and see for yourself what is offered, and take advantage, for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity. To make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
As a participating member of the Neothink Society, I acknowledge Mark Hamilton, as a great Value Creator, and contributor of that Value, to the America, and society that we live in today!
There is no illusion here. I suggest that you contact one of the Neothink, clubhouses, for leadership, and to Discover that Something More to life. A new Future awaits you, Join the Twelve Visions Party!
and make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
Ralph Menchaca

Mark Hamilton has uplifted my personality

Letter To Mark Hamilton:
My name Is Dyrl, and I am a member of the Neothink and clubhouse. I have had a three year testimonial.
I have had a five year history with the Heirloom, which has enlighten my life and has given me insight to how my life should be conducted, with style and satisfaction, above all knowledge. Mark Hamilton has uplifted my personality.
The Testimonial generates is priceless, I also learned the miniday and schedule has helped me with my Business. Mark Hamilton Thank you Again

Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for Awakening Me

Ever since I received my first Heirloom five years ago and recently my second and third Heirlooms from Mark Hamilton, My thinking about life in general will never be the same again as i have absorbed the most Powerful Knowledge in our Planet.
I feel very Blessed to be Part of the upcoming Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Advantages for Unlimited Prosperity, Happiness, and Romantic Love Including The Poor.
Thank you Mark and the Neothink Society for Awakening Me, GOD BLESS.
My self and my family sincerely thank you.

After reading Mark Hamilton’s, three Heirloom’s…


After reading Mark Hamilton’s, three Heirloom’s, They took me back in time, to when I was younger? when I was the happiest, not a care in the world? It’s like I had that extra boost of energy. Like the child of the past! That extra energy, has always stuck with me! No matter how bad things got, even when I had very little friend’s, and when I would just sit at home, just my mother and I, or when she would go to the bar, or even just myself, sitting at home? I would always find something to do, to stay preoccupied, so I would not get board? I have been through a lot of tragic things in my life time. But through it all, I was always able to pull myself out of my trap? No matter what kind of trap it was. I dropped out of school at the age of sixteen, living out on the street’s, and managed to survive? But I never had that opportunity like million’s of other people, to move forward in life? But with out mark’s help? I would have never found the person I was meant to be in life! And after reading about the mini-day system, I was able to do more for myself, and to figure out my FNE, in life? and with down stream focus, you can accomplish anything your heart desires, always remember one thing? We all need to think ahead, before saying or acting on anything. We would all get further ahead in life that way, instead of just reacting to thing’s. I know this from experience. My oldest daughter Ania, she’s twenty now but when she was three yrs of age, I noticed that her deep motivational root is, that she is fascinated with the world around her, and I am the same way. When you have down focus. you enjoy every day, all day long, for the rest of your life, and not let anything stand in your way.            BY MICHELLE ANDERSON.

I picked the book up again and read about Mark Hamilton


I received your letter to me in April 2007. I was curious so as the letters kept coming I was becoming interested to find out more expecting it to be a scam. I was at the point of my life that I was very disgusted with (what I later learned was the AC) all I wanted to do was let my life run out so I could go to heaven where I had my mansion and would not have to live with people abusing everything. After I read my first heirloom, some of which I did not understand but as you said, I would absorb it. Then came the second heirloom which was very shocking. The worst part to accept was the religious part. I had always had God to depend on and when I found out that was everyone and accepted that as the truth. It was a great relief to finally not have to feel guilty about not wanting to be humble and my feelings that I have always had about most everything was right. Then I read the 3rd heirloom and it was so interesting I did not want to put it down until I found out it was not this present world .  Then I said “O.K. That is the scam not I can feel like a fool. A few days later I picked the book up again and read about Mark Hamilton. So I finished the book and found out about the levels and got my trust working again and have had so many fascinating thing happen to me. I am ready to help anyway possible but I find my FNE wanting to work with Neothink cities eventually. Thank you for finding me and I know that I am a part of the puzzle. Pat Stanfill

Dear Mark Hamilton


I don’t know If I am yet qualified to offer a successful testimonial,  However, I felt that I owed you an over view of my progress since receiving my NT Package of Inside Secrets.    I want to whole heartedly thank you for selecting me,  I am working on my new future.   I have accomplished a few goals.  Reading  the literature gave me a confidence and inspired me.  To know that some one of whom I had never know cared of my success,  I have had a  lifetime of challenges and I have managed to move forward, but know I feel as though I am not alone.   I opened my very small Office in March 2008, I received my first Heirloom in March and read the mini day instructions,  I have to be honest I jumped around in reading,  I get very sleepy, so to keep myself mentally alert it helped me to jump around,  I am going to go back and re-read each Heirloom.   So okay back to my accomplishment,  Since I opened C & M Financial,  the Real Estate Industry has literally come to staggering  halt.  I still get a transaction here and there, but I can’t make the money I need to pay my Home expenses.   I knew I needed to see if I can do something in conjunction and still utilize my Office Space so I have used the mini day tips to get my License to sell Medical Insurance,  I am currently working as an independent contractor for the National Association For Self Employed and I going to help those individuals that need simply a very basic medical plan,   So you see I have accomplished my  goals and this has taken place from March of 2008 to Present.   But my real essence lies is using my hands-on creative skill,  I love working in home Interior designing decorating and taking something distressed discarded and bring it back to life and use it and make it live again,  I was sitting watching HGTV the other night as I do every night,  I will watch other shows but always end up back watching shows that provide my mind with new ideas,  I just feel my heart skip with this true love in watching what others have created and want to do the same, and so my home is constantly evolving,  bottom line I got some information and called on it and found out that  I can enroll for a 90 day on-line course  with  Haverhill to get certified and start to working for them  I will be able the amount of time I will want to work,  I may need to do this until I become recognized for my talents  and then offer another  service that will make my heart thing,  However the almighty dollar will cause me to put this on hold,  but I have not given up, I am so close I can feel it.   I will find a way,  So stay tuned for this,   If you have any suggestions and or see something I could do differently,   I would greatly appreciate it.   

Thank you sincerely,

Cindy Mora

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