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I have been Neothink member from the day i ordered The Neothink …

Hi, Mr. Mark Hamilton.

I have been Neothink member from the day i ordered The Neothink advantages for unlimited prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

As for the second step into the parallel society of the ultra-rich, powerful and gifted. and the third and most important step entering the Neothink world. I have not ordered by the time i receive your mail, I was admit to the hospital for mild heart attack, and now i am not working. hopefully by December, 2011.

Thanks you,

Best regards,

Richard T

A Mother’s Testimonial


Today is January 29, 2010
BUT…..Today IS Today and that’s all that matters. All that matters IS NOW and the choices YOU make NOW.
If I could address this to EACH person in the WORLD who has NOT had the opportunity to read Mark Hamilton’s multi-generational manuscripts, I WOULD!
2 1/2 years ago Mark Hamilton sent ME the KEY to my Life! You see, 2 1/2 years ago I received a letter from Mark Hamilton that said “I” was special and that I could learn the secrets that would allow me to discover the “person I was meant to be.”
Now, I would like to take you on a journey. This journey begins in February of 2007. On February 3, 2007, I turned 44 years old. My Life at that time was a complete shambles. My second marriage had been failing miserably for the better part of the previous five years. I had quit my job to stay home and raise my youngest daughter who wasn’t quite two years old. I also have 3 older daughters who were at that time, ages; 19, 17, and 14.
Our new car had been repossessed, we were about to lose our house, my husband kept telling me that I needed to turn to the Lord. Oh I had everyone telling me what I needed to do! Stressed to the limit on February 19, 2007 at midnight, I had to wake my children to call an ambulance. I was suffering a heart attack. The last thing I remember was my kids faces as they took me from our home on a gurney to put me in the ambulance. Most everything for the next 24 hours was a blur.
I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. It wasn’t until I fell in bed exhausted one night that I asked, “What in the Hell are we going to do?!” Yes, I was praying and swearing at the Lord. I drifted off to sleep rather numb. It didn’t seem like I had been sleeping long when I heard a booming voice say to me, “You will have all the answers.” I sat up in bed and looked around and laid back down. I woke the next morning thinking it was a dream but I felt as though somehow the answers would come to me.
The next two months went by and nothing improved and we had decided to let our house go. We had a little more than a month to find a place to go. We decided to move completely away from the town that we had lived in for 9 years. The last day of our move on June 10, 2007, I picked up our mail at the old address for the last time. In that stack of mail, was a letter addressed to me. I put it in my bag. Once we arrived at the new address I filed through the mail and pulled the letter addressed to me. I started reading and laughed, as it stated I was special. I folded the letter back up and put it in the envelope and threw it on the table. But those words, “You are special”, kept running through my mind. After all the dust from the day had settled from our move, I sat down with that letter and read through it. Everyday for the next couple of days, I kept that letter with me, and I read it numerous times a day. Waiting until the last minute I faxed that letter in for my membership. MY journey began.
I received my first manuscript in July 2007. I was so excited I watched for the mail and would run everyday as soon as I saw the mailman to get the mail. When I received that book I couldn’t wait to get to the house and open it. I sat down and caught my breath and opened that book with the ambition of a young child opening a birthday or Christmas present. I immediately started reading it. I became so engrossed that I could not put it down! My family knew to look for me in my quiet place if I was not where I should be.
Reading that manuscript was the KEY that absolutely unlocked” ME!” Then there was a second and a third. WOW, I couldn’t wait! These manuscripts each are over a thousand pages, but I would sit and read and read. When I received the last one in September 2007, I completed it in 5 days. That manuscript IS the GREATEST book EVER written! I felt as though questions I had been asking my entire life were all suddenly answered. I could carry on now and live the life I was intended to live.
I immediately started thinking about what I wanted to do. My first thought was that I wanted to help others learn how they could be “who” they were meant to be. I would start some personal research to see how I could achieve that.
I joined the NeoThink â Society website and started interacting with those who I knew were of like minds, as myself. A very tight knit family is what I discovered, and have made friendships that are AMAZING! Also very unintentionally, through the NeoThink â Society I have met a man, a NeoThinkâ Man, who is part of my very soul! This I KNOW! He is from another Country and we have not yet met in person but have been in contact via the Internet (technology IS a wonderful thing) for more than a year now. This is a story that is to be continued and I hope you will be around to hear the outcome ;)
I am now an ordained Minister. I have found very worthy material to preach about in; Mark Hamilton, the NeoThinkâ Society and the Twelve Visions Party â.
I am also a Certified Reiki Master.
I guess what I want to say here: IS that I can DO WHATEVER I choose to do because I am a Free NeoThinking woman who through Mark Hamilton’s mentoring have become the “person I was meant to be.”
If I were YOU, I would WANT to find out how I did that…
If I were YOU, I would do whatever I had to, to get my hands on those manuscripts.
If I were YOU, I would WANT to KNOW “ME!” If I were YOU, I would WANT Mark Hamilton to be my Mentor!
I am a proud Mother. My children are becoming NeoThinkers including my 4 year old. It IS the GREATEST gift I have been able to give them.
So……What will YOU do now? If YOU are taking the time to read this, take the time to find out how YOU can become the “person YOU were meant to be.” It IS the GREATEST discovery of a lifetime!
Are YOU Free to make your own choices? Choose the discovery of “YOU”. Life will become AMAZING!
New gifts come to ME daily. Next week I will be 47 years old and I NOW go after Life with that ambition of a young child opening a gift. Don’t YOU want to discover that “child of the past?

In Love and Honesty,
Deb Hemenway

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