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You need to hear Mark Hamilton in these Heirlooms cos they will reveal your …

You need to hear Mark Hamilton in these Heirlooms cos they will reveal your essence to you and show you step by step how to use this to create life-long happiness and wealth. His literature contained the truth: that my L.A. culture is to seek my best-interests and my Tribe’s is to preserve their culture as a whole. Tribalism vs. Individuality. In his Literature I saw that Mark Hamilton and Neothink want to create world peace and my people start war over land and how to survive my Reservations warmongering and how to help them discover the truth about themselves, i.e. who they are as individuals,

I wish to thank you Mark Hamilton for showing me…

I wish to thank you Mark Hamilton for showing me and so many others the path to happiness. You and yours are the light that makes the path so easy to follow. There aren’t enough kind words to express the joy and freedom you have given to the many Neothink people, and their are many of us all over the world. Please continue to light the path as our light once dim now grows brighter.

Charles N

Mark Hamilton and the Heirlooms

Hello everybody .
My name’s Issa
I’m here to leave my testimonial .
I have been holding this for almost 10 months ,thinking that tomorrow I’ll gain deferent knowledge and integration and so on, the fact is true every day I’ll gain a new knowledge and integration , but that will never stop it’s on going integration.
I’m here to share with you and everybody out there to share the feeling of happiness and exhilaration to life I have gained since I got exposed to the heirlooms and the society, I really started to enjoy life more than before and every act I do, I started playing making my living, truly words are not enough to describe what I’m going thru from happiness , peace of mind, finding my true me (the child of the past) and really really healthier knowing where I’m at and knowing where I’m / we’re going, knowing that we’re moving thru to a life where we can but we will be hundreds but thousands of times happier and wealthier and healthier than what we’re right now.
It all starts with finding your self and who you are and who you meant to be , finding the child of the past ,start feeling Love to life and to everybody who’s a life, to be and have all of this will be gained by being with this society and become knowledgeable with the heirlooms.
I can say this, I really feel lucky to be among this society, in the other hand I feel that I did make my luck by allowing my self to except Mark’s invitation and being involve with the society therefore I’m creating my future luck, wouldn’t you want to feel and make your luck.
I did my self a favor and did you a favor, because I’m in a stage where I love you whoever you are and want you to experience and live the life you deserve , and you will be the same when you become knowledgeable with the society and the heirlooms.
the last think to say and should be the first is that Mark you’re the father of all of us even thou you’re younger than most of us, but a father in a since of finding this movement and looking after us, We Love you and will always be.
thank you Mark
and thank you all for reading ,,, I know that I’ll see around.
Love to all

Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which…

My thanks and gratitude to you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society for the Wealth of knowledge I received. By reading the Neothink literature, as taught me to know the value livening.
Over the months and years since started reading the Neothink literature am truly a changed person in my life this enabled me to see my condition their is not enough words to describe my path of livening before reading the, literature , my mental attuned towards understanding may path in my life as taught me much,
Knowing this that integration is the path to honesty regardless of whom the person might be make life for me much hipper in livening ,
Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which I believe will inspire hope in and happiness in the lives of many others as this wonder full writing’s did for me .because in everything I happen to be doing I can
Do with a feeling of happiness from within yet there are many that county to live under the burden and Stagnation why is that? There is a wonder full way to know, I call your action to James J Hill a Genius of Society many years ago who was well on his way to mottling the stander of livening for order people?
Taking care of every need until he got healed down by the Movement regulation his story represent all Genus of society.

and this is Ruth TESTIMONIAL,

best regard thank you.

Mark Hamilton’s books helped me learn to love life

Hi. I just wanted to say how happy I am that I got involved in the Neothink Society. I used to hate life and people. I had no direction and thought life was pointless and at times wished that it would be over. Now I’ve been shown a different kind of life. Mark Hamilton’s books helped me learn to love life and helped me find a direction to go in. I’m now going to be starting school and majoring in microbiology for research into human health. I believe that the Twelve Visions Party will change the world for the better. People will be happy doing what they love in life and creating values for the world without being held back by all the unnecessary laws and regulations that are suffocating us today. It is important that TVP be allowed to grow. If it isn’t, the world will continue on this downward spiral and all the problems of the world will continue to get worse as they have been. I want to have children and bring them up in a Neothink Society where they can be happy and grow up properly. Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the TVP movement have absolutely saved my life. It means everything to me that this continues to grow and make the changes that are necessary in this world for happiness for everyone. I don’t even want to THINK of a world where this isn’t a possibility! It’s far too important. The Neothink Society and the TVP give life real meaning… for everyone. Writing is not my strong suit, but hopefully this will show how important Mark Hamilton, his literature, the Neothink Society, and the TVP movement is to me, my future family, and the world. Let’s stop doing things the same old way we always have…it’s quite literally killing us all. It’s time to do things right. Let the TVP grow.
Jennifer Naething

I am so grateful after some few years of my study…

Dear Mark Hamilton,
I am so grateful after some few years of my study and my appreciation to your work at Neothink and also at Neothink Society. I am so excited about the recent coming out with the Twelve Vision Party has finally come to the public domain.
I am 52 years and an African from the third world and from the most deprive area on the planet earth can say that my association you Mark Hamilton and his publishing work over the years has done so much to me and my family and will do so greatly to my continent Africa to such an extent that if their has been so great many discovery In the past nothing compare will take place in the USA when Mark Hamilton win a free and fair election in the USA without any use of force.
I feel sure that Mark represent peace and human liberty, the happiness that we long dream of many century. Why should humanity live the way we led ourselves I think the Neothink world in all has show the way and its so strong in mind that I cannot think a day without any reference to Neothink as I observe things all around me each day. My health is in it best form at 52 years I feel within me as someone who is 25 years old.
How did I come to this great conclusion its simple that is the very way we think about ourselves define more about our health . If you have been lie to and it not natural to your nature as a human being it will affect your health and I think this single most powerful advantage I gain from Neothink and as an African I think my more than well place to say that Neothink is great and will free the whole of Africa. That change is the USA with the Twelve Vision Party it will affect Africa so POSITIVELY that the continent will ever remain thankful to any individual, any group, any Party for that matter will be so grateful that we only pray that it should be the end of all human slavery.
Mark Hamilton and others working and on behave Neothink I can only rest assure that the whole world will stand up to the greatest historical EVENT in history and that we will do all we can to help spread it in every part of Africa and the world that Peace, Health and Wealth will truly come to exist of earth.
I have learn many great things that I cannot even write about them as if am praising myself but when we achieve that dream we have for ourselves we shall silence the current media world wide and I think that is what they are most afraid of but we cannot allow them again. Mark Hamilton please move forward fearlessly we will stand for you worldwide you have started already we cannot wait again the time is now.
I can’t say many things but a little one simple and pain is all that we need to get others to also come and learn and free their mind. One last thing I will say about Neothink Zon Power is that it clean your mind like an antivirus for the computer so their is a mind virus spread by the current establishment and it needs to be clear off for Good.
Thank you all of Neothink and Society.
Erik K. Dzordzordzi

The process of change is often feared and misunderstood

The process of change is often feared and misunderstood, but it can lead to growth and rejuvenation. Mark Hamilton and the TVP is replacing stagnation and depression with happiness and self reliance. Which brings value to the human existence, and the next step to evolution that this world so greatly needs.
Anthony Powell Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

The Twelve Visions Party is an important…

Mark Hamilton
The Miss Annabelle’s story was the most touching and inspirational story I have ever read. The story touched my soul deeply, at times I cried and by the end I was filled with such happiness and hope for the future. Miss Annabelle is truly my hero I deeply love her. I can not convey the emotions I feel as I write this. In the end I thought it was just a story, until I was introduced to the Neothink Society and was able to experience the vast integrations from other people, that I realized the Miss Annabelle’s story would be actualized out of the Neothink Society. This society would change the world and bring about the Twelve Visions World. The Twelve Visions Party is an important puzzle peace to expose the great values of the Twelve Visions World to the people.
Thank You
Jon Quigley

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society

My name is Larry D. Barnett and I am the president of a corporation that was inspired by my mentor and directional compass Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. I must begin by telling you as a child I was raised and cemented into the church and that is to say the least. God was always first and foremost and was the reason I had anything or the reason I will ever have anything if you can truly wrap you mind around that. I was truly convinced that there was a higher power called GOD that controlled everything and held us accountable for all the wrong things we consider to be wrong or what we have been taught to believe was wrong. Now to say the least this was one hell of a guilty trip I was on and the constant mental anguish I felt thinking of my judgment day punishment. THEN MY LIFE CHANGED. I RECEIVED MY LITERATURE FROM MARK HAMILTON AND MY LIFE BEGAN FOR THE BETTER. I cannot put into words the change the Neothink Society has made in my life. It has given me a true and pure outlook on life and how it truly should be. LIFE SHOULD BE SUSTAINED AT ALL COST AND NOT PREPARED FOR DEATH AS WE ARE TAUGHT IN THE ANTICIVILIZATION. I truly want to share all of the new insight and enlightenment I receive on a daily basis just by association with the Neothink Society and it beliefs. I will do whatever it takes to assist in the progress of our society and the TVP success. I will not stop until I give my family the opportunity to experience the life they are suppose to live. PEOPLE PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE AND JUST THINK “COULD I HAVE BEEN TRICKED BY SOME BAD PEOPLE FOR ALL THESE YEARS AND NEVER ASKED MY OWN QUESTIONS TO FOUND OUT WHAT REALLY IS”. Please just go inward and ask yourself because this is life and death and our fight is for LIFE!! Don’t let anyone stop you from giving to your family what we all want and that is happiness and a long, long life to enjoy it. I have found that path with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society and I will never turn back I will only push forward in our quest to save our world from destruction at the hands of the anti-civilization. MARK THANK YOU AND I WILL STAND WITH YOU UNTIL THE END AS WE ALL WILL!!!!!!!

I have had the pleasure of reading all of Mr. Mark Hamilton’s books

My name is Wilfredo Morales and I have had the pleasure of reading all of Mr. Mark Hamilton’s books. Mr. Hamilton’s writing is life changing.
Today I am a hundred times more of a better person because of Mr. Hamilton’s books. Not everyone is capable of living a real, pure honest and conscience life, and because of this fact many people will attack Mr. Hamilton. But the truth is truth and the truth cannot be hidden for eternity. All you can find in Mr. Hamilton’s books is truth and that was exactly what I needed to know, the truth. Mr. Hamilton’s books had given me nothing but happiness and I will like this opportunity to say, thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton.

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