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In Neothink there is Prosperity, Happiness and Love

Hello Mark Hamilton,

I want to thank Mark Hamilton.

When I received your letters …

When I received your letters, with the ideal of living a life of happiness, and love and awesome powers.

I have been Neothink member from the day i ordered The Neothink …

Hi, Mr. Mark Hamilton.

I have been Neothink member from the day i ordered The Neothink advantages for unlimited prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

As for the second step into the parallel society of the ultra-rich, powerful and gifted. and the third and most important step entering the Neothink world. I have not ordered by the time i receive your mail, I was admit to the hospital for mild heart attack, and now i am not working. hopefully by December, 2011.

Thanks you,

Best regards,

Richard T

I am grateful for The Neothink Society …

Dear Mark,

I am grateful for The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party and The Twelve Visions World we eagerly await to bring us to Happiness, Desired Health and Wealth. For myself, it will be the fulfillment of my childhood fantasy to save the world from fear and destruction and all join hands

Reading Mark Hamilton's Neothink Heirloom's has moved me …

Reading Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Heirloom’s has moved me from being a person who had given up on love, to a person who has deep faith in love’s power to heal the divisiveness that is the human experience existing in today’s world. The journey with the Heirloom’s has taken me to a place of honest self-discovery and has led me through a continual process of illuminating belief’s that create divisive and unbalanced results in my life. The Heirlooms are teaching me to use time and thought to honestly integrate self into my self’s creative experiences. The techniques that Mark Hamilton points out in his writings have given me a viable way to create happiness and success. I am more balanced and aware of my thoughts and effectively use self-control. I actively create thoughts and actions that enhance the loving and harmonious life that I want to live.

A ‘someone has authority over me’ control system was deeply ingrained into my life’s path before I read Mark Hamilton’s informative Heirloom’s.

The self-improvement books written by Mark Hamilton …

The self-improvement books written by Mark Hamilton including Neothink and Neothink Inside Secrets had a measurable effect on my inner understanding and growth. His books benefited me: more so than any other in my Library.

In event of a disaster where we could save only a handful of books from my library, his books are the ones that we would grab from that shelf. Why?

These books create such balance, beauty, and in context, that they have pointed the way for me to find my inner peace and passion for life, love, business and happiness. My passion that was lost, because Mark Hamilton clearly pointed the way, was found again. That is worth preserving for my children

Nothing can stop the demise of them routinely laying, blame, and guilt on others …

Nothing can stop the demise of them routinely laying, blame, and guilt on others for their own problems (clergyman, lawyer, politician, etc.).

Neothink Inside Secrets growth, value reflection, romantic love, health, happiness, prosperity, life.


Simply the best literature I have ever read and love it to the max!!!!!!
The Neothink Society carve a brand new destiny for me and all who have read the Neo-Tech discovery. Simply the best!!!!!!

I am greatly appreciative of Mark Hamilton and his literature.

I am greatly appreciative of Mark Hamilton and his literature. I think it is just as important as reading your bible or daily verses. I thank Mr. Hamilton from the bottom of my heart and wish the world would love each other as Mark has sent me love from the upmost highest. I would like to give a testimony of happiness from the inner of my soul to be read by the whole world in a universe of humanoids where war is in advantage and should be taken over by the kindness of love.

My name is Daniel s. and i would like to tell you my story

My name is Daniel s. and i would like to tell you my story. Before i was introduced to the Neothink literature and mentality, i was lost. I didn’t know what was wrong with my life. And i felt as if something was missing. I couldn’t find anything for long that would bring me happiness or joy.

I was searching for something. And i often felt like i would never find it. Until one day i received a letter in the mail from Mr. Hamilton. This letter explained how i could be something more then what i am.

Well i was skeptical at first and then decided to get the literature. And let me tell you wasn’t i surprised to learn that i do have power as a person that i can change things in my life. I am discovering things about the world and my self. And i tell you sometimes i get close to tears because i now have what i have been searching for! Mr. Mark Hamilton is a good person and i am glad he found me. For this man has helped me greatly with his Neothink literature.

I hope to meet this man one day and shake his hand. I truly am greatly to this man and his great works.


Thank you bud!


Sincerely Daniel S

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