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Your Neothink Literature has been both an eye and mind opening experience for me

Dear Mark,
Your Neothink Literature has been both an eye and mind opening experience for me. Until I purchased and read your literature I was upset with the direction this countries moving and feeling helpless to do anything to avoid it. Your literature has given me hope, it has given me direction and it has given me reason to move forward.

If our government were to step aside on regulations and taxation were abolished this country would flourish like never before. We don’t need a political society, a ruling class and government programs that do absolutely no good or serve no purpose for the American people. We just need a government to protect us.

Let’s go back ten (10) years and say there are no government regulations on the medical field, with no government red tape and expenses to incur and cures for natural causes of death were obtainable. Than maybe if you had lost one of your parents, spouses or siblings in that time frame, to natural causes, there would already have been a cure for them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to still have them here with us. My dad has been gone for

If non-protection government programs will be eliminated, what will fill the need of ensuring quality with the distribution of food and drugs?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …The FDA will be privatized and change to quality control and notification entities functioning on funds by voluntarily paying subscribes in a free market.

January 2018
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