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I cannot stress enough how Mark Hamilton, Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party are essential…

Dear Mark Hamilton,

It goes beyond words what Neothink has done for me and my life. It has been absolutely without any doubt that Neothink has improved my life for the better. To say that it is incredibly amazing is putting it mildly. I find it very crucial and essential to have Neothink in my life just like food and water. Through everything I have learned I have been able to see past illusions to see the essence of what really is. Especially the illusions of career politicians and congressmen and other big government agencies. Big government and big corporate executives thinking only of themselves and how much power they can get instead of thinking of the people. I have learned how to be a self-leader and not be swayed or moved by external authorities who try to make us think they are only doing things for the “social good.” Mark Hamilton and Neothink is the best thing to come to society, humanity and mankind. I am glad to be a part of it and the next higher thinking of mankind. I cannot stress enough how Mark Hamilton, Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party are essential and crucial to not only America but to the entire world. I will always be eternally grateful to have Neothink in my life.


Walter L. Burton

What and where would the Prime Law assist you in your local state government’s attempt to become taken over by the Federal government?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Under the Prime Law the sole purpose of government is to protect people from initiatory force. Prime Law will make state vs. federal power obsolete. Government agencies will function in unison to eliminate all initiatory force. Any individuals within government who commit initiatory force will be held accountable.

With senior citizens becoming more and more dependant on government for survival, how will the Prime Law change their situation?

Government agencies dealing with seniors will be dissolved. The dependence of senior citizens on social security, medicare and supplemental insurance will be transitioned to private health care and financial management businesses which will thrive in the free market and deliver better values than ever at lower and lower costs. Through the sale of government assets unrelated to protection, revenue will be obtained and distributed to seniors to repay their social security investment with interest.

Who will make sure the environment is protected?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Government agencies like the EPA will be disbanded and private companies will fill the need of making sure the environment is protected. Motivated by profits and having a bottom line to answer to, these businesses will do a much better job than government. Using the environment to commit initiatory force against any individual is breaking the Prime Law. All violations will be dealt with in the judicial system.

How will Medicare and Medicaid be removed from government?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Recipients will be taken care of by private spin offs of foundering government agencies. A smooth transition from government controlled agencies to private organizations will be of the highest priority because individual life is the most important thing.

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