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HE IS TO ME A Genius of the highest order …

To Mark Hamilton,

HE IS TO ME A Genius of the highest order to think of seeing through misinforming humanity is one thing but to create a study process that actually free humanity is to be super genius of the highest order he can even be the messenger of the one universal authority that rule over lives and control the whole universe at all level.

I feel that I am envisioning these words of Mark Hamilton:

I feel that I am envisioning these words of Mark Hamilton: Come in Robert, you are a great genius and do what I do best and that is create!

Hello Mark! The Neothink heirloom books taught me how to …

Hello Mark! The Neothink heirloom books taught me how to recognize dishonesty and immorality among people, I feel at a higher level of thinking because people don’t recognize they’re doing it. Your books are truly amazing to discover a new one’s self.

Mark, you are really a genius!

You are an amazing genius and you blow my mind

Mark Hamilton,

You are an amazing genius and you blow my mind.

Hi, the literature in Mark Hamilton genius, has made me a more…

Hi, the literature in Mark Hamilton genius, has made me a more productive and creative person, with energy to help others in education and life cares, with this strength I know the world has become a better place. Sincerely

Calvin E. Dallas

Calvin D

In my opinion, Mark Hamilton is a genius

In my opinion, Mark Hamilton is a genius, along with being an honest, kind, generous, resourceful individual who has spent decades of his life unselfishly publishing material for the betterment of society based upon the improvement of our country.

If people are honest with themselves, they will realize that our beautiful U.S.A. is in jeopardy and a change for the better is stellar.

There is so much good things about Neothink

There is so much good things about Neothink because it takes you into an evolved state of being. I love what Mark Hamilton has done with his work. Everything in his books gets down to the nitty-gritty details of business. That is what makes everyone their own leader to lead themselves and help others lead themselves as well. Everything that Mark Hamilton has done is great and genius. All is well with his teachings for they take you to the next mind state which is called Neo-Think to make ones own decisions to succeed in life and all it has to offer. Mark Hamilton earns credit for he is just helping people help themselves in order to have good well-being in all states if life. Everything he has to offer is positive and has had an impact in my life for the best!


P.S. Thank You Mark Hamilton!


Neothink Literature

Here is what I can write about the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton.
I love all the literature from the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton is a genius! I studied very hard with the multigenerational book and I love it in a big way. It’s so amazing and why not be a member and enjoy life to the fullest by discovering your child of the past. Take it from me as I am a proud member of the Neothink Society! The TVP is the best part! How about getting rich without lifting a finger! Even better yet discover your child of the past who is waiting to be ressurected deep inside your soul. What a beautiful feeling! The wonders never seize in the Neothink Society. You have nothing to loose but a lot to gain. Take it from me I experience the great joy and exileration of discovering the child of the past. Go for it my friends and you will be glad you did. Make the leap into a new mentality called Neothink! Have fun out there my dear friends. The love in the Civilization of the Universe is outstanding,indeed!

As a TVP® Warrior, I am an extension of Mark Hamilton’s values

Value Shield:
As a TVP® Warrior, I am an extension of Mark Hamilton’s values.
He and his Neothink® Society have provided me great value.
I am honored to have been selected by Mark Hamilton to represent his beautiful Twelve Visions Party®.
Because of my teacher Mark Hamilton, I am more disciplined and able to focus my energy on what matters most now in our world.
I have started the “Military School of Genius’s” and give full credit to Mark Hamilton.
His literature is what will enlighten others like me to step up and become self-driven leaders.
Kind Regards to my friend Mark Hamilton,
Ralph Merritt

Mark Hamilton, has taught us to look at all of the rational facts for ourselves…

Mark Hamilton, (a peace loving man) has taught us to look at all of the rational facts for ourselves, by doing our own research on what he has to say, in the ways of honesty integrations. Now, when new information is discovered and accepted about facts, facts will change of society. For there is only one perfect law (rational integrated honesty/Prime Law) in the universe, and that is everything must change. The principles of integrated rational facts will help you to discover what ‘IS’. So, know what the facts are before accepting an illusion of lies from the media and others, about Mark Hamilton. Mark Hamilton, has demonstrated his love for those that have made him their enemy, by sharing the Prime Law of love to all of society.
Soon, there will come a time that those (value destroyers) that produce every little value in society, if any, will want to stop Mark Hamilton, from bring the honesty mentality to the public, because of the threat to their dishonest earning and unearned power off of the USA public and the world, with their illusions. They will try to prosecute him to destroy his honest works to the world, with their dishonest media and by other means, as they did prosecute Jesus over two thousand years ago. Honesty needs no defense!
Since being exposed to the Neothink Society principles (for over twenty years) and the Twelve Vision Party, as mentored by Mark Hamilton, I have been able to live the principles in my life, as a responsible self-leader, the life I was meant to live, with integrated honesty.
Blessed is Mark Hamilton, for helping so many to know live as it should be lived. All of the principles from Neo-Think, which I have applied in my living, has bought out the unique genius we all can process from inside us, and not the genius of the status quo. The genius that I discovered within me (with honesty integration), helps me to create and produce great values for all of man kind.
In my Neo-Think studies, I found that there are two mentalities (encouraged by philosophies), honesty and dishonesty, evolving in the world today. We live by the principles of our accepted philosophy. The most noted philosophers are Plato and Aristotle, for over the last twenty-five hundred years.
The Platonian philosophy decreased the value of all conscious being here on earth to day, which led to valve destruction in these times that we all live. His philosophy takes away the individuals rights, which sets in place external authorities, a ruling class, the elites, and value destruction. The core meaning of his philosophy, means altruism, the cause justifies the means. Sacrifice of the cause! Whether if it means giving up your life, rights, property or taxes. The Platonian Philosophy (mentality) gives you happiness after your death.
The Aristotle philosophy: the coming mentality to society today, stresses the individual’s rights, because when the individual right is protected, all rights are protected. He also defines that the conscious human being is the most precious value in the universe, and that not even one should have to sacrifice any of his values other than by choice. This philosophy, also defines that an individual has the right to create and produce his own values for himself and others through business, without initiatory forced, fraud, or coercion. Aristotle’s Philosophy: says creation own values of happiness during your live.
Mark Hamilton, has discovered the missing piece to bring this new mentality to fruition, through his Twelve Visions. He found that flawed man can’t be trusted with implementing the universal law with honest integrations; therefore, man must be under a signed contract, which will manage him, instead of him manage it.
Mark Hamilton, has created and produced most value in society with his Twelve Visions Plan, than any man or woman that has ever lived on planet earth. To those that are reading my testimonial, please join with Mark Hamilton and the Neo-Think Society, so that we can eradicate suffering, poverty, crime and war from our planet.
Thank you Mark Hamilton!
Otto Beasley

January 2018
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