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I am grateful for The Neothink Society …

Dear Mark,

I am grateful for The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party and The Twelve Visions World we eagerly await to bring us to Happiness, Desired Health and Wealth. For myself, it will be the fulfillment of my childhood fantasy to save the world from fear and destruction and all join hands

Free Bill

When I got my first letter, I was curious, so I replied. What was started, by doing so, has very much changed my life. I thank Mark Hamilton for this. It took a year to go through the three heirloom books. The more I studied them the more I want to read.
I feel I have reached a point of conscious competence. I have raised my mind control of doing this for the better of all around me. This has raised a love of all that’s around me and how I react to other people’s love of life and getting fulfillment.
Neothink thinking will come up with the how, no need to worry. Using the mini day schedule to free-up and make your day more productive. As we get rid of the smoke and mirrors of the mysticisms and see the truth, how great it is.
The prime Law acting as a filter for all law, will bring peace and prosperity to all. With it we will be able to create and make our Friday night essence come true.
Which will benefit all mankind.
Free Bill

Now that we have Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society

Mark’s values of life energy, existence, fulfillment, discovery, advancements, and sustenance is enlightenment of ones self-consciousness. My life has been in a deep guided rut and just didn’t seem to change. I always thought there should be a better way of doing things. Now that we have Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society I know it will be 100% better. I am sure with our self-consciousness and seeing ahead we will move into the new universe much happier.
With Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society and the Founder of the Twelve Visions Party (the TVP) will make our country better than what we see today.
I think with Mark’s ideas of work and how to run a company’s business and the love of his life is a great tribute to everyone here in the good old USA.
Keith O.

January 2018
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