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As expressed in Neothink literature …

As expressed in Neothink literature the Friday night essence, I am now able to put into text my Friday night essence.

As expressed in Neothink literature the …

As expressed in Neothink literature the Friday night essence, I am now able to put into text my Friday night essence.

Since becoming a member of the TVP/NEOTHINK SOCIETY

Since becoming a member of the TVP/NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I found my Friday-night-essence and concentrated on being a self leader through power approach.

I am very happy to be a Neothink member

Hi Mark, thank you for the wonderful literature I have gotten from you. your writings have changed my life for the better in many ways. I have been energized and found a new zest for life thanks to your literature. I am very happy to be a Neothink member. neothinking is one of the only ways we will be able to survive in the near future and beyond. along with the ten second miracles. Friday night essence, and neothinking we could possibly survive this catastrophic era that we are sinking into! it will be a battle. a battle that either side could win. it pains me to say that but i know that to be the case. we are out numbered and the forces of the anticivilization are abundant on both the far left and the far right. the left and the right are equally as bad. they are going to do things with there usual narrow minded, dishonest ways to try to stop our progress. they live inside that closed in bubble where all the dishonesties and misleading teachings exist. we are on the outside of there bubble living with honesty! we have got to persevere and endure!!! your friend! Jeremy

Jobs of Friday Night Essence

I want to Thank You for your work and for finding me…


Dear Mark Hamilton,

Since I was very young, I knew that the world wasn’t suppose to be this way. I didn’t know what to do or how to find out what I could do to change it. My whole life I kept searching, reading many books, but not finding any answers.

Then One day I get a letter in the mail, telling me that I was special and that we could not only change ourselves but change the world.

After reading the 1st 2 books I knew I found what I been looking for whole life. Then after reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets and I felt so strange reading about a world that I dreamt about all my life. I know now that I will become the person I was meant to be and to find my Friday Night Essence.

Seeing what is going on in this country today scares me. We lose more freedoms everyday and most people don’t care. Capitalism seems to be a bad word, in a country that became great because it was built on Capitalism.

I want to Thank You for your work and for finding me.

Charles Moore

Thanks for the up lifting journey


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton
Good day, I am Phil Marshall one of your Canadian apprentice. It is a pleasure to be associated with you. I have found your literature to be very breath taking. I must say I have integrated  tremendously from reading your materials. I have found my Friday night essences. I am in the process of writing some materials which i called gripes. All of these ideas are stemmed from 10 second miracles. Thanks for the up lifting journey. I hope to meet you one day. Keep the good works.

Phil Marshall

I am honored to be one of Mark Hamilton’s apprentices


My Personal Testimony of what the Neothink Society meant and means to me one word “HAPPY”.   I have discovered my child of the past; I discovered my Friday night Essence.  
Neothink Society empowered me to power think and now I am living the life that I was meant to live.  I create value that is meaningful.   I now know the true meaning of LOVE.
Neothink Society has taught me how to create a Mini Day schedule that enables me to accomplish more with my business and that motivates me to do more.
Neothink Society helped me to step out of my comfort Neothinkere and change my mindset.
CHANGE, I could only imagine the changes that I/We will experience and most of all to be apart of creating the changes in this world, moving beyond the Bicameral mode into the integrating mode.
Neothink Society helped me realized that this is a numbers game.  The more people you reach out too, you want to reach out to even more people.  That is creating VALUE.
To SUM it up, we are helping the poor to become millionaires.
I am honored to be one of Mark Hamilton’s apprentices and I thank Mark Hamilton/Neothink Society for finding me.
We want you to see for yourself, Society of Secret can help you discover your child of the past, learn to PLAY as an adult and create VALUE as well.

I did the ten second miracle where I work


Hello Mark Hamilton,
I have already experienced the ten second miracle for about the last 12 years. I did the ten second miracle where I work. I have smoothed out all the problems they were having at the office where I work. They are willing to listen to me now since I’ve done this and am introduced to other staff at the main office downtown when I’m down there. I have gained all the truckers respect by getting trucks off the scale a minute apart. I could go faster but the computer is slow.
I know what my Friday Night Essence is. It’s developing an in house or in office exercise program for anyone to do with just music accompaniment and lots of twisting and moving to music. I just need some advice as to how just to get this off the floor and into making me money. Linda P

Dear Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton,
I am your apprentice and always am your apprentice. I have really enjoyed the whole process. The heirloom packages are priceless. It helps me pierce through everything. See the real side of life.
The Ten Second Miracles to easily make miracles possible for all of us in our real daily life. And you give us the abilities to distinguish the right and wrong pierce through essence. You taught us to be the creators and leaders of the society. The simple way to find our Friday night Essence and live our life and find the child of the past.…Although I am not involved with politics but the simple fundamental law is easily understand by non-legal person. These simple facts everyone can comprehend. I like the simplicity of everything. From learning to applying to our day to day life the whole transition is so easy and painless. We can teach our children and grand children. So they are not blinded by media, social network and politics.
Thank you again!!
Your apprentice
C. Wong

January 2018
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