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Reading Mark Hamilton's Neothink Heirlooms …

Reading Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Heirlooms have moved me from being a person who had given up on love, to a person who has deep faith in love’s power to heal the divisiveness that is the human experience existing in today’s world.

These are trying times in the lives of many people …

Dear Mark,

These are trying times in the lives of many people, not only in the United States but around the world.

Now more than ever humanity needs to embrace the ideas of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society.

As a member myself I have grown to new heights feeling more confident in my own ability to get to the essence of things.

Before Neothink I thought I was alone in not excepting the way God is pushed upon young minds as faith through fear of eternal damnation.

It is only freedom from mysticism that can catapult reality into the future and free man from the disease of religion.

But this is only one aspect in a multifaceted package of Neothinking manuscripts written to unlock the person you were meant to be.

I will always be wondrously great full.

Your friend,

Jonathan O

Your ideas and the ideals of the society have given me hope

Dear Mark,
Thanks to your books, and the society, I have hope for the future. Your ideas and the ideals of the society have given me hope that the future will be better, if we all join in to make it so .
I am now living a life that may not be one that others will say is useful, but it does give me time and opportunity to do some major thinking on things that I’ve read in the multi generational books. I’ve seen things that when I stop to think about them, I can associate them with the thing that I’ve read in the books. And I can see the need for the society’s principals to be propagated throughout our society.
So I want to thank you, Mark Hamilton, for all the things that you and the society have taught me. I’m still trying to apply all the principals to my life and job. But I am learning, and hoping that I will see the day that these laws of life are used by all people to the betterment of all of us.
Keep the faith and the hard work moving right along, because I can’t wait to see the Twelve Visions World come into being.
Thank you, for choosing to mentor me and introduce this great idea and hope to me, and now all the world!
Your Student,



Finally a logical, rational, intelligent theory on man and life, instead of faith in man made mystisisim and nothing to back it up. Mankind must look at the death and destruction, we have put on our selves, and hang his head in shame. We have let our selves and our race down.Then lift our heads high and realize, if we want things in our lives to change, we must change things in our lives.We must put behind our old ways of thinking And move to Neo-Think, truly integrated honesty and love for each and every individuall,WILL bring true lasting change, a change we can all be proud of and hold our heads high for, Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping this blind man see.LOVE TO ALL.

January 2018
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