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I am honored to be a Neothink member since 2003 …

I am honored to be a Neothink member since 2003 and my my life has made a 90 degree turn for the better and good health. Since I became a member my life has completely embarked on a journey of joy, prosperity and good health. On this journey of happiness and prosperity with the Neothink Society I have discovered that you can be and do anything that you wish such as health, happiness, wealth, love, compassion for others, and on understanding others.

I have learned through the reading of the literature to see what is and what is not, I have learned to become wiser, I have learned to take full responsibility for myself and my family, and I have learned to be a service to those in need and care for those that are needed. I have learned by reading the literature, that the Neothink Society is the evolution of man kind mentality, it will take the person to have full responsibility for himself and his actions. Once a person study the literature and keep reading the literature, his/her life will never be the same meaning that you will have dynamic health, wealth, success,

Mark Hamilton has provided a way out.


What other choice is out there for us?  I go to work everyday watching the and listening to the dis-satisfaction on peoples faces and coming out of their mouths. Knowing the ugly truths about what they say and why they feel the way that they do.  Being stuck in an illusion filled world were we are constantly being used, manipulated, intimidated, and just plain broken down until we begin to give up looking for a way out.  Well Mark Hamilton has provided a way out.  The evolution of man is a necessity and has been long awaited. If you walk away with nothing but the knowledge and belief  that you yourself has control of your own present and future, then the possibilities of a greater day are not far off.

January 2018
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