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Simply the best literature I have ever read and love it to the max!!!!!!
The Neothink Society carve a brand new destiny for me and all who have read the Neo-Tech discovery. Simply the best!!!!!!

Mr. Mark Hamilton

Mr. Mark Hamilton,
According to the last e-mail I had sent, I realize I can not control how others are going to live their life when they are somewhere else. Some of them drink too much, or smoke, or don’t save money, or what have you.
I want to give everyone a clean slate. Why? Because they are a human race and they normally make errors sometimes just from living daily lives.
Things of importance is a necessity that needs to integrate into the consciousness of everyone. The human race is important. Sure they had severely upset me in the past at different times, yet let’s move forward. Lets find a way to correct the issues that went astray in the past in a manner of noble respect and honor. It is still building…the human race that is. Today, when I walk out the door to my daily activity, I will mind my own business, yet I will look at others as normal human beings looking for a destiny, looking for their own path. Today I choose to remain in love with Terri, and greet others with some privilege, and look forward past what they can not see or know of and wish them the best for each of their lives, and watch each one of them grow in happiness.
Patrick B. Rasmusson

The society has influence my way of thinking …

Hello Mark,
In the year 2007 I received my letter of invitation to join the society. The society has influence my way of thinking through the integration of knowledge. The true rapture, based on honesty has been a new awaking. I have implemented the concepts in every aspects of my daily life, and because of this I am able to control my destiny, my environment and this universe. We were all seekers and searchers when you found us. Now we are building and creating the Twelve Visions World. Ever thing now in my life has a purpose and true meaning. I am truly grateful for the change you have brought to my life. Peter S.

I am beginning to think a new way


Since I got the heirloom packages a year ago, I am beginning to think a new way. Through anticivilization education,  I was trained to be an employee. I learned that my destiny is what I say it is.

others in the secret society have given me a reason to continue


I do have to say that you and the others in the secret society have given me a reason to continue to have hope for years I was misunderstood, where I live at they like to embrace small mindedness and only a select few such as myself like to read between the lines and look at things as they really are. My father used to talk about reading between the lines. I have to thank you for encouraging me to look beyond this realm of thinking. All my life I have had different thoughts on different aspects. To summarize, I have to say that not having all of us to follow our realities is like adopting a level of nonexistence! To take our life away from the real avenue of life would be a miscarriage of justice! I have been directed as to who I really am! It should be rendered as illegal to take away our true personalities!  Again, I thank you for directing my destiny. I know that this e-mail is somewhat brief, but I do sincerely hope that this helps. candace c

Mark Hamilton, I am seeing things in an all new light…

I am 59 years of age and in severe debt. I am on the threshold of bankrupcy, and my life has been on a downward spiral for years. However, upon being discovered by Mark Hamilton, I am seeing things in an all new light, free of illusions and mysticism. I have taken control of my job, and now make $14,000.00 a year more than I did a year ago, and I know this is only the beginning. I am in control of my destiny again, and I want to stand at the ready to assist others with their break from the anticivilization. THANK YOU,MARK HAMILTON.

Mark Hamilton’s work fulfills my expectations


My experience with Neothink Society has been incredible, It’s literature and whole information gave me  a new way to see the life ( recovery the faith on people),  and regain confident on me.  And the most important be certainty that the human being has a bright and  a wonderful future in his own hands.  Mark Hamilton’s work fulfills my expectations about the great man’s destiny.  I has been a privilege to be selected to become a member of this Society and I am eager to do my part of job to get the goals  that let us to drive the human being to that road to reach its unlimited happiness and creativity.   Thanks with all my heart for the opportunity of become a tiny piece of this supper puzzle!
Teresa G

January 2018
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