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I stand by you and your decision to keep NEOTHINK going.

I stand by you and your decision to keep NEOTHINK going.

There are many of us who want to live our lives as advanced human begins aware of where we stand in the world and the universe.

The movement that you have started has found a voice among the people that have been selected as advanced humans who dear to dream of an elite society that will uplift all of humanity.

The world will become a place where science will advance our lives without the need for greed. The natural resources of the earth can be sheared by all without the need for monetary gain and worthless pride.

Your leadership and courage to stand up for humanity is greatly appreciated and will be greatly rewarded in the time to come.

All the best to you and family MARK


TO MARK, Thank You for being so persistent in finding me. Your Books are so Honest,& of real value, and so Profound. I have been waiting for someone to come forward with a movement like this. It takes an enormous amount of LOVE & BELEIF in humankind. Most of all COURAGE to take on the anti-civilization. I’ve tested them on little things in comparison to what you are doing. My feedback was always the same being criticize. Told too change my ways. NEVER DID CHANGE. Now finding YOU. I am so GLAD I didn’t. YOU’RE THE MAN.

Mr Mark Hamilton you’ve opened my eyes thanks to you I am a different ME

Mr Mark this is Mike Covarrubias this testimony is for my mentor Mark with my most deepest respect. This a great honor to have a mentor like you your kindness the love you share for US is great!!
Mr Mark Hamilton you’ve opened my eyes thanks to you I am a different ME
Mr Mark you are the GREATEST of the greatest I’m whit you even if I’m slow in technology I’m just an old man who believes in your guidance.I deposited my hopes in you Mr. Mark
your prime literature is priceless at list for me.Mr Mark whatever the storm or turbulence maybe!!! let’s walk through it with courage.
let’s see the light of truth in the other side of the STORM YOU Mr Mark you’re are going to give us the greatest GIFT of get rich program in HUMAN HISTORY.
This testimonial was written by a 66 year old NTWARRIOR

I’m able to build a great legacy for me and my family because of Mark Hamilton

I feel very privileged to be part of a movement that will bring about prosperity for the whole world. Reading the literature gave me the courage to become an entrepreneur in 2008 and have kept me focus on finding innovating ways to profit while creating values for society. I’m able to build a great legacy for me and my family because of Mr. Mark Hamilton and his life’s work.
Thank you,
Otis T.
Alexandria, VA

Thank You for everything you are doing for all of u

Hello Mark!
I hope this will find you in good health. Attached to this email is my Neothink Testimony.
I wish this will be of use and is conformed to what you were expecting from us.
Thank You for everything you are doing for all of us and I know it takes great courage from you to expose yourself as you are about to but I believe in the power of Honesty and I know that humanity will prevail no matter what.
We are all behind you and we are all grateful for having you as our mentor.
Have a nice evening and take care of yourself.
Your devoted apprentice,
Patrice K

Mark Hamilton’s 12 visions has changed my way of thinking…

I first found out about the Neothink Society a few years ago. I was very interested in reading about the 12 visions and it opened my eyes to a lot of truths that I never thought about before, but I am now finding validation of them with the news and what’s going on in the world through the media. Mark Hamilton and his 12 visions has opened my eyes to realizing that I want to put values into this world also and help our society to progress in a healthy and productive way. I am grateful for Mark for having the courage to bring truths out that most people would be afraid of saying, but if we as a society are to survive, we need to become aware and to wake up to what is really going on in our world and to bring about the changes needed to improve it. I want these changes for myself, my family and for society as a whole.
Mark Hamilton’s 12 visions has changed my way of thinking on a lower, only-of-myself level to caring about others throughout the world as well and wanting the best for each individual. It’s clear now that by helping others we are only helping ourselves as well.
To silence Mark, his literature and the TVP would be dooming all of us now and future generations to a life of stagnation and desolation.
I applaud Mark for his courage, honesty and love for all of mankind.

A differenet way to look at things in life

I want to thank Mr. Hamilton for having the courage to look at business, relationships and life in a new and exciting way. If we all took some time to be more positive and help each other the world would be a better place. Hopefully, people will read your material and change the world for the better.

What Next!?!?!

How many remarkable things can happen in one 24 hour period?!?! Can life really continue being this continuous wave after wave of wonderful feelings, exciting adventures, new discoveries, riveting revelations, and euphoric value creation? I don’t know either, but thanks to Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society Founder, and author of the Multigenerational Manuscripts I’ve got the courage to try to find out!

I hope you find it too!


Make all people rich even the poor

I am working on change!The Twelve
Visions Political Party will give us this change, every American wants for themsevlves and their children.
The American people want better for themselves and their children.
We are all working on change of American and the world, in our large and small ways. I, being a part of NEOTHINK SOCIETY and GIN, know what is going to manifest, and I help to spread the words of change, to other people. Most people embrace now the changes coming, and want to help bring the changes faster to the world.
I also want changes faster, to live in
Hamilton- American and prosper now, and especially when these changes are here!
We all do our part,to spread the how
these changes will affect our daily lives.
The Twelve Visions Political Party,
Make all people rich even the poor, says it all!
Lets make this a reality for the now of people’s lives.
I see to many people living on the edge, and to many others living in wealth and not sharing their wealth with the masses in America. I do not mean free hand outs, I mean change from within, our political parties not in touch with the average citizen. They do not know or see these average people, or feel their pain, and courage to get through each day, but these people are blessed and do get through each day, with their strength that comes from God! I feel their pain and know that American will be better for all People, very soon.

Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party gives us that hope.


This country is in trouble. Everyone who has tried to fix it, or thought they could fix it, just perpetuate the problems.
But there is HOPE. Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party gives us that hope. The hope that there will be a future for us and our children.

When I started reading the Neothink materials that Mark sent me, it was like getting a jump start for my brain.

It helped me shake off the cobwebs.

Thank you Mark, for having the love, compassion and courage to take your ideas to the people. To make

everyone wealthy, even the poor.

What you are bringing back to us is what is missing and has been missing for quite a while, and that is COMMON SENSE.

Daniel N

January 2018
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