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I will do anything possible on my behalf to stand for Mark Hamilton…

Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton, Sir; If I may, Out of the closeness I feel towards You. Please let me address You by Your first name Mark.. We are of the same ,, Name too.. I just received Your msg. It is truly an understatement to say, The concern, care, compassion, And Love, Deep inside me that stirred reading Your msg.. The chills quickly turned to tears. But only to b replaced with the knowledgeable lesson You taught me this evening ‘re-reading’ the first chapter of Your first Neothink,,-Chapter One,- “Removing Limitations”.. For some reason I thought of that-Removing Limitations.. To think for a moment that the neocheaters, And the anticivilization would even consider trying to suppress/repress a man such as Mark Hamilton.. A family oriented man who is brimming over with Love, Compassion, A very deep knowledge that the world is thirsting for.. I know for a FACT, That Love, Compassion, and Genuine Humanitarian concern I have for You, And the Neothink Society, In short, Is a genuine reflection of the Humanitarian Love, Care, Concern, And compassion, And knowledge that Mark Hamilton, And the Society has bestowed upon me, As well as thousands of Other’s.. And for that Mark, I am Ever so Grateful to You, And the Society. Thank-You Mark!!! Reading Your letter, I am reminded of Miss. Annabelle’s dilemma, From the beginning of Her teachings to her students, To the last chapter I finished,-Chapter 71.. Mark,, Your letter caught me off guard.. I want You to know, That I am DEFINITELY here for You, And the Society, Any way I can.. I am not one to act In haste,- Meaning I will think about Your letter more in depth over the next two – three days, At most, And by Sunday, I want to state my facts to WHOEVER it may concern. When I am presented with something such as the magnitude of Your letter tonight, I’d prefer to think it over a couple few days, And then, Once I’ve had time to process the situation You are faced with, Then I will be more prepared to voice my stand on Your behalf.. Tonight, And just for You, I had to get back to You, And Your msg. Just to let You know, That I received Your letter, And I will do anything possible on my behalf to stand for Mark Hamilton, And the Society. You can count on that!! But as just mentioned, This note tonight is to let You know, I will put my mind to paper for You, Once I’ve had a couple / few days to really think on this.. Mark , I will tell You now, No one single man / Group of people has Ever in my lifetime of 52 yrs., Brought/Enlightened me w/so much humanitarian concern, Caring, And genuine compassion, For the Human race, As You have,, And I am truly grateful, And Thankful to You, And the Society For that!! Knowledge is power, But unfortunately, The neocheater’s and the anticivilization of this world can’t handle anyone ‘trumping’ them… As ‘Karma’ comes around,, And in a nutshell, Its ‘their’ fire that will get pissed on, And put out.. (: After 52 yrs., I can ‘read’ my ‘insides’. . I know what’s ‘inside’ me is real, And there’s no denying it.. Mark, Its strange that You sent me this msg. tonight, Because there is a lot I’ve been wanting to tell You.. And this eve./tonight I was gonna mention to You, That due to a 10 yr. old computer that finally went down last month, and getting another one, I’ve missed my level One and Level Two meetings, That I have to get completed to ‘be on par’ with the ‘Learning Journey’ You have given me a chance at… This internet service is ‘Dial-Up’, Don’t have access to DSL yet in this area, Which takes like 4-7 hrs. to download the meetings. And then about 3-4 hrs. into the ‘downloading’, the internet service disconnects, and You get the picture.. But once the impossible is ruled out, Anything’s’ possible…. Mark, I will get back to You concerning this matter by Sunday night.. Give me a couple few days to think on this… If theirs is anything I can do to be of any help to You, Or the Society, Please, Don’t hesitate to tell me.. Something about You Mark,, And the Society,, Is deep inside me, And I need to figure/know how I can return that ‘reflection’ You enlightened me with… What ever I write to You Mark, If any of it will help You in any way, Do with it, Edit it to however You see fit.. Thank-You Mark for EVERTYHING You, And the Society has enlightened me with… Talk to You soon My Friend.. Take Care.. Mark. ps. You’ve put a ‘puzzle piece’ in my mind tonight, Now I’ve got to see how I can make that ‘piece’ fit the big picture…. Luv You Man.. And Thank-You! For Being You..

Before Neothink, I always felt I was swimming upstream in life…

Before Neothink, I always felt I was swimming upstream in life. I always felt I had one hand tied behind my back and I was helpless in making any real changes in society.
Being a part of the NT Warriors has changed all that. It has been one the most empowering and fulfilling parts of my life. I am finally on the leading edge of making a real difference in the world through being a part of the Warriors.
The camaraderie and closeness of the team is unbelievable. I have never felt anything like it before. Not to mention the wonderful direct link to Mark Hamilton and the interaction with him that is part of it. Knowing that I am on the front lines making a real difference in Neothink’s forward movement is an amazingly fulfilling feeling.
One of the best parts about being an NT Warrior is that the assignments and missions are able to be completed by making a few simple posts online. No rocket science here…If you’re passionate about Neothink and you have an opinion that you can type into your computer, then you’re able to be part of this wonderful team.
It surprises me how such little work can be of such immense value to the progress of Neothink. The synergy that the Warriors leverage has already moved mountains. And we as a society need as many people participating in the NT Warrior program as possible. I encourage everyone to get involved with the NT Warriors! Bring on the Twelve Visions World!
Jeff Smith

January 2018
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