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We know all men are created equal.


We know all men are created equal. But, what we do with our time here on earth is what makes the difference. Neothink has indeed brought to light what we as Star children of the Universal Civilization need to reckon with lower cast beings.

There Is No Way That You Can Feel My Exhilaration About You And Neothink …

There Is No Way That You Can Feel My Exhilaration About You And Neothink Being “Out There ” In Cyberspace/Cybercash-In The Civilization Of The Universe!!

The Neothink Society has meant so much to me ever since I became aware…

The Neothink Society has meant so much to me ever since I became aware and a part of this wonderful and life changing organization. The Neothink Society has been a place where I know I can come and discuss with other lifelong members anything that is going on in my life as well as theirs and all of us can help everyone become the real persons we were meant to be. All of this has been possible through the years of work by many people including Mark Hamilton. Mark Hamilton is a person who not only cares about himself and helping others, but also makes sure that living a magnificent, euphoric and stimulating life is possible for anyone seeks to have all his or her deepest dreams come true.

The Neothink Secrets from The Neothink Society are what really explains what life is all about and how anyone can be very successful in all areas of life by simply learning and integrating the concepts and applying them each and every day for grand results. The Neothink Society is a place where people from all around the world can come together and realize that there is much more to life than what we can see and in order to get all we want out of life we have to come together and help one another to make the Civilization of the Universe on Earth finally be a part of everyone. That I know will be great for all mankind throughout the entire universe forever.

Neothink is a testimony to the heights man can take in life

Hello Mark:

We are writing to thank you for your obvious hard work in developing Neothink and the Neothink Inside secrets. All of the elements if properly applied will lead man to all the rewards any civilization could ever dream of. The Mark Hamilton authored Miss Anabelle’s Secrets is a literary work of art that I would rank even higher the Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Neothink is a testimony to the heights man can take in life. Thank you eternally for your works.


All the Best,


David P

Neothink Literature

Here is what I can write about the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton.
I love all the literature from the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton is a genius! I studied very hard with the multigenerational book and I love it in a big way. It’s so amazing and why not be a member and enjoy life to the fullest by discovering your child of the past. Take it from me as I am a proud member of the Neothink Society! The TVP is the best part! How about getting rich without lifting a finger! Even better yet discover your child of the past who is waiting to be ressurected deep inside your soul. What a beautiful feeling! The wonders never seize in the Neothink Society. You have nothing to loose but a lot to gain. Take it from me I experience the great joy and exileration of discovering the child of the past. Go for it my friends and you will be glad you did. Make the leap into a new mentality called Neothink! Have fun out there my dear friends. The love in the Civilization of the Universe is outstanding,indeed!

TO MARK, Thank You for being so persistent in finding me. Your Books are so Honest,& of real value, and so Profound. I have been waiting for someone to come forward with a movement like this. It takes an enormous amount of LOVE & BELEIF in humankind. Most of all COURAGE to take on the anti-civilization. I’ve tested them on little things in comparison to what you are doing. My feedback was always the same being criticize. Told too change my ways. NEVER DID CHANGE. Now finding YOU. I am so GLAD I didn’t. YOU’RE THE MAN.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink has opened up my eyes

In the world of illusions nothing is what it seems. Remember we don’t live in a civilization. We live in an anti civilization with it’s controlled media. Don’t believe what they are telling you. It is one big lie. People lie when honesty will do. They just do. Mark Hamilton and Neothink has opened up my eyes. I plan to start the company without a company – a company with out a country. Just a couple of high end computers and a fast internet connection and I can operate from anywhere on earth. I am thinking of moving to the Ukraine. It is no longer safe to live here. Thanks Neothink and the TVP.
Chuck Neothink owner since 1987

Hi Mark Hamilton

Hi Mark Hamilton,
I got something to get off my heart. I have a
vault that sits on my heart that runneth over with
wonderful news from the civilization of the universe
that’s coming soon. Mark I commend you the
utmost respect for caring about humanity the way
you do. There are million and one things you could
be doing .But you choose to help better the world.
please keep up the good work.

I am becoming stronger in my new life…

I would like to start off by saying, I have not fully, or for that matter, not even partially comprehended the information to which I have received from Neothink. There is so much to grasp that it will take a very long time. However, as I read/use the information in my life, I know it is manifesting in ways to which I am not aware. The information when consumed in the soul, takes on a whole new life. It is not information one is use to receiving from the current establishment- anti-civilization. So as I feast on the new knowledge, to myself, I am becoming stronger in my new life which is being created; but only new to me because I have been living in darkness. Now am I beginning to see the life I was meant to live and I am walking in that life with a renewed self-confidence. My ability to see/vision myself in the Twelve Visions World is catching momentum, and I am all for a place in existence when the poor can become rich and live a life of freedom.
Riches, knowledge, and happiness for every man, woman and child.

The Neothink mind has opened up avenues in my life that I did not know existed


The Neothink mind has opened up avenues in my life that I did not know existed. Every day I wake up, I feel like things have been taking away from me, things that did not belong. I do not feel the urge to fight with myself wondering if I do this or if I do that what the consequences will be, because I have absorbed secrets and tools that help me manage my day before I even wake up. Blocking me from all the bad things that the Anti-Civilization can throw at me in a day.

It seems my mind goes to the core of my body and defends off all the neo-cheating thoughts that I like to think of in scientific terms as of not allowing mystic filled neuro-transmitters to cross the synaptic cleft reaching my brain, telling me to act in ways that are not beneficial to myself or anybody else. Without absorbing the secrets from the heirlooms my mind and body would not have the strong foundation that it has that helps manage it through the pearls of life.

After absorbing the secrets and unblocking the negative thoughts that filled my head, I was able to help come up with the name for our A-Team. At the time the choices were being presented, had I not absorbed the secrets from the heirlooms, I would have not been able to free my mind enough to think at that time. Along with that I was also able to use the secrets from the heirlooms to help me shed 60lbs. I followed the Neo-diet taking away all my bad cravings. Now when I gain a few pounds by falling off the diet, I find it very easy to jump right back on it and lose the weight. I have been able to keep off the weight for 1 year now. I find it very easy to fight off the cravings that once filled my mind and body. The weight lost section of the heirlooms not only helped me physically but the secrets that I absorbed help me get to the essence of the forces of nature when dealing with your body.

Right at the end of the summer I could feel my body strongly pushing me to not eat. I believe this is how my body reacts to the upcoming summer months, it wants to be thin and look good, so it craves less. The totally opposite thing happens during the winter months, your body craves more, wanting you to pack on the extra fat to help insulate your body for the upcoming months. My mind and body have been going through this cycle all its life, until I received, read and absorbed the secrets from the heirlooms. Now my mind and body do not succumb to those forces of nature any more allowing me to sustain my weight. These are just some of the things I have absorbed from the heirlooms. I like to talk about them more than I like to write about them, I get more information out that way, but as I finish writing this, this does not seem that bad at all, I can probably get use to doing this.

Thank You
Tarmail Jackson

January 2018
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