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With the Twelve Visions Party there is an opportunity…

My livelihood had just been destroyed by a politically driven businessman when I received the multi-generational manuscripts from Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society. I had a thriving business for over 5 years, until my landlord chose not to renew my property lease. I was forced to relocate the business just a few blocks away, and the numbers have never been as successful. When flaw-filled man gets out of the way, all of us can prosper and live happily. I have wanted to run for a public office, but, chose not to because of the corruption. With the Twelve Visions Party there is an opportunity for a protective government to do their job, as opposed to hurting the people of the country. Today when citizens speak up for the “rightness” they can be silenced. Mark Hamilton and his family deserve the right to be honestly heard, and to gather more citizens who want to bring wealth, health, and peace to all. The Twelve Visions Party is a way of life that is solid with no ruling class living off of the citizens. I might still be crying over my lost business, instead, I am working to bring about a better country, and re-build my business. I thank Mark Hamilton for the Self-Leader System, that has helped me realize, that in spite of what life sends my way, I need to be, and can be 100% responsible. I do not have it all together yet, but, I will, and I want to help others learn about this loving movement.
Jill R



Mark Hamilton you are a genius, phenomenal writer and businessman I stared reading your 3 volumes on October 2008 hoping my life well change! I am 57 years old from Europe and traveled all over the world. By reading your books I hoped I learned more from you. The conclusion of this you are a good Dreams seller.
PS. Are you my mentor?

Go Mark Hamilton! The hero of the day!


There is nothing like Neothink. I have looked elsewhere.  The TVP has objectives that are superior in both value and complexity to those of the present system. The intelligence and precision needed to achieve a Twelve Visions World fits well with evolution. Neothink is possible because of pure love of life and unobstructed thinking. It is designed to help humanity in ways our current government and any other form of government ever could. Freedom and empowerment to the businessman and entrepreneurs is what we all need. We all need of each other but not with the current system that blocks creativity, and wastes more money than it portrays to save.

Neothink is meant to make the people better able to do business and prosper. Its literature raises the competitiveness and conscience of its readers. Without Neothink, the world has no competitive advocates for human prosperity through reason.

Go Mark Hamilton! The hero of the day!

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