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My name is Daniel s. and i would like to tell you my story

My name is Daniel s. and i would like to tell you my story. Before i was introduced to the Neothink literature and mentality, i was lost. I didn’t know what was wrong with my life. And i felt as if something was missing. I couldn’t find anything for long that would bring me happiness or joy.

I was searching for something. And i often felt like i would never find it. Until one day i received a letter in the mail from Mr. Hamilton. This letter explained how i could be something more then what i am.

Well i was skeptical at first and then decided to get the literature. And let me tell you wasn’t i surprised to learn that i do have power as a person that i can change things in my life. I am discovering things about the world and my self. And i tell you sometimes i get close to tears because i now have what i have been searching for! Mr. Mark Hamilton is a good person and i am glad he found me. For this man has helped me greatly with his Neothink literature.

I hope to meet this man one day and shake his hand. I truly am greatly to this man and his great works.


Thank you bud!


Sincerely Daniel S

January 2018
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