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I would like to testify to anyone who would listen about what Mark Hamilton …

I would like to testify to anyone who would listen about what Mark Hamilton and Neothink have meant and done to change my life for the better.

In every generation there are a handful of great value producers that change our world for the betterment of human kind and through Mr. Hamilton

In my opinion, Mark Hamilton is a genius

In my opinion, Mark Hamilton is a genius, along with being an honest, kind, generous, resourceful individual who has spent decades of his life unselfishly publishing material for the betterment of society based upon the improvement of our country.

If people are honest with themselves, they will realize that our beautiful U.S.A. is in jeopardy and a change for the better is stellar.

My life has improved in so many ways…

Hello, this is the first time I’ve put the effort into doing this type of thing in writing. While I have not finished getting through all of the material I can say that it has opened my eyes to a wider more hopeful world. My life has improved in so many ways and for me that is wonderful. I still have a long ways to go but I can now look forwards to the journey instead of dreading it. Thank you for all the work you and your father have done and I can’t wait to see what happens next because I know it will all work out for the betterment of myself and everyone else in this world. Thanks and be well, John Young
There’s always something going to try to stop every that is good and it’s always the ones who’s afraid of the truth.
The one and only thing can stop Neothink is Neothink It’s self; Because we have find to get past all the untruth what bend set in our mine’s for a long time. But Neothink show’s us that life is not always what you see. Go for what you know and do It now. Mark Hamilton keep up the good work and take Neothink to the next level, ABRAHAM RICE

Your ideas and the ideals of the society have given me hope

Dear Mark,
Thanks to your books, and the society, I have hope for the future. Your ideas and the ideals of the society have given me hope that the future will be better, if we all join in to make it so .
I am now living a life that may not be one that others will say is useful, but it does give me time and opportunity to do some major thinking on things that I’ve read in the multi generational books. I’ve seen things that when I stop to think about them, I can associate them with the thing that I’ve read in the books. And I can see the need for the society’s principals to be propagated throughout our society.
So I want to thank you, Mark Hamilton, for all the things that you and the society have taught me. I’m still trying to apply all the principals to my life and job. But I am learning, and hoping that I will see the day that these laws of life are used by all people to the betterment of all of us.
Keep the faith and the hard work moving right along, because I can’t wait to see the Twelve Visions World come into being.
Thank you, for choosing to mentor me and introduce this great idea and hope to me, and now all the world!
Your Student,

mark hamilton

When I got the letters to join Neothink Society, I was amazed I was chosen to join. I feel honored to belong to a free thinking society. I can not wait to have Neothink Society as a way of life. For every one to be rich, including the poor of today. For all people to want to excel in all areas of their lives.
Within the Neothink Society this is happening already.
Thanks for me being a part of this movement, betterment of humankind.
Margaret Levine

Dear Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton:
I’m writing you today to say how very much I appreciate your writings and how it has helped me in having more value to my life and respect and love for others. Like the word implies to appreciate means to gain, and I know I have gained in many areas of my life. It is hard to know just how to describe that growth as each day my life is changing. It is my sincere hope that everyone would be a member of the neo-think society for their own betterment in life(living) I appreciate the many friends from all over who are willing to mentor and help. I look forward to all meetings, new writings and the sincerity of being HONEST…..In Good Faith
Gerry A.

would like to thank Mark Hamilton…

I would like to thank Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for opening up an entirely new world of wonder and contentment. They have opened my eyes and my heart and made me realize that with neothink, the TVP, true honesty and dedication we can change this crazy mixed up world for the betterment of all. The world needs to see that love, honestly and a new way of thinking can and will change everything for the better, as it has in my life as well as my family.
I am sure that there will opposition, people who will try to make us look like a bunch of kooks. We are not, we are a proud group of ordinary people who have discovered the truth about society and it’s hoax. The hoax that drags you down to make you believe that you can’t make a difference. Believe me you can! You can be, do or have anything and everything you want. All you have to do is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!
Very Sincerely,
Kimberly J. C

Thank you so much for my awakening.

Hi Mark,
I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how appreciative I was of your mentoring. Thank you so much for my awakening.
Your illustrations in the Miss Annabelle story of the twelve visions provides a big picture view of how each of us collectively can build a better tomorrow. The Twelve Visions World working in tandem with the Twelve Visions Party is the goal of harmonization of all individuals. The process to actualize this goal is to dynamically change the political system within the 52 states with like minded individuals in office who believe in the prime law. How we will get there is by spreading the word of your visions to many individuals. They will then know they have the power to make changes for the betterment of all and not the select few. They will consciously break through the illusions and away from them once and for all. When that happens they will want and believe for a better tomorrow.
I know I don’t have to tell you that because I learned it from you. I can’t tell you how happy I am that the society has grown since I was an apprentice. And your skyway, amazing! If I can help out in any way, you know how to get a hold of me.
Once again Thanks!
In Love and Peace

Making a Decision


A few years ago I made the decision to get the Prime Literature, and in one year my life changed drastically. Mark Hamilton told us when we were going through the different levels how much our lives would change, and he was right. The group of people that I am involved with are all working to better our lives, and the lives of all the people we know. As we progress in our society, and we see the picture more clearly, we are now snapping the pieces of our puzzle into an amazing framework that others will be able to replicate.

My life is getting better everyday as I use the tools that Mark has shared with us. I have stepped out of the familiar routines that I use to do, and have stepped up, to take on responsibilites that I have never done before. This is challenging, but very rewarding as I continue to grow into the person I am meant to be.

I am looking forward to the journey that I’m on, and with the amazing people that I have met; I really look forward to meeting all the people that the society is attracting, learning about them, and watching them grow with me. We are such a diverse group, but the common dominators are so obvious now. It is really fun to get together with like-minded people,and the time goes by so fast, that I don’t want our time together to end.

I know that as we continue to work on our puzzle that our world will keep changing for the betterment of society. Mark Hamilton is responsible for bringing about this change in all that he does for us; Thank you Mark, and I hope that you will continue to lead us as you always have with integrity, and love for all.

RECOGNIZE!…Mark Hamilton…My Neothink Society family…and Our Twelve Visions Party


For all you haters out there that doubt us….Mark Hamilton is a genius and my mentor in life. He taught me..(but i think i can speak for all of us in the neothink society)how to break threw boundaries however massive. his manuscripts is on another level, beyond anything I’ve previously known or read of in my whole existence. I know that very soon Mark and his twelve visions party will take society to that next level of living. He is just that great and me and all my people believe in his vision for a better world..theres nothing you anticivilation people can do to stop us now. we are trying to change the world for the betterment of all. Our movement is growing and I’m..(along with the rest of us)is willing to stand on the frontline to see Marks vision fulfilled. I am willing and ready to go to war to end your dumb anticivilation..i will fight the media with mark and do anything in my powers to see to it the neothink society thrive and survive. so for all you haters out there…hate it or love it. who cares!!..CHANGE IS COMING!! Mark Hamilton, Neothink, TWELVE VISIONS PARTY.. Take it N BLOOD.. hahahahaha

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