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Since reading several of Mark Hamilton's books …

Since reading several of Mark Hamilton’s books, and communicating with members of the Neothink Society, I now believe that the Society, is the only organization, that is capable of eventually delivering a better life, for every human being on the planet!

Keith T




As a young child I knew that a better life must exist

As a young child I knew that a better life must exist, but it always seemed just out of my reach.

I want to think you for all you have done for me

I want to think you for all you have done for me and other people involved in Neothink , your literature has help me open my eyes to the truth and how I can live a better life for myself but the disappointing thing about the life we live is that the Government , Federal Death Adminstration and Main Stream Media wants to hold us back and keep us prisoners , by lying and manipulating us , but thanks to you and Kevin Trudeau , I do see hope for better future and I hope you keep up the good work and I will buy more literture from you in the future and alot of people have your back
Again Thank you so very much
Michael Hubbard

This Society is here only for the benefit of all of us

This should not happen to this Society. The great values I have learned more and the help it gave me to open my eyes and heart up more will not be forgotten and I will always use in my daily life of my life. Why would anyone want to take away the greatest opportunity for all of us and I mean all of us in this world to be finally free, wealthy, healthy and be able to live forever. That would be a very big mistake. This society shows you for yourself that this world gives you this chance to grab this opportunity with both hands and not thing twice about it. The literature and Neothink Society has open my heart even more and show me the true value of life for myself which this world has taught me i have the right to have in my life if it benefits me greatly for a the best life that i can possible have and it says to go for it. So why fuse about it or talk bad about it. Its great for all of us not just for many but for all of us. We the people have tried all kinds of things to help us live better because we all deserve it so lets all try this way and give all we got to really make this world a better place for all of us finally. I mean this with all my heart, spirit and soul. Just think to really life as equal and no one better than the next person. We all can do what we want that is good buy anything we want go any place we want be happy and live forever . Man I would love for this opportunity to be offer to me. The reason why I would go for it is because I tried it all the other ways that system has offer to me and I have not be able to be what I was meant to be and I deserve it no matter what. It is long over due for me and anyone else who feels they deserve a better life than they have now and deserve also to be what they were meant to be which is to have there life living at its full potential with all the greatest things this world has to offer. This world has so much to offer too all of us in which we all would be so happy to have lived experienced it and cherish for our whole life. Tell me the truth would you the people grab this opportunity if it was offer to you. I am not saying the perfect life but a life in which you deserve to have. Which you will not have no stress over money, love, happiness and never miss out on nothing extremely good for your mind body heart and soul. So I tell you this if you stop this you will regret your life dearly and I am being very honest with you when I express this. This Society is here only for the benefit of all of us and does have so much to share with us which will change all our lives if you give it a chance to. This world is deep trouble and we the people need to do something now that will fix all our problems for forever not just for a little bit. Please take this testimonial very serious this is no joke I am being very fair minded and I am not choosing sides I am just seeing for WHAT IS and grabbing and holding to what really will work and work for a long time not just a little bit and it is the Neothink Society Group. If you would like to talk to be me more Henry Hobson III feel free to let me know it would be my pleasure to do this for you all. You then can see in my eyes and hear it in my voice that I am meaning everything I express with the upmost sincere truth. Have forever great days in your life forever.
Henry L. H

My take on Mark Hamilton is that …

Hello Mark,
I was very fortunate to have responded to a letter, send by the late Dr. F. W., in the late 1980s. I, then, was exposed to some of the discoveries this brilliant man made and published. I admit that some of the materials went over my head . Back then, I did not have the discipline and the knowledge that I have now possessed. I see things in a very different perspective now. Also, my priorities have shifted as I learned about how this world really operates.
Perhaps the general public is just not aware , because of having been purposely “dummd down” by the poor public education system, or people just do not care much past there own instant gratification needs, or simply because they live in a world where they are never exposed to information that is truly shocking, or have no thirst for knowledge, or expanding their purpose for a better life for mankind in this cursed creation.
My take on Mark Hamilton is that , finally, here is someone willing to do something good about interrupting the way innocent people are being manipulated, exploited, lied to and who knows what else by the media and the people who control them and everything else on the planet. So for the sake of a better future for ourselves and the rest of mankind, use your discernment skills a bit, and do your homework. Stand up and take a stand with Mr. Mark Hamilton while it is still possible. Do not believe everything you are being fed by the infected media. The truth shall set us free. Seek and you shall find.
Régis S.

Mark Hamilton is a very passionate and caring man…

Over the past few years, I feel that I have been reborn through reading Mark Hamilton’s literature; and his life mentoring lessons has enriched my life. He has taught me to be a self leader and that I can be the person that I was met to be. My life has changed over the past year with the Twelve Visions Party and what it stands for is a better life for all mankind. I can see a brighter future for me, my children and future generations.
Mark Hamilton is a very passionate and caring man of mankind, that is trying to prevent us from destroying all the good and beauty in the world. He creates beauty. Example of that is the Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon. When he talks about health, wealth. safety and make the poor rich in the political platform this is for all mankind. The political system that we have is crippling us from advancing technologies in future. One Example of that would be in the medical field.
Some of the values that I have learn from Mark Hamilton is that there is abundant of wealth out there. That everyone can share the wealth and not just the few in the elite class.
To this day, I am glad there is a Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party in my life.
Otherwise, I would of never known that life could be more fulfilling and with a purpose.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton
(Ali) Alice Rinebold
P.S. I am not a writer

LOVE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE is what powers Mark Hamilton

Two thousand years ago, there was a young man who wanted to help humanity by teaching the people of his day certain truths that were unassailable and so powerful, and although that particular teacher was murdered, the truths themselves lived on and still breathe new life into even to this day.
The great irony was that the people being EXPOSED for their motives and deeds concerning the young man’s teachings propagated those truths from then on in a manner the young man could proud of. By attacking the young man as well as his teachings, the truths then convicted the conscience of the attackers, and the more the attacks occurred, the more viciousness displayed, the more it proved the truth of the young man’s statements against his attackers.
The young man was named Jesus. His truth overrode the Roman Empire and indeed the whole world in an incredibly short time frame. Thanks be to the attackers, his message was heard round the world. And not only that, the attackers themselves were EXPOSED to the whole world, and everyone could see the truth about them. How LOWLY they were, what COWARDS they were, how SNEAKY they were, how FALSELY ACCUSING the were, and how they worked in the dark against their fellow man, UNDERHANDEDLY.
Now the whole world knows their NAMES and just how PATHETIC and DEFEATED they were, and DESPISED they are.
PEOPLE!!!! WAKE UP!!!! Mark Hamilton is in danger just as Jesus once was. Mark Hamilton is INNOCENT!!!!! LOVE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE is what powers Mark Hamilton. He desperately wants to bring a better life to all through the TRUTH!!! TWELVE VISIONS OF THE TRUTH, to be exact. He must expose the high priests of this day, the Caiphas’s of our day, to set us free from their tyranny!!! Danger for Mark Hamilton is DANGER FOR ALL OF US. If Mark Hamilton is stopped, WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED ANYMORE THAN JESUS WAS 2000 YEARS AGO!!!! TRUTH WILL LIVE ON!!!!
Justin Rivers
PS: Thank You for exposing the fakes to me. How can I be conned again when you have taught me their secret battle (criminal) plans and showed me their dishonesty and evil moves in advance before they even try to do it? TALK ABOUT AN UNBEATABLE ADVANTAGE!!!

Neothink Member

Neothink Member,
Just wanted to let others know that the information that I have received from you is very inspiring. Before I read your material, I was always afraid of what would happen. But now, I live without fear and my life is awesome. I now have a better paying job and am pursuing my dream of being able to help people to heal their bodies naturally. I have already started to heal those for whom the medical community have no answers. Thank you very much and keep up the fight to bring a better life to all. Lucy Kleinsasser. MT

Hello Mark Hamilton

Hello Mark Hamilton,
I’m writing you, as I wanted you to know that I’ve probably spent about a $100.00 on you’re information in the past. I can say, honestly I believe that I was not scammed. I believe I received my monies worth as I’ve learned many new things from your books. I’ve certainly spent my money on worse investments in my life, like cold medicines trying to find the right one, or some of the outrages prices charged for basic necessities these days. I don’t agree with all of the things you write about in your books. You certainly get me thinking about things, that I normally don’t have time to think about, because I’m too busy trying to keep a roof over my family’s head, which I guess is your point! I’m worked to the bones by two jobs for a subsistence wage, while the few elite enjoy more than their fair share of the pie, but I’m lucky because I have hope of a better life, which is exactly what your trying to sell. I respect you and your life’s work, but I can’t afford all of your ideas, nor do I have the time to think about them all, because I’m trying to work on my own dreams thanks to some of your information that I bought. Good luck to you sir!
I’ll let you know how I do with my dreams.
Fred Tappan

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