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I just wanted to say I am not so sure about labeling "The ruling Class" as …

I just wanted to say I am not so sure about labeling “The ruling Class” as “Parasitical Elite”. In essence they have their money the way they have their money, and So I say good for them. That part really doesn’t matter. What matters if those with money and power are improperly using power and oppressing others…that is where it is wrong. But Hey, You have 500 millions in assets, and 10 millions in the bank, good for you, just don’t misuse power and don’t oppress others.

I believe it was around 1987.

Mark Hamilton when he started actualizing…


Hello Mark

I want to mention here how’s my journey with Neothink and Twelve  Visions Party.  Before I do that I really want thank the author  and founder of these integrated honest societies.

Mark Hamilton when he started actualizing the Hamilton’s world thru these noble societies, he meant it for all mankind, he sacrificed a lot of his efforts and assets to achieve the awareness of mankind and my involvement with Neothink and TVP is making me who I’m today ,I’m  almost living the life I meant to live and living the child of the past, I can say that I’m playing to make living, truly these are the most missing things in our lives .

And for you out there, don’t take my words, get involve ,read Mark Hamilton’s  lecturers  ,start seeing beyond the created illusions     ,start living the  life you meant to live ,like millions of people who’re finding their child of the past ,who’re making living playing .

I can tell you this the findings by reading Mark’s lecturers are limitless, after all we’re in the Neothink and TVP Society living the Hamilton’s world.

Thank you Mark for fathering us.


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