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I have read Marks' books and I believe he's a visionary …

Hi, Mark

My name is Ralph C., I’m an apprentice, I have read Marks’ books and I believe he’s a visionary and has a system that can benefit all of mankind.

I believe Mark has a big heart and just wants all the population of the world to have great wealth and good health and romantic relationships for everyone.

The information I have received from Marks’ Neothink books has enriched my life to a higher level than I’ve ever been. I can now see through the illusions to the essence

of what is.

When I first became an apprentice, Mark Hamilton as a mentor and leader …

When I first became an apprentice, Mark Hamilton as a mentor and leader each and every week, was very instrumental in mentoring me in addition to reading the Neothink heirlooms; The Neothink Inside Secrets, but most importantly reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets had made a profound difference not only in my personal life, but at the time I was reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets my daughter now nine years old was just about two years old, at which time I implemented what I was reading at the time into the upbringing of my daughter.

Your 3 Neothink installments shouldn’t be secrets

Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
Neothink has pushed me so far on a left and right brain understanding on how the human mind operates. Its without question, If you didn’t come into my life and show me the basics on being a human being, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you so much! I don’t live in the past, present, or future. I live in the NOW! This is a universal way of thinking. With this type of mind frame possibilities are endless. I can go on and on talking but my actions are speaking louder than my words. Your 3 Neothink installments shouldn’t be secrets. They should be in class rooms all over the world! You are the answer for love, peace, and prosperity. Again, Thank you for shedding light on my darkness. As a Great mentor said, LET THERE BE LIGHT!
Your apprentice,
Gregg Flagg

Hi Mark Hamilton

Hi Mark Hamilton this is your apprentice jonete aguiar jr. i hope this finds you in good health. First of all I wanted to thank you for everything you do for humanity, it must be a really heavy burden to do what you do but I bet you have your gratifications from helping other people.
ps. thank you once more for being my mentor I hope to meet you in person someday
jonete aguiar jr.

I want to thank you so much for everything you changed so dramatically in my life

Dear Mark Hamilton
I want to thank you so much for everything you changed so dramatically in my life. From a depressed and negative person, to the most positive and happy person I can be. It is now approximately three years since I joined the Neothink society. I have read all the literature and was your apprentice and listen to all the audios online since beginning of 2009. I was really wonderful and the best part of this is that its not necessary to be highly schooled of if you are poor, everyone can join. You help almost everyone who want to change.
It is now years that I was in a terrible financial difficulty. I tried for 4 years to sell a shop that cost me monthly thousands of rands. My whole life was a mess. Suddenly a buyer appear and within two weeks the shop was on his name. My luck start to change and since then everything in my life changed for the good. I cannot tell you how happy I am now.
I now know how to change all negative things in my life to positive things. I hope someday I can meet you and tell you everything. I live in South Africa, but I hope to see you sometime on the beaches of the world.
Hope everything go well. Have a wonderful day.
Elbie from South Africa

As an apprentice of Mark Hamilton…

For those who happen to read this: All of your eyes, if you can read….because there are those who read, but still in doubt of what we are and what we are here, for?……As an apprentice of Mark Hamilton…I’ve learned deep in my heart, that ” THIS IS IT “….I’ve read the 3 Heirlooms, meet Neothink members face to face, listen to tele-conference, joined a business entity with NT members, a TVP CA visionary, Natural Cures and Global Information subscriber and member….and in my own little way a warrior ( for life’s existence in a more meaningful ways ) with a secret weapon to protect myself and fight against those who takes advantage over me.
There’s nothing to be afraid of….Mr. Mark Hamilton….we are protected by what we believed is true….whatever happens….the Truth will come to surface….even if they are going to destroy us ( our movement ). We need the Change….only, majority are still blinded by their beliefs….and they will start seeing it more clearly when we are stop, we are destroyed, or jailed…..because, they will ask ( the public ) what are we dying for?
We Are Here For A Better World the Twelve Visions World. No more killings ( terrorist ), no more hunger / famine, no more diseases or H1N1 scare, no more corruption, no more recession / unemployment, and most of all; no more human made laws that protect the interest of those who are in the authority. NO MORE NEO-CHEATERS.
In my open testimonial to the public….we are not asking you to join us….just do something, in your own little ways to protect yourself and learn how to fight back against those who cheated you. You just made yourself…a warrior….seeking for a better world.
The fight had begun….and you are going to finish it…..Mr ____?
Jun Demavivas

Thank you Mark Hamilton for everything you’ve done for me


Hello my Prime Mentor,
I would love to share my testimonial with you.  Thanks to you, I now have a place to call home–from the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me be apart of Neothink.
What Neothink has done for me is that my visions and aspirations have been enhanced by a thousand fold.  I knew when that letter hit my mailbox, it was my calling from the very beginning.  Now, I’m achieving some success thanks to the deeply-rooted common sense of Neothink.  I’m now currently in college on my fourth class–looking forward to obtaining all three of my college degrees in Accounting–which is my Friday-night essence.  Without NT, I would be an unfulfilled hack.  I live, eat, sleep, think, and breathe Neothink daily, although I know “monetary” success is to come my way.  Thanks to Neothink, I now found love with a Neothink woman and now enjoying every single second of it.  This is what I live for, to help accomplish first the monumental task of helping the Twelve Visions Party become victorious.  Thank you Mark Hamilton for everything you’ve done for me,  I can’t thank ya enough.

Your Apprentice,
Keith Dixon

Thanks for the up lifting journey


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton
Good day, I am Phil Marshall one of your Canadian apprentice. It is a pleasure to be associated with you. I have found your literature to be very breath taking. I must say I have integrated  tremendously from reading your materials. I have found my Friday night essences. I am in the process of writing some materials which i called gripes. All of these ideas are stemmed from 10 second miracles. Thanks for the up lifting journey. I hope to meet you one day. Keep the good works.

Phil Marshall

Thank you Mr. Hamilton to have chosen me to be an NEOTHINK SOCIETY apprentice


Thank you Mr. Hamilton to have chosen me to be an NEOTHINK SOCIETY apprentice.  I learn a lot through the 3 books and I must say as long I can remember I always believe that there is advances civilizations in this universe who possess the power of thinking, advances technologies to stop the aging process, cure all the diseases, better way of living and so much more, brief Paradise on Hearth. But meanwhile we have to survive and it is not always easy.  Of course I have my FNE I am dreaming about all the time but at my age 71 years old, taking care of my husband (he had a stroke in 2004) living on Social Security I wonder  how I can succeed without help.  I know there is a great potential of money involve and we can do so much good with that.  I work 53 years in my life mostly secretary raising 7 children who live far away, I retired last year following a car accident but I am willing to contribute the best I can to realize my FNE and I work hard to get back in shape.  Thank you.

Suzanne Rioux

Dear Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton,
I am your apprentice and always am your apprentice. I have really enjoyed the whole process. The heirloom packages are priceless. It helps me pierce through everything. See the real side of life.
The Ten Second Miracles to easily make miracles possible for all of us in our real daily life. And you give us the abilities to distinguish the right and wrong pierce through essence. You taught us to be the creators and leaders of the society. The simple way to find our Friday night Essence and live our life and find the child of the past.…Although I am not involved with politics but the simple fundamental law is easily understand by non-legal person. These simple facts everyone can comprehend. I like the simplicity of everything. From learning to applying to our day to day life the whole transition is so easy and painless. We can teach our children and grand children. So they are not blinded by media, social network and politics.
Thank you again!!
Your apprentice
C. Wong

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