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The Twelve Visions Party is an important…

Mark Hamilton
The Miss Annabelle’s story was the most touching and inspirational story I have ever read. The story touched my soul deeply, at times I cried and by the end I was filled with such happiness and hope for the future. Miss Annabelle is truly my hero I deeply love her. I can not convey the emotions I feel as I write this. In the end I thought it was just a story, until I was introduced to the Neothink Society and was able to experience the vast integrations from other people, that I realized the Miss Annabelle’s story would be actualized out of the Neothink Society. This society would change the world and bring about the Twelve Visions World. The Twelve Visions Party is an important puzzle peace to expose the great values of the Twelve Visions World to the people.
Thank You
Jon Quigley

I simply could not stop reading the material…

Dear Mark Hamilton,
In 2006 or so , when I received a letter inviting me to be a part of the Neothink Society, having a daughter in High school and being divorced I was pulled in to discover what this was all about. Fortunately I took advantage of your offer and got the first of the heirlooms, read and was motivated to purchase the second, intrigued and inspired by reading both publications. Miss Annabelle’s story put me over the top in visualizing the picture puzzle and getting the pieces put together.
Being a slow reader, and disorganized, it took some time to discovering the value of Marks literature. I simply could not stop reading the material, did more reading in these last years then I did my whole entire life, I’m am now 70 years old I feel better than I did in my 50’s and am the happiest that I have ever been.
I thank you and will be forever grateful. I am looking forward to integrating in activities and telling everyone who will listen to see for themselves the value, and how things can change for everyone in a better world.
Horst Stresing

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Dear Mark Hamilton,
How can I ever thank you for all the wonderful changes that have occurred in my mind, my spirit and my life. Thanks to you, your literature and the Neothink society I am no longer lost or helpless prey in this world of dishonesty built on political and religious greed and illusions. Instead, I now have a clear vision of my future, and that of my family’s. For the first time in my life, and at 60yrs of age that’s saying something, i now know where I’m headed with a dogged calm certainty and resolute in my stance to further this great society. Seek ye the truth and the truth shall set you free, well guess what, I’ve never FELT SO FREE!!! as I look around myself these days at the people and the societies and the world that surround me, my heart aches for all those people still blinded and who, so far, have not had the precious opportunity to experience the liberating feeling of ” Miss Annabelle’s Secrets” and the life changing truths in the Heirloom packages.
I believe with all my heart that the WORLD needs to experience what i and my family and friends have experienced through the dedicated efforts of people like you Mark, a true genius and humanitarian. God speed to the Twelve Visions Party and to the people who work tirelessly to bring a better world to all of us.
Over the past twelve months I lost three members of my family, the last was my own youngest son, just three months ago, but i can tell you as devastating as it was, it simply drove home to me and mine HOW MUCH the world needs people like MARK HAMILTON in it and the beautiful dedicated people in the Neothink Society

Your books have brought me much needed peace in my stressful life

To: Mark Hamilton From: Shawn Staggs Hey Mark, I’ve decided to finally send you this long overdue email. First of all, I want you to know that I CARE about the Twelve Visions Party and believe in it 100%. Your books have brought me much needed peace in my stressful life. I’m sorry I didn’t purchase your fathers other writings. I felt at the time that I could not afford it. I also want you to know that your novel Miss Annabelle’s Secrets had a very profound effect on me! That book is very precious to me and I’m very proud to have it in my humble little library. Unfortunately, the copy you sent me had someone else’s name on it…a misprint. At first I didn’t mind, but it’s grown to bother me. I would appreciate it if I could exchange it for another copy.
I have a lot of questions that I would like to ask you. Is there anything you would like to ask me? I was hoping that you could find time in your busy schedule to send me a personal email… nothing automated… so I know you’ve received & read this one. Thank you. Your grateful friend, Shawn Staggs PS Please excuse any bad grammar.

“You, Sir, are a National Treasure”

Dear Mark Hamilton:
Attached to this email is my testimonial that you requested, per which I would like to quote, “You, Sir, are a National Treasure”. I am trying one last time to get through to you because I have much value to add to your cause, if you will just hear me out. You see, I understand that the “Miss Annabelle” story was actually about you; namely, you were Miss Annabelle and we apprentices were your students, and I was one of the main students you needed to reach. I know that is a bold statement, but what I am about to provide you is the living proof. I can only hope that this finally reaches you, for it was to be for your eyes only.
First, some constructive criticism, not intended to chastise you in any way, but to give a new boost to the cause of the Twelve Visions World to which I am so committed. Everything about the Annabelle story was so intriguingly conceived, but, with one fatal flaw–not the story, but the manner in which it was carried out with the apprentice group; namely, Miss Annabelle was readily accessible to her students at all times, but you were not; e.g. I wonder how successful the Miss Annabelle story would have been if her students had to do posts on a website, along side of other students, hoping to maybe get the attention of Miss Annabelle, and, then, hoping she would sort through the maze and respond???
I completely understand that you have to protect what you have worked so long to achieve, and the reluctance anyone would feel in your situation to open up the flood gates by letting down the wall. I also understand how multi-tasked and busy you have been. Hopefully, you can also understand that many of your apprentices feel the same way. I know for a fact that had you heard what I am going to share hopefully with you, you would not have had to plead for testimonials for fear of the neo-cheaters reaction, because the battle would have already been won. When you hear me out, you will have to admit it too. You see, you did not have to get 50 million Americans to understand the plan, but only a very small fraction using the right approach.
Before I get into “the approach”, let me tell you about myself. I have an extremely high I. Q., once measured to be 232 when I was in college. Today at age 61, I believe I probably would break the measuring scale. I skipped the 5th grade and had 1500+ on my SAT score entering college. I tried to attend some Mensas meetings but become so frustrated by the groups impracticality and never joined–they had the “paralysis of analysis” and never seemed to want to come to a solution of the problem they were working on as a group. You see, I had been using Neothink all my life and never knew it. However, I never understood the concept of the massive anti-civilization which thwarted me all the time when I tried to add value to the world–I have the cure for cancer and have had it for over 35 years; a plan for elimination of every harmful virus and bacteria on the planet, the total answer to the dilemmas of Einstein’s theory and string-theory, and many other values to add to the world. Thanks to you, I now do understand what I have been up against.
The value I wish to share is a not only a marketing approach that works every time without massive exposure, but also a further insight into understanding how the universe operates. I am sure you have heard of the “100 Monkey Principle”, as per your statement about the need of 50 million Americans understanding Neothink. Many have heard of this concept but very few really understand it. It is about time you heard about it from one of the originators ( and maybe the only one). You see, I first became aware of the idea in 1964, at the age of 15. I saw one of the very first articles published on the unusual monkey experiment done in 1957 but not mad public for several years. I was fascinated that, once the monkeys on one island finally learned to wash the sand off of the raspberries by going to the sea water, they went to the second island and the first monkey went right to the ocean to wash it off. Only later, having spent much of my career in sales/marketing, I put it all together.
You see, I believe that our Neothinker, or perhaps the original Creator Neothinker, have (has) put in place a “score keeping” function into the connection that we all have with “universal intelligence”; i.e. as any living species reaches a critical mass of learning a new idea (thus evolving), this connection “keeps score” of that event (upward progress) and filters the result to the rest of that species. I can envision that when enough cavemen learned to make fire, the rest of the world knew instantly too. Theory: Why would not a Neothinker want a way to keep track of his creation’s progress? I also believe, just a theory at this point, that all departed intelligent beings’ spirits/souls go to that type of area like the “score keeper”.
Now, to the marketing application of this concept, most who understand this critical mass concept for introducing a new product, service, or idea go no further than to blast the marketplace with ads to achieve that critical mass, and conceptually believe that an approximate market penetration of 8-12% will achieve that goal. Rubbish! The scientists on that first island accomplished the critical mass for an entire species with less than 100 monkeys out of the thousands and perhaps millions of that species. If the commonly held belief of the critical mass of 8-12% is true, why then did not their product, service, or idea immediately saturate to 100% like the monkey experiment?
The reason is that the true meaning applied to marketing lies not in the critical mass, but in creating an “island” in the marketplace and saturating that created “island” with the product service, or idea. Additionally, one has to consider the fact that when dealing with human beings, no product, service, or idea will appeal to everyone on earth (saturation or 100%) because intelligent beings will still be affected by emotions and have the conscious ability of free will to NOT conform with the masses.
To put this all in perspective, let me relate my own application of this deeper understanding of the 100 monkey phenomenon. In late 1982, I decided to get back into the property and casualty insurance business because I had found a company that just came to Colorado (I live in Denver). They had tremendous auto/homeowners rates, but to differentiate myself from the competition, I decided to add to the rates 24/7 service by me the agency owner–a good trick to pull off, given the fact of no cell phones or internet back then. However, I was one of the first to implement a pager as a marketing tool–if my customer had an accident at 3:00 AM, he/she could page me and I guaranteed a response. To create my “island”, I chose a small area of Denver, that was mostly blue-collar and thus would respond to the low rates and 24/7 service. I created a newsletter for just that neighborhood of about 700 homes where I knocked on doors to get the word out about my rates/service, sent out direct mail, and even hired a telemarketing house to solicit by phone. My first direct mailing got a typical 1.5% success rate. By early 1983, I had about 8% of the business in that neighborhood “island”. Continuing to bombard just that neighborhood, in 3 more months, I had about 30% of the business there as the word got out that I delivered the 24/7 service that no one else did. I also began getting unsolicited response from areas well away from my little “island”. In just 1 month my “island” marketplace penetration reached 65% and I had to hire many new agents/service people to keep up on the demand. I then chose another like neighborhood to expand. To my surprise, my first direct mailing pulled in a 45% response! Continuing in 1984 to expand, I hade built an agency from nothing to over $3.5 million of premium in force in just 2 years using the “island” marketing approach alone, which the industry says takes 15 years to build. Sadly though I lost my agency, with an intrinsic value of around $1.5 million, in early 1985. I won’t go into why here because that is not relevant to the Twelve Visions World goal. I also attained another $1+ million net worth using other products/services using the same “island” approach.
One more example and I will get to the punch-line of this discussion. Remember the “hula hoop” craze in the late 50’s/early 60’s? Whammo Products, inc had actually invented it in 1954 planning to market it in Hawaii. After some curiosity response, the natives saw the hula hoop as an insult to their culture and it failed there miserably. After several years of little market acceptance, Whammo was ready to dump the product in the fall 1959, when one of their execs decided to chill out a while at Malibu Beach, CA. He had about 300 hoops with him and decided to get rid of them for free so he could relax. After showing a few people how to use a hula hoop, it seemed to really click with the beach bums there. The next day he had request for many more–within 2 weeks the whole California beach community was in love with the hula hoop, and the whole nation followed shortly after. Therefore, Whammo’s “island” was Malibu Beach and they luckily benefited from the effect. Countless other rages had their lucky “island” as wel and got the lucky, not designed, explosion.
I know that you are getting this late in the game, but there still is time to take advantage of the right principle approach. Since the principle starts with an “island” first approach, then national exposure, and since the national movement is already underway, I have many suggestions to offer that will work just as fast as the hula hoop craze–we can have a TVP craze too without butting heads with the anti’s. Please contact somehow so we can mount a final assault on them. You have mail, my phone # is below.
Inclosing, I have one problem to mention. Unfortunately, to the all my previous years of confronting the establishment, they are aware of me big time as a threat to them. They have actually today got me charged with a crime I did not commit that they have blown a minor thing into a big problem for me. In fact I am going to court today on it. To date I have always managed to wiggle out of their noose, but not so sure this time–I am in poor health and am presently totally broke and cannot afford a good attorney to help me. The person, Steve Nalty–my fellow Denver chapter Neothink Society member, who I have carbon-copied this email to, has my permission to act on my behalf if necessary due to above. I jus want to repeat my total dedication to this cause, for I have even risked my neck for it. I have4 no criminal record whatsoever.
A. Daniel Viola

I want to Thank You for your work and for finding me…


Dear Mark Hamilton,

Since I was very young, I knew that the world wasn’t suppose to be this way. I didn’t know what to do or how to find out what I could do to change it. My whole life I kept searching, reading many books, but not finding any answers.

Then One day I get a letter in the mail, telling me that I was special and that we could not only change ourselves but change the world.

After reading the 1st 2 books I knew I found what I been looking for whole life. Then after reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets and I felt so strange reading about a world that I dreamt about all my life. I know now that I will become the person I was meant to be and to find my Friday Night Essence.

Seeing what is going on in this country today scares me. We lose more freedoms everyday and most people don’t care. Capitalism seems to be a bad word, in a country that became great because it was built on Capitalism.

I want to Thank You for your work and for finding me.

Charles Moore

Mark Hamilton, I would like Thank this Genius for finding me…


Mark Hamilton, I would like Thank this Genius for finding me and setting me on the Right path to find my FNE, I know what I need to do to get there, I am now working my FNE. Now I will set myself free to do what is in my heart. When Mark found me I was going on the wrong path of life, and then He sent me a letter and I sent it back in and soon after I received a booklet and as I read that booklet I knew I just had to find out more about what was going on in this Neothink Society, So right away I ordered my first book The NT Discovery, and when I received this first book, I opened it and read all the Bold Head Lines first then I turned back to the 1st page and read, at first it was slow going because I really didn’t read books that much, but as I read I couldn’t put it down, I just had to find out more and more. The mini days are great I tried them at work, but with my job it didn’t work to well for the job I have is a end without an end job! It took me about 2 to 3 weeks to read the book, and then I received a letter to send for my 2nd book and I did, when this one arrived I opened it right away and started reading it and once more I didn’t want to put it down, I even took it to work with me and left it in my truck and at lunch I would go out and sit in my truck and read while I ate my lunch, while I was in my truck I was in my own world the Twelve Visions World, For this is the world that I want to be part of I thought. for I have found out things that I have felt all of my life and I knew there had to be more in life than what I was seeing and hearing everyday. It took me about 2wks to finish, and then I sent for Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, I was ready to put forth what I had read and search for the people that I had read about, Because I so wanted to meet these Genius For now I want to live for ever and I want for all of this to come to life, I look forward for when we set the world free of Neo-cheaters And to set aside our differences my Brothers and Sisters and to shed mysticism and put forth the Prime Law. For then will we be one with the Twelve Visions World and Mark Hamilton. Thank you. Kenneth Farlin

Dear Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton
Thank you for all your Herculean efforts. I am in awe of you.
I have just completed a second reading of Pax Neothink and am almost through a second reading of Miss Annabelle. I am suffering greatly from the loss of a dear friend and companion of twenty five years. I get comfort and hope from your books. I can tell you have experienced the excruciating pain of loss and how it is magnified on the eve of immortality in the Twelve Visions World. I admire your ability to carry on after the death of your Dad. I have had glimmers of the joy and exhilaration of the child of the past, but they are fleeting and very brief. I am hopeful time will heal. I obviously relate to Sally and Jasmine.
I look forward to learning more and becoming the person I am meant to be, however, it is profoundly sad without my friend.
Thank you for listening.
Jean G

When your first letter came to me I felt the connection …

Dear Mark Hamilton,
I have always lived a life of honesty, always in search for like-minded individuals that I can trust, as you know that is a very difficult search in our world today.
My wish came true! When your first letter came to me I felt the connection through the silent communication within us. You and your father are uniquely amazing individuals, truly and honestly helping others. I have felt and seen, as the energies connect, we can truly and honestly help each other as we help all people survive the big changes coming into our future.
As we approach 2012, the big changes coming for our freedom, and if my visions are correct as with many who predict the reversal of our magnetic cosmic energies will change, with the possibility of losing all electric as we now it, I have been chosen to receive the silent communication from our Neothink Person within me.
I realized as you are looking for help from us members, to help protect you and spread your honesty and good name, I must share with you the perfect opportunity. I have seen and felt a product fully developed in my mind, to help you/us, the Neothink Society and the TVP, and to help others around the Globe as we sit in darkness on the cold nights and days. This product will give us hope and rejoice to peacefulness.
I have always been a creative thinker, self leader, self healer, you can find out who I am, how I think, and the honesty within me as I have expressed my passion to truly help others while reading my blogs posted with the Neothink essence team.
I would like to share with you from the beginning, the thoughts and visions that came to me as I read Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. As I read about the suffering people hanging on to life while they were on the respirators in their homes waiting for the cure to stop ageing, and to stop death. From Neothink Person The Vision was sent to me deep from inside my thoughts. As I kept reading on, thinking about the homes of our future and the paradise cities, I felt this is where I want to be, as I continued thinking, my thoughts were into our homes today. Then suddenly! The vision of a product was seen fully developed in my mind.
All my integrated thoughts came to me putting all the puzzle pieces together from my life experiences in the H.V.A.C. industry. I started learning the trade at the age of nine years old, going to work with my step father. He took me and my brother with him on his side jobs sometimes after school and mostly on weekends. I realized at a young age I am making indoor space livable, heat the air, cool the air, filter the air, humidify the air.
I am now 50 years young, and my visions have been making indoor space livable while eliminating the never ending rising costs and saving our resources of man-made energies.
With Government in control, with their ridiculous constant tax increases, and other damaging policies, with all their stealing and cheating beating the people down. There will be no end soon enough! As the utility costs keep rising to who knows how high, keeping the people struggling with finances to make ends meet. I thought about my vision. The product: an easy do-it-yourself installation, The Portable Heat Strip/
A solar energy, window heat cell strip.
Start making the people rich today:
Every existing window in every existing home/ building, every existing window in every existing automobile/truck will be able to accept this easy
Do-it-yourself installation product. Everyone, even the poor will benefit as this product reaches the masses World Wide. With utility costs ( electricity and gas, home/ mobile) are cut down to fractions, while keeping livable space warm with clean breathable, healthy, natural heat. The current heating systems in our homes will only come on during extreme outside conditions. The people will have extra money to stimulate the economy. They will feel alive again to become creative thinking human beings the way life was meant to live.
The income generated from this product will bring millions upon billions of dollars faster than ever imagined for the research and development to cure aging and stop death. I am reluctant to search the web for knowledge in the new micro technology and research needed for developing this product with no protection.
With this product, it will show the people that the average person filled with insecurities of trust, can rise up through the Neothink Society and truly show the creative thinking geniuses within themselves, that they can make this World a better place to prosper and live happily and forever.
What I mostly feared as the months have passed, is eventually hurting the sheet metal workers industry, but through my Neothinking visions I have seen a new product for the movement of air to save the workers jobs. Another subject for a later date.
Being caught in the trap of debt I have no money to pursue the license or patent for this product. Although I have used my Neothinking ways to collect bonuses from the company I work for and to build a web site to generate extra income, things have not moved as fast as I had hoped.
I was hoping to do things on my own being a self leader, I was hoping to have the product on the market before the winter months. As the window closes in I am asking for your help and advice, I realized with your help and the many trusted associates among you in the technical/scientific fields, the product can come together quick and inexpensive and reach the markets in record time.
Please let us together make things happen quickly, time is of the essence, because as my thoughts go out into the universe and as I have sat in idle, I have fear of the dishonest individual who has the money and resources to move ahead to get this product out first.
I have drawn up the product and listed the many benefits and operation on how it works. I have shown a few individuals within the business alliance, but have also have some fear of trust.
Please respond with your intelligent advice.
Your truly honest friend,
Dale L

Mark Hamilton found me!

There was a time when I was at the lowest point in my life! I had gone through a career change; one from 20 years in uniform (US Navy) protecting this great nation and the Constitution upon which it based to one of “civilian” … seemingly lost in nightmare!
The first words from my daughter, the focus of my heart, were “Why did you come home? We don’t want you here!” Shortly thereafter, after 8 more years of struggling to recreate the family I once loved and cared for, I went through a divorce. The results: For the last 13 years none from my family has spoken to me, cared about me, or even entered my home. A lost life of loneliness, depression, and the loss of desire to even continue living consumed me. Like the old country song goes … “when you hit the bottom, go sideways! “ Well, I was tired of going “sideways” and wanted out of this situation, even at the cost of my own life.
Then, Mark Hamilton found me! I received a letter of invitation to check out the prime literature of the Neothink® Society. He told me I was “special”, and he could show me how to become the best I could be, and be a success in life (the life I no longer cared to even experience) and business. I responded to that letter and received one after another three large Heirloom books full of love, honesty, hope, and guidance; and it made all the difference in the world!
That was about four years ago. I anxiously read the material, and upon completion of each volume anxiously awaited the next; re-reading the prior one, until I had all three. I began applying what I read to my life, and saw things begin to improve, and developed the desire to experience life to the fullest, sharing what I had learned with others. I found my essence, my “calling in life” – to be a living example of his Miss Annabelle!
Mr. Hamilton began the Neothink® Society as an outreach to the world with these valuable secrets based on honesty and love. I was chosen to be one of his “300”, as he lovingly calls us, to begin this effort. When he launched the Neothink® A-Team businesses, I began the first one in the State of Florida. When he asked us to begin holding clubhouse meetings to bring others to this wonderful knowledge, I began doing so and now have six such clubhouses scattered around the state (and more to come). From there, I learned the principals of value creation through honest, loving business techniques (as taught in his book Secrets. My partner and I now have a potentially fabulous business concept to begin and turn around some of the problems of the world around us; an investment company based on the principals of Neothink® business.
I have also moved forward and become:
a. Coordinator of Florida Space Coast A-Team, LLC; one of the first 30 Neothink® A-Team businesses launched, and the first one in Florida, now with six branch clubhouses.
b. Founding member of one of the premier Neothink® businesses (Value Added Concepts, LLC).
c. A-Team Mentor/Coach for the states of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
c. Charter Member of the Neothink® Business Alliance, promoting and aiding other business ventures built upon the Neothink® principals.
d. Co-Chair for the Florida State Twelve Visions Party – fighting to bring the US Government back within the guidelines of the Constitution and providing protection to the individuals of our country, allowing the geniuses to move forward in value creation and business building to bring health, happiness and wealth to all.
e. Co-creator of Neothink® Financial Services (awaiting approval), a private investment corporation designed to provide hope, happiness and comfort to the individuals and groups of the Neothink® Society and the world et al by building income streams, saving homes, and creating jobs and wealth for the individuals.
I have accomplished more in the last 4 years than I ever in my younger days thought was possible, all thanks to that moment when Mark Hamilton found me, showed me how to live and love, as he lives and loves, and become a value creator instead of a value devourer.
There have been many lies and half-truths spouted by the unlearned concerning Mark Hamilton, the Neothink® Society, and Twelve Visions Party. I am here to say … stop blindly following those rumors and lies, and search for yourself! Look at people like me, and ask “How did that happen?” There are hundreds of us across this nation who will tell you the same thing … I learned from Mark!
I am the honest, loving, value creating individual I am today because of what I learned from the greatest mentor I have ever met … Mark Hamilton! He is a genius of a writer, a mentor of greatest renown, a loving husband and father, and one who willingly gives of himself to see others develop and grow into Neothinkers and value creators! How could such an individual be the evil “Antichrist” that others picture him to be?
Mark: I am by your side 100% in Neothink® and TVP. Yes, I said “by your side” – you taught us not to “follow”, but to lead and build value! Thank you, my mentor, for bringing back to me the meaning of life, the reason to continue, and the hope of a bright, happy, and healthy future! The love you showed me I now return to you, and the world around me – 100-fold!
Charles “Doc” M

January 2018
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